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t/ls Elm Sawlogs 13"+
7/05/24FOB Supplier
5-10cntrs Red Cedar Logs
5/31/24FOB Supplier
30cntrs Ash Saw Logs
4/22/24FOB Supplier
cntrs Hard Maple Saw Logs
3/26/24FOB Supplier
5 cntrs Hard Maple Logs C3S,C4S
3/21/24FOB Supplier
Southern Yellow Pine Logs
3/11/24Charleston, SC
96pcs Eastern Red Cedar Logs
2/09/24NY, NY
1-3mbf White Oak Logs
cntrs Eucalyptus Logs
2/05/24Indian Ports Cochin, Chennai and Mundra
cntrs White Oak Saw Logs
1/24/24FOB Supplier
3x40 cntrs Hardwood Veneer Logs
1/15/24FOB Supplier
cntrs Eucalyptus Saw Logs
1/09/24COCHIN Port, India
T/L White Oak or Red Oak Saw Logs
cntrs American Black Walnut Saw Logs
12/28/23FOB Supplier
cntr Red Oak Veneer Logs C4S
12/18/23FOB Supplier
cntrs Walnut Saw Logs 3SC, 4SC
12/12/23FOB Supplier
cntrs White Oak Saw Logs
12/11/23FOB Supplier
8cntrs/month Red Oak Veneer Logs
12/07/23FOB Supplier
25cntrs Eucalyptus Logs
12/07/23Port Manila, The Philippines
25cntrs Pine Logs
12/05/23Port, Tuticorin, India
30,000m3/month Eucalyptus Peeler Logs
12/05/23COCHIN Port, India
cntrs Eucalyptus & Acacia Saw Logs 15cm-25cm
11/20/23KANDLA Port, India
Pine Saw Logs
11/15/23FOB Supplier
30cntrs SYP Saw Logs 8-10"
11/09/23Port Mundra, India
5 cntrs Eucalyptus Saw Logs
11/03/23Nearest Port
cntrs White Oak Saw Logs
9/19/23FOB Supplier
1cntr Walnut Veneer Logs
9/11/23FOB Supplier
cntrs Hickory Sawlogs
9/11/23St. Joseph
10x40'cntrs Red Oak Logs
9/01/23FOB Supplier
cntrs Sawlogs Spruce, Pine, Fir 8"
8/16/23Jebel Ali Port, Dubai, UAE
cntrs Hemlock & DF Saw Logs 10"+
8/08/23Port Shanghai
3x40'cntrs/month White Oak Veneer Logs
6/15/23FOB Supplier
cntrs Ash Saw Logs 2-4SC
6/08/23Any Chinese Main Port
75cntrs/month Poplar Logs
5/11/23FOB Supplier
t/l Red Cedar Logs
5/03/23FOB Supplier
cntr Red Oak Sawlogs
5/03/23To nearest Port
cntrs Tropical Logs or Squares
4/26/23Port Osaka, Japan
4cntrs Walnut Logs C1S
4/20/23FOB Supplier
cntrs White Oak Veneer Logs
4/18/23FOB Supplier
t/l Sawlogs 20"+ Various Species
cntrs Red Oak Veneer Logs 14"+
4/07/23FOB Supplier
cntrs Aromatic Red Cedar Logs or Squares
4/05/23FOB Supplier
t/ls Ash Logs Saw Grade 12"
4/05/23FOB Supplier
cntrs Pine Construction Logs
3/14/23To nearest Port Loaded and Fumigated
cntrs Red & White Oak Veneer Logs
3/13/23FOB Supplier
6000cbm/month Eucalyptus Logs
cntrs Any Pine Saw Logs 6"+
3/06/23Ports Jebel Ali & Sohar
cntrs SYP Logs 16"+
3/06/23To nearest Port
cntrs Pine Saw Logs
3/02/23Port Qingdao, China
50x40'cntrs Red Oak Saw Logs
3/01/23FOB Supplier
100x40'cntrs Pine Saw Logs
2/23/23Port Yueyang, China
2 t/ls Lodgepole, Fir or Ponderosa Pine Logs
1x40'cntr Sapele Logs
2/03/23Port Mundra, India
cntrs Poplar Logs 10-28"
2/03/23Port Livorno, Italy
up to t/l Tabletop Walnut Logs 30-35"
2 loads Lodgepole Pine Logs 4-7
t/ls Lodgepole Pine Logs
cntrs Mixed Species Veneer Logs
1/24/23FOB Supplier
cntrs Walnut & White Oak Veneer Logs
1/24/23FOB Supplier
1x40'cntr Western Red Cedar Logs
1/22/23FOB Supplier
