Softwood Lumber
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111 Open RFQs
4000' 1x12 Hemlock KD
5/03/24Buffalo, NY
cntrs White or Red Cedar
12pcs Doug Fir 4x10,12
12/29/23Chattanooga, TN
cntrs Pine or Other Softwood Lumber
12/07/23North Port Manila, The Philippines
300bf AD Hemlock 1x8-10
1000bf KD Pecky River Recovered Cypress
8/26/23FOB Supplier
3600pcs 2x4 Doug Fir
250,000bf T&G Heavy Decking
7/21/23FOB Supplier
1600bf KD Hemlock 2x12
6/21/23Traverse City, MI
cntr 2x4, 2x6
6/01/23To nearest Port
t/l KD Pine 1x6
t/ls Rough SYP 4/4
cntrs Pine Lumber for Moldings
4/17/23US Port
3pc Doug Fir Timbers 12x12x20
3/30/23West Palm Beach, FL
1000lf Wester Red Cedar 1x6 Clear
5,000bf Eastern White Cedar 1x6
2/02/23FOB Supplier
cntr Yellow Pine 2x
2/01/23Savannah Port
t/l Hemlock 2x6 Green, Rough
t/l Spruce Cants
5000bf Eastern White Cedar 1x6 Green
1/15/23FOB Supplier
5000cbm/month SPF, SYP and Pallet stock
1/03/23CIF Nhava sheva port india
5000pcs Rough Cut Pallet Lumber 1x3-1/2
1x40'cntr trial KD Rough Pine (Any) 50mm
9/07/22Port Chennai, India
10x40'cntrs SYP or EWP
9/01/22To nearest Port
20cntrs KD Pine 6/4 A/B
8/29/22Ukraine Base Port or close
2-4000bf KD Alaskan Yellow Cedar 4/4
8/22/22FOB Supplier
2000bf+ Alaskan Yellow Cedar 4/4, 5/4
8/19/22FOB Supplier
cntr Aromatic Red Cedar Squares/Cants
8/11/22FOB Supplier
cntrs Rgh Vertical Grain Pine 27x90mm
t/ls Southern Yellow Pine 5/4
t/ls KD Rough SYP 5/4 Clears
40'cntr Kd Rough SYP
6/22/22FOB Supplier
cntr Aromatic Red Cedar Cants
5/23/22FOB Container yard, rail, or Port
t/ls Green White Pine Log Run 4/4+
5/17/22FOB Supplier
500pcs 6x6x8' Pressure Treated Timbers
T/Ls Rough Southern Yellow Pine 4/4 Clear
New Wood Greyed 1x12
3/08/22FOB Supplier
Cntrs Pine Lumber KD Rough 18mm & 32mm Industrial & Furniture Grades
2/14/22CIF Port Surabaya, Indonesia
8,000 bdft Cypress Lumber KD Rough 1x8 #1Com or Mixed #1 & #2Com
2/03/22FOB Supplier
1,000 Linft Hinoki Cypress 1x6
2/02/22FOB Supplier
T/L EWP Lumber KD 1x8
1/27/22FOB Supplier
1x40' Cntrs SYP Lumber KD 7/4x8'' & 10'' Prime
1/25/22FOB Supplier
T/Ls EWP 7/4x8'' KD
1/21/22Central NC
T/L SYP 2x6 KD #1 or MSR
1/20/22FOB Supplier
Cntr SYP Lumber KD Rough 4/4, 6/4, & 8/4 Saps
1/13/22FOB Supplier
4,000 bdft Hemlock Lumber 4/4 x 6'' to 12''
1/10/22FOB Supplier
30,000 Linft Pine Lumber KD Rough 4/4 x 8'' C/Btr
1/10/22FOB Supplier
40 Cntrs Monthly Any Pine Lumber 90mm Construction Grade
1/03/22Port Melbourne, Australia
Cntrs SYP Lumber KD Rough 4/4, 6/4, 8/4 Saps, Prime & Better
12/20/21To nearest Port
1,000 bdft Douglas Fir Lumber KD or AD S2S Any Thickness x 8'' RL Premium VG
12/10/21FOB Supplier
Up to 3,000 bdft Western Red Cedar Lumber KD 8/4, 10/4, and/or 12/4 #1Com/Btr
12/01/21FOB Supplier
T/L SYP Dimension Lumber 2x8
11/16/21FOB Supplier
T/L White Pine Lumber KD Rough 4/4x6''
11/15/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs SPF Dimension Lumber KD HT 2x
11/05/21India Ports
2 Cntrs Pine Dimension Lumber KD HT 5/4 & 2x
11/04/213 Indian Ports
Cntrs Pine Lumber KD S4S 23mm Grade AA
10/14/21Kochi, Kerala, India
1-2 T/Ls Western Red Cedar 2x6 and/or 2x8 #4 Clear
10/14/21Cape Town South Africa
1,000 bdft River Recovered Cypress Lumber KD 4/4 RW
