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The LBM Daily Newsletter: May 18, 2021.
Talking Softwood Lumber
Representatives from both sides of the border will meet to try and make some progress on softwood lumber. Republicans are in favor of eliminating tariffs altogether in light of pressures on the country's homebuilding industry.

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Futures & Options: Limit Down
ContractCloseChangeVolumeOpen Int
July 20211327.00-63.004701362
Sept 20211177.00-63.00121440
Nov 20211023.00-63.0049260
Jan 2022958.50-54.70749
Mar 2022940.00-53.0051
Lumber Futures once again settled sharply lower on carryover selling from technical weakness as front Month July Contract gapped lower for the second consecutive session breaking through the 20 mover, combined with OI increasing (if OI continues to increase from a technical perspective that would confirm more technical weakness with new selling on a trend change).

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Widman's Market Report & Barometer
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