cntrs Walnut Sawlogs 12"+
1/13/23FOB Supplier
1 trial cntr Red Oak Veneer Logs
1/12/23FOB Supplier
2x40'cntrs Walnut Veneer Logs 14"
1/11/23FOB Supplier
3 cntrs ASAP Walnut Logs
1/05/23FOB Supplier
2cntrs Hard Maple Logs
1/04/23FOB Supplier
cntrs Douglas Fir and Hemlock Logs 8"+
1/02/23Port Qingdao, China
cntr Eastern Aromatic Cedar Logs 12"+
1/02/23Incheon, South Korea
2cntrs ASAP Walnut Veneer Logs
12/24/22FOB Supplier
cntrs Red Oak Logs
12/23/22FOB Supplier
cntrs Radiata Pine Logs
12/20/22Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
cntrs Aromatic Red Cedar Logs 10"
12/14/22FOB Supplier
t/l Hemlock Logs
1cntr/mnth Curly or Birdseye Hard Maple Logs
12/09/22FOB Supplier
2x40'cntrs Red Oak Veneer Logs 3sc
12/02/22FOB Supplier
2x40'cntrs White Oak Veneer Logs 14"+ 3SC
11/29/22FOB Supplier
1-2x40'cntrs Red Oak Veneer Logs for Export
11/29/22Price at Port of Surabaya, Indonesia
5x40'cntrs SYP Logs for Chipping
11/19/22To nearest Port
5x40'cntrs White Oak Veneer Logs
11/08/22FOB Supplier
10x40cntrs White Pine Logs
11/07/22To nearest Port
t/l Spruce or White Pine Logs
25x40'cntrs Ash Sawlogs
11/03/22FOB Supplier
1x40'cntr Walnut Burls
10/31/22FOB Supplier
10x40'ctnrs SYP Logs 30+mm
10/24/22Tuticorine port, India
cntrs Eucalyptus Sawlogs
10/11/22Port Kaohsiung, Taiwan
cntrs Eucalyptus Pulp Logs
10/11/22FOB Supplier
cntrs Scots Pine Logs
9/11/22Port qingdao, China
350pcs Eucalyptus Poles or Logs
9/05/22Base Ports Spain
150x40'cntrs Red/White Oak Logs
9/05/22FOB Supplier
10x40'cntrs Red Oak Veneer Logs C4S
8/30/22FOB Supplier
15x40'cntrs Red Oak Veneer Logs 3SC
8/30/22FOB Supplier
cntr Apitong (or Similar) Logs or Squares
8/24/22Base Port Saudi Arabia
cntrs Hard Maple Saw Logs
8/19/22FOB Supplier
cntrs Figured Maple Logs 2SC+
8/19/22CIF Dailian Port China
cntr Aromatic Red Cedar Logs
8/11/22FOB Supplier
2-3 cntrs Red Oak Veneer Logs
8/09/22FOB Supplier
cntr American Black Walnut Saw Logs 15"+
8/03/22Incheon, South Korea
4SC Red Oak & Poplar Logs
8/03/22Kettlersville, OH 45336
35,000m3/mo Radiata Pine Logs 20cm+
8/02/22Poert qingdao, China
5000m3/mo Larch Logs 20CM + and 25CM +
8/02/22Poert Qingdao, China
1000m3/month Spruce Logs 16cm"+
8/02/22Port Qingdao, China
cntr 10"+ Aromatic Cedar Logs, Select
8/02/22South Korea
30cntrs/month each Walnut Logs Clear 1,2,3 Sides
7/25/22FOB Supplier
One Fresh Cut White Oak Log 36"
7/25/22FOB Supplier
cntrs 13"+ Red Elm Veneer Logs
7/21/22FOB Supplier
cntrs 10'"+ Aromatic Red Cedar Logs
7/20/22FOB Supplier
1000MT/month 8"+ Pine Saw Logs
7/14/22Port Mundra, India
2x40'cntrs White Oak Veneer Logs
7/06/22FOB Supplier
60pc Western Red Cedar Logs
6/29/22Winchester, WI
20x40cntrs Hickoyr Saw Logs
6/20/22FOB Supplier
35,000MT Acacia Logs
5/27/22Port Mundra, India
35,000MT Eucalyptus Logs
5/27/22Port Mundra, India
cntrs Red Oak Sawlogs
5/26/22FOB Supplier
20-30cntrs/month Fumigated Walnut Logs
5/26/22FOB Supplier
cntrs Ash Sawlogs
5/26/22FOB Supplier
500m3 Birch Saw Log
5/24/22Base Ports U.K.