10/06/21FOB Supplier
t/l KD Rough Pine 2x
2 C/Ls SYP 3/4x8
9/16/21To nearest Port
13,000 M3 Pine Cut to Size Lumber 23x66mm
9/03/21Port Kochi, Kerala, India
T/Ls White Pine Lumber Green or KD Rough 5/4 & 6/4 Log Run
8/18/21FOB Supplier
1x20' Cntr Western Red Cedar Lumber KD Rough 1x8 Prime or Close to Clear
8/10/21To nearest Port
White Pine Lumber Green/AD/KD Rough or Surfaced 4/4 & 8/4 Industrial, Standard, Prime Grades
8/03/21FOB Supplier
Spruce/Pine Lumber
6/29/21India Ports Shown
Cntrs SYP Lumber 38 x 250 x 3660mm
6/28/21Port of Mundra India
25,500 bdft Alaskan Yellow Cedar Lumber KD Rough 3"x18" Glue Up for Width OK #2Com/Btr
6/21/21FOB Supplier
T/L Hemlock or Spruce Lumber Green 4/4 Mill Run
6/15/21FOB Supplier
1,000-1,200 bdft Pine Lumber KD Rough 4/4 Furniture Grade
5/20/21FOB Supplier
150 M3 Monthly Pine Crate/Pallet Lumber KD Export Quality
5/19/21Poerts Jebel Ali, Chennai, India & Ukraine Port
18-40 Cypress Timbers Green or AD 6'' & 8'' Structural
5/17/21FOB Supplier
SYP or Douglas Fir Dimension Lumber KD S4S 2x8 DSS or MSR
4/26/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs Monthly Pine Lumber KD Rough 38mm #1 & #2Com
4/05/21North Port Manila, The Philippines
T/L Western Red Cedar Lumber 1x & 2x #2Com/Btr Green/AD/KD
4/01/21FOB Supplier
T/L Western Red Cedar Timbers Rough Green, AD or KD Structural 8x & 10x
3/31/21FOB Supplier
2,000 bdft SYP Lumber KD 4/4 & 8/4 Clear
3/29/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs Western Red Cedar Lumber KD 1x No Open Knots
3/25/21Port Rotterdam
Cntrs Pine Lumber KD Rough 38mm AB
3/18/21Port Manila, The Philippines
Pine Lumber KD with or Without HT
3/10/21FOB Port
Pine Dimension Lumber KD S4S 1x Prime & Saps/Btr
3/08/21CIF Port Rotterdam
10 T/Ls SYP Dimension Lumber KD 2x4 #2Com/Btr
3/05/21Montreal QC
Alaskan Yellow Cedar Lumber Green Rough 2" to 6" Full Size
3/03/21FOB Supplier
Cntr Eastern White Pine Lumber KD or Green 1x & 6/4 Industrial & Standard Grade
3/02/21To nearest Port
Cntrs SYP Dimension Lumber KD S4S 2x
3/01/21To nearest Port
100 M3 Spruce Lumber KD 70mm First Quality
2/22/21CIF Port Mundra, India
1X40' Cntr Douglas Fir Lumber KD Rough 5/4 & 6x6 #2Com/Btr
2/15/21FOB Mill, rail, or Port or CIF Rotterdam
T/L SYP or Douglas Fir Lumber Shorts KD Rough or Surfaces 3/4 to 1-1/4 Inch Thick Clear or Minimal Knots
2/11/21FOB Supplier
2,000 bdft White Pine Lumber KD Rough Full 2" Knotty
2/03/21FOB Supplier
75,000 bdft Western Red Cedar Green or Dry Rough 8x10 to 12x12 Appearance Grade
1/27/21FOB Supplier
T/L Monthly SYP Dimension Lumber KD S4S 2x DSS, C&btr or Prime
1/26/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs Pine Lumber Green or KD 1 Inch & 2.5 Inch #2Com
1/11/21To nearest Port
T/L Monthly Brazilian Pine Dimension Lumber KD S4S 1x #2Com
1/08/21FOB Supplier
T/L Monthly Softwood Dimension Lumber KD S4S 1x6 & 8#2 Grade
1/06/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs Any Pine Lumber KD Rough 6/4 & 8/4 Grade A/B
12/28/20FOB Supplier
2 Cntrs Aromatic Red Cedar Cants 6x6 or Larger Shipping Dry Sound
12/03/20FOB Supplier
T/L Monthly Any Softwood Lumber Rough 3x7 Low Grade
11/24/20FOB Supplier
T/L's Monthly Eastern