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2800lf Western Red Cedar Bevel Siding 10" Clear
4/04/24FOB Supplier
t/ls KD 1x10 Pine Shiplap
3/01/24FOB Supplier
t/ls 1x6 & 1x8 T&G Pine #2&Btr
3/01/24FOB Supplier
5,500pc Cedar Fence Staves/Posts
1500sqft Pine Shiplap or Vgroove 1x6
10/24/23Ny or fl
5,500pc Circular Cedar Fence Stays
10/12/23Round Rock, TX
White Cedar Shingles
1000bf T&G White Cedar 4/4
350,000pcs Eucalyptus Cut to Size Strips
5/30/23Port Jebel Ali, Dubai
200bf KD Spalted Hard Maple 4/4 Rustic
2/16/23FOB Supplier
750sqft T&G White Oak or Cypress 1x6,8
500bf Spanish Cedar 5/4
12/09/22FOB Supplier
248sf Western Red Cedar Siding 1x10
7/26/22Covington, LA
Mushroom Boards 1x8 T&G
250bf Honduran Pine T&G
6/17/22FOB Supplier
~3000bf KD Western Red Cedar CMG
1300lf Ipe Decking 5/4x6
3/16/22Memphis, TN
Any Quantity Pecky Cypress PAneling V-Groove Any Size
2/17/22FOB Supplier
1 or 2 Units Western Red Cedar Decking S2S 5/4x6'' STK
1/27/22FOB Supplier
30,000 Linft Pine T&G V-Joint 1x8 C/Btr
1/07/22FOB Supplier
3,000 bdft Western Red Cedar Decking Shorts 5/4x6'' x 2'3'4' STK
12/02/21FOB Supplier
4,800 Linft Western Red Cedar Bevel Siding 7/16 x 6''
11/03/21FOB Supplier
8,000 Linft Ipe Decking 5/4x6'' Grooved or Not
9/27/21FOB Supplier
31,200 bdft Pine or Fir T&G 2x6
9/08/21Thermal CA
LTL Western Red Cedar Decking & DImension Lumber Heartwood KD 5/4 & 2x
8/13/21FOB Supplier
Cntr Pine Decking 5/4 x 6'' Clear $S
8/03/21Porto, Portugal
500-1,000 sqft Pecky Cypress T&G 3/4'' Medium to Heavy Peck
5/19/21FOB Supplier
750 bdft Western Red Cedar T&G Lumber KD FAS
4/21/21FOB Supplier
T/L Cumaru Decking KD S4S E4EPremium Grade
4/08/21FOB Supplier
Cntr Ipe Decking KD S4S E4E 19mm, 21mm or 25mm Premium Grade
4/07/21FOB Supplier
5,600 Linft Ipe Decking 5/4x4 Grooved for hidden Fasteners
4/06/21FOB Supplier
T/L Fingerjoint Moulder Blanks 4/4 Paint Grade
3/25/21FOB Supplier
~4,000 Linft Cedar T&G or Shiplap Siding
3/18/21FOB Supplier
2,000 bdft Minimum Monthly Pine T&G R1S KD 1x10 or 12
3/16/21FOB Supplier
T/L Western Red Cedar Paneling T&G or Shiplap 1x6 and 1x8 #2-#3Grade
12/18/20FOB supplier
T/L SYP or EWP Paneling T&G or Shiplap 1x6, 1x8 #2 & #3 Grade
12/17/20FOB Supplier
125 pcs Softwood Paneling T&G 2x8 x 16' Premium Grade
7/23/20FOB Supplier
700 Linft Angelim Pedra Decking 3/4 or 5/4x6" AD or KD Any Grade
6/30/20FOB Supplier
3 Open OTS
8/4 FAS Sassafras 8'-12'
PRIMED, 1 X 3.5" FJ -12 FT, T&G, PATTERN 122,N.GAP

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