cntr Aromatic Red Cedar Logs
5/23/22FOB container yard, rail, or port
3cntrs White Oak Veneer Logs Clear 4 Sides
5/20/22FOB Yard, Rail, or Port in container
cntr Walnut Logs Clear 2 Sides
5/17/22FOB Supplier
40,000mt/month Eucalyptus & Acacia Pulp Logs
5/16/22Port Hazira Adani, India
40,000mt Eucalyptus Logs 40-60cm
5/16/22Port Hazira Adani, India
t/ls Basswood Veneer Logs
5/13/22FOB Supplier
t/ls Hard Maple Veneer Logs
5/13/22FOB Supplier
400sqft Unfinished Red Oak or Hickory Flooring 4-5
5/06/22La Canada, CA
50cntrs/month Walnut Saw Logs
5/05/22FOB Supplier
50cntrs/month Cherry Saw Logs
5/05/22FOB Supplier
50cntrs/month Ash Saw Logs
5/05/22FOB Supplier
35,000MT Eucalpytus and Acacia Logs
5/04/22CFR Hazira Adani, India
20cntrs/month Walnut Logs
4/29/22FOB Supplier
30cntrs Pine Logs
4/25/22Port Mundra, India
25cntrs/month Hickory Logs
4/22/22FOB Supplier
5x40'cntrs/month White Oak Veneer Logs
4/20/22FOB Supplier
10cntrs/month Ash Sawlogs 12"+
4/20/22FOB Supplier
35,000m3/mnth Eucalyptus Logs
4/20/22Mumbai Port, India
100tons ERC Sawlogs
cntrs Teak Logs 100cm+
4/18/22Port Mundra, India
cntrs Birch Logs 45cm+
4/18/22Haiphong Port, Vietnam
cntrs Spruce Sawlogs Bark On
4/07/22CIF Main China ports
cntr Western Red Cedar Veneer Logs
4/07/22FOB Supplier
500m3 Cypress Logs
4/05/22Ports Shanghai and Chongquing, China
cntrs Red Elm Veneer Logs
4/04/22FOB Supplier
15cntrs Walnut Veneer Logs
3/29/22FOB Supplier
200cbm Pine Sawlogs 4.9m
3/16/22Kandla Port, India
700 Linft Logs Hardwood or Softwood 6-8'' x 18' & 24'
2/25/22Fountain, CO
50,000 M3 Monthly Pine Sawlogs 18cm+
2/22/22CFR Port Taicang, China
5x40' Cntrs Teak Logs Round or Square
2/18/22Ports Mundra & Nhava Sheva, India
30,000 feet Monthly Red Oak Sawlogs 12''+
2/11/22FOB Supplier
One Large Log for Carving Any Species 1M Diameter x 7M Long
2/10/22FOB Supplier
!250M3 Douglas Fir Logs 40cm & Up A Grade
2/04/22Port Jebel Ali Dubai UAE
One or Two Hardwood Logs Green 16''+ Any Length
2/03/22Laramie, WY
Cntrs Monthly Red Oak Sawlogs Flooring Grade 12'' & Larger x 6' & Longer 0SC to 3SC
2/03/22FOB Supplier
Cntrs EWP Sawlogg 7'' & Up
2/01/22FOB North American Port or CIF Port Karachi
Cntrs SYP Sawlogs 7''-12''
1/31/22Port Karachi or FOB Port
Cntrs White Oak Logs 30cm+ A,B,C Grade
1/25/22Muuga Port, Estonia
Cntrs Aromatic Red Cedar Cants 4x4 or Larger to China
1/24/22FOB Supplier
1x40' Cntr Yew Logs Any Size or Grade
1/11/22Busan, South Korea
Cntrs Monthly Walnut Sawlogs Debarked or Fumigated 2SC & 3SC
1/07/22FOB Supplier
T/L Hard Maple Sawlogs
1/07/22FOB Supplier
Cntrs Western REd Cedar Logs 20'' & Larger Preferred
1/05/22Port Keelung Taiwan
Cntrs Monthly Ash Sawlogs 2SC & 3SC
1/05/22FOB Supplier
Multiple Containers Monthly Ash Sawlogs 12'' & Up 2SC to 4SC
12/28/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs European White Oak Sawlogs 14"+ A/B/C Grades
12/27/21PORT Dalian, China
Cntrs Cocobolo, Rosewood and Similar Species Logs Square or Round
12/15/21Port Ningbo, China
Cntrs White Oak Sawlogs 12''& Up Low Grade 0SC to 2SC
12/10/21FOB Supplier
Full Vessels Spruce Logs 20CM & Up
12/07/21FOB Supplier or Nearest Port
35,000M3 Monthly Pine Sawlogs 20CM & Up
12/07/21To nearest Port
Cntrs Walnut Sawlogs 10'' & Up
12/02/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs Ash Sawlogs 12'' & Larger 2SC/Btr
12/02/21FOB Supplier
Bulk Vessels Eucalyptus Sawlogs 20cm+
11/29/21CIF Shandong Lanshan Port, China
Cntrs Pine Sawlogs 40cm & Up 2SC/Btr
11/29/21Port Qasim. Karachi, Pakistan
Trial Container Cocobolo Logs Round or Square Best Available
11/15/21Port Rotterdam, Holland
Cntrs Walnut Sawlogs 12'' or Larger 2SC & 3SC
11/02/21FOB Supplier
Pine Logs 30CM & Up
10/25/21Port Mundra, India
1,000 M3 Spruce Logs from Germany 20cm & Up ABC Grade
10/25/21Port Mundra, India
300-400 Locust Poles Bark 5''-8'' x 10' On
10/11/21Carlisle, PA
1x20' Cntr Birch Logs to Turkey 20cm+ A/B/C
10/07/21CIF Port Mersin. Turkey
Cntrs White Oak Saw & Veneer Logs 12'' & Up 2SC to 4SC
10/06/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs Hickory Logs 12'' & Up 2SC to 4SC
10/05/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs Walnut Logs 12'' & Larger, 18'' & Larger 2SC
9/27/21FOB Supplier
10x40'cntrs Walnut Sawlogs
9/23/21FOB container yard, rail, or port
10x40'cntrs White Oak Sawlogs
9/23/21FOB container yard, rail, or port
10x40'cntrs Red Oak Saw Logs
9/23/21FOB container yard, rail, or port
10x40'ctnrs Hickory Saw Logs 14"
9/23/21FOB container yard, rail, or port
1000bf Red Oak Veneer Logs 3SC,4SC
9/21/21FOB Supplier
1cntr Eastern Aromatic Red Cedar Logs 10"
9/17/21CIF Busan, South Korea
Cntrs Wal;nut Sawlogs 2SC & 3SC
9/07/21FOB Supplier
1000-3000M3 Ipe Logs 49CM & Up
9/07/21Port Chittagong, Bangladesh
Cntrs Ash Sawlogs 12'' & Up 2SC - 4SC
8/26/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs SYP Sawlogs 12'' & Up Clear, Prime, #1, 2 & 3
8/24/21To Nearest Port
Up to 10 Cntrs Monthly Fir Logs 12''+ x 10'+
8/02/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs Hemlock Logs 12
7/29/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs SYP Logs 16'' & Up 2SC/Btr
7/28/21FOB Supplier
Up to 30 Cntrs Monthly White Pine Logs Bark On or Off 12''+ 2,3,4SC
7/27/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs Monthly Aromatic Red CEdar Logs & Cants Sound Grade
7/26/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs Aromatic Red Cedar Logs & Squares Sound Grade
7/09/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs Walnut Sawlogs 12" & Up 2SC & 3SC
7/07/21FOB Supplier
100M3 Monthly Azobe Logs 280cm Circumference or More
7/06/21CIF Port Chittagong, Bangladesh
Walnut Sawlogs 12'' & Up 2SC/Btr
6/30/21FOB Yard, Rail, or Port
T/Ls Monthly Hickory Raw Logs to Mixico
6/23/21Port of Progresso/Yucatan, Mexico
Cntrs Pine Sawlogs Any Subspecies 20cm & Up
6/22/21Port Qingdao, China
10,000-20,000M3 Monthly Spruce Logs 20cm & Up
6/21/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs Red Oak Logs 35cm+ABCD
6/17/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs American Walnut Logs 35cm & Up ABCD
6/16/21Dalian, China
Cntrs White Oak Logs 35cm/Larger ABCD
6/15/21Dalian, China
Cntrs Northern Hickory Logs 12'' & Up
6/14/21FOB Supplier
4 Cntrs Monthly White Oak Veneer Logs Debarked or Fumigated 14''-19'' and 20'' & Up 3SC & 4SC
6/08/21FOB Supplier
150x40' Cntrs Pine Sawlogs 8''/Larger Tops Debarked or Fumigate
5/18/21Port Qingdao, China
10 cntrs Eucalyptus Sawlogs 12''/Larger
5/05/21Port Qingdao, China
Cntrs Monthly White Oak Sawlogs 13''/Larger Fumigated or Debarked
4/28/21FOB yard, rail or port in container
20x40' Cntrs SYP Logs 8 Inches & Up clear as Possible
4/06/21To nearest Port
T/L Cypress Logs 10 Inch Tops Tree Length
3/30/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs Hickory Sawlogs 13"/Larger 3SC & 4SC
3/22/21FOB Supplier
2x40 Cntrs Tupelo Veneer Logs 13 IOnches & Up 4SC
3/22/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs Hard Maple Logs 12 Inches & Larger 1SC to 4SC No Color Requirements
3/16/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs Red Oak Sawlogs 20 Inches or More 2SC/Btr
3/16/21FOB Supplier
Spruce Sawlogs 20cm or larger
3/11/21CIF Port Qingdao, China
2x40' Cntrs Birch Peeling Logs No Knots
3/11/21CIF Port Mundra, India
Cntrs Radiata Pine Sawlogs 20cm & Up
3/11/21CIF Port Qingdao, China
10 Cntrs Eucalyptus Sawlogs 20CM & Larger
3/09/21Port Qingdao, China
Regular Cntrs Walnut Logs2SC/Btr
3/08/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs Ash Logs 13 Inches & Up 2SC/Btr
3/05/21FOB Supplier
25 Cntrs Red Oak Saw & Veneer Logs Fumigated or Debarked 13" & Up Preferred
3/04/21FOB Supplier
Red Elm Veneer Logs 13 Inches & Up 3SC & 4SC
3/01/21FOB Supplier
FTL Pine House Logs Fresh Cut
3/01/21FOB Supplier
3 or 4 x 20' Cntrs Teak Round or Square Logs
2/26/21Various India Ports
Any Quantity Black Locust Sawlogs Any Size
2/25/21FOB Supplier
20x40' Cntrs Pine Sawlogs 15CM +
2/17/21CIF Port Sohar, Oman
T/Ls Cypress Sawlogs Debarked Construction or #2 Grade
2/16/21FOB Supplier
T/L SYP Sawlogs Debarked Construction / #2 Grade
2/11/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs White Oak Logs Fumigated FSC 14 Inches & Up 3SC & 4SC
2/10/21FOB Supplier
1x40' Cntr Ash Veneer Logs 14 Inches & Up 4SC
2/05/21FOB Supplier
Cntr Chestnut White Oak Veneer Logs 18 Inches or Larger 4SC
2/03/21FOB Supplier
Cntr Poplar Logs 18 Inches & Up 4SC Preferred
2/02/21FOB Supplier
5x40' Cntrs White Oak Logs Veneer Grade 18 Inches/Larger 3SC/Btr
2/02/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs Red Oak Veneer Logs 21 Inches & Up 3SC & 4SC
2/02/21FOB Yard, Rail or Port
5x40' Cntrs Pine Saw & Veneer Logs US Origin 16" & Larger
1/27/21To nearest Port
Spruce Saw, Veneer & Pulp Logs
1/25/21C&F Ports Qingdao and Taichung
Cntrs Elliotis and Taeda Pine Sawlogs 15-26cm+
1/20/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs Walnut Sawlogs 1SC to 3SC Straight and Sound
1/20/21FOB Supplier
2 to 5 T/Ls Monthly N American Hardwood Logs #1 or #2 20 Inches + diameter
1/19/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs SYP Saw & Veneer Logs 20cm & Up
1/15/21C&F China Ports
Cntrs Any Pine Pulp Logs 8cm & Up
1/14/21C&F Port Qingdao, China
One Cedar Butt Log 40 Inches x 12'
1/13/21Biloxi, MS
T/L Basswood Sawlogs 10 Inches & Up 2SC & 3SC
1/11/21FOB Supplier
Up to FTL Softwood Sawlogs 10 inch to 36 inch Butts Grade AA
1/08/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs White Oak Logs 10 inches & Up Any Grade
12/31/20FOB Supplier
Cntrs Walnut Sawlogs 10 Inches & Larger 0SC to 3SC
12/30/20FOB Supplier
Cntrs White Oak Logs 12 In & Up, 13 In & Up 2SC & 3Sc
12/30/20FOB Supplier
50-55 Spruce or Hemlock House Logs 12-14" Butts x 45' Debarked
12/29/20Kasilof Alaska
Cntrs Walnut Logs Dead or Struck by Lightning
12/22/20CIF or CFR Inchon or Busan S Korea
T/L Walnut Sawlogs 8" & Up 1SC & Better
12/10/20FOB Supplier
T/Ls Red Elm Veneer Logs 14
12/10/20FOB Supplier
Cntrs Pine Sawlogs 20cm & Up
12/10/20CIF Qingdao, China
Cntrs Walnut Logs 10 Inches & Up 1SC to 3SC
12/07/20FOB Rail or Port in Cntr
Cntrs Ash Logs 10 Inches & Up 2SC/Btr
12/04/20FOB Supplier
5,000M3 Radiata Pine Sawlogs 24cm & Up
12/02/20CIF Port Guangdong, China
Bulk Vessels Radiata Pine Sawlogs 22cm & Up x 3.9M
11/27/20Chinese Port
Cntrs Radiata Pine Sawlogs 24cm & Larger x 11.8M
11/25/20Port Guangdong, China
Cntrs SYP Sawlogs 12" & Up x 38.5'
11/20/20FOB FOB USA Port or log yard
5x40' Cntrs Pine Sawlogs 40 CM +
11/17/20Port HCMC, Vietnam
Cntrs Red Oak Logs 12" & Up
11/13/20FOB Supplier
Cntrs Birch Logs 25cm & Up Saw Grade
11/12/20Port Mundra, India
Multiple Cntrs Monthly Poplar Logs from Europe for India
11/11/20Port Tuticorin, India
Cntrs White Oak Logs 2SC to 4SC
11/11/20FOB Supplier
Cntrs Walnut Saw & Veneer Logs for Export
11/10/20FOB Supplier
Cntrs Pine Sawlogs 20cm & Up
11/09/20CIF Port Mundra, India
3x40' Cntrs Walnut Sawlogs 16" & Larger 2SC & 3SC
11/03/20FOB Supplier
Up to 250 Black Locust Logs 11" or Larger Tops x 12'-16'
11/02/20FOB Supplier
T/Ls Walnut Sawlogs 8 Inches & Larger x 6'/Longer
11/02/20FOB Supplier
13,000 bdft Douglas Fir Sawlogs 14.5 or 16" Tops
10/28/20FOB Supplier
Monthly Cntrs American Black Walnut Sawlogs 10" & Larger Fumigated or Debarked
10/23/20FOB Supplier
Cntrs Hard Maple Veneer Logs 13"/Larger 3SC & 4SC
10/22/20FOB Supplier
30,000 M3 Monthly Radiata Pine Sawlogs 8-30cm
10/20/20C&F China Ports
Cntrs Pine Sawlogs 25cm
10/19/20CIF Port Mudra, India
Cntrs any Species Tropical Logs Square or Round
10/09/20To nearest Port
5x20' Cntrs Teak Square Logs Any Size Clean
10/08/20CIF Port Mundra, India
Cntrs Birch Veneer Logs Class B
9/29/20FOB Supplier
T/Ls Cherry Firewood Logs 5
9/29/20FOB Supplier
Cntrs White Oak Veneer Logs Any size 4SC
9/25/20FOB Supplier
Cntrs Monthly Red Oak Logs 12
9/24/20FOB Supplier
2 Cntrs Red Oak Sawlogs 20" & Larger 2SC & Better
9/16/20FOB Supplier
3x40' Cntrs Swamp Ash Sawlogs 14" & Up 3SC & Btr
9/15/20FOB Supplier
3 Cntrs Monthly White Oak Veneer Logs 18" & Larger 4SC
9/14/20FOB Supplier
60 Cntrs Spruce Logs from Germany
9/08/20Nansha Port, China
4,000 bdft Doyle or more Walnut Sawlogs 12" & Larger 2SC
9/02/20FOB Supplier
T/Ls Monthly Walnut Veneer Logs 18"/Larger 4SC
9/01/20FOB Supplier
10 cntrs Pine & Spruce Saw & Pulp Logs 20 CM & Up
8/31/20CIF Ports Karachi & Mumbai
2,000 M3 Pine Logs 14 to 40cm A Grade for Plywood
8/24/20CIF Qingdao Port, China
5 Cntrs Walnut Sawlogs 12"/Larger 0SC to 1SC
8/17/20FOB Supplier
Cntrs Aromatic Red Cedar Logs 10" & Larger Sound Export Grade
8/12/20FOB Supplier
Cntrs Birch Logs 20cm+
8/11/20CIF Port Mundra, India
3-5 Cntrs Walnut Logs 10" & Larger 0SC & 1SC
8/10/20FOB Supplier
3 Cntrs Walnut Sawlogs12" & Larger
8/05/20FOB Supplier
5,000 M3 Monthly Spruce Logs 25CM & up
7/23/20CIF Qingdao China
Cntrs Walnut Veneer Logs 16"/Larger
7/22/20FOB Supplier
Cntrs Any Pine Logs 127mm/Larger
7/21/20FOB Supplier
5x40' Cntrs Monthly Red Oak Veneer Logs 16" & Up 3SC & 4SC
7/21/20FOB Supplier
Up to 20 Mixed Species Sawlogs 12" to 30" x 10'-20'
7/17/20FOB supplier
Cntrs Weekly White Oak Sawlogs 10"/Larger2SC/Btr
7/13/20FOB Supplier
1x40' Cntr aromatic Red Cedar Logs 10" & Up or 12" & Up
7/13/20CIF or CNF Incheon, South Korea
Cntr SYP Logs 8" to 12" x 39'
7/10/20To nearest Port
Cntrs SYP Logs 16" Tops 13'+ 3SC & 4SC
7/09/20To nearest Port
Cntrs Easter White Pine Logs16"+ x 12'+ A Grade
7/08/20To nearest Port
Cntrs Spruce Logs 25CM+
7/01/20CIF Port Qingdao, China
Cntrs Rd Oak Veneer Logs 14-19" Bark On 4SC
6/30/20FOB Supplier
Cntrs White Oak Veneer Logs 14-19" 4SC
6/26/20FOB Supplier
Cntrs Mixed Oak & Walnut Veneer Logs 14-19" 4SC
6/23/20FOB Supplier
25M3 Weekly Walnut Sawlogs 10"/Larger 1SC/Btr
6/22/20FOB Supplier
1 Open OTS
10 standing paulownia trees

Please Note that all OTS expire automatically after 30 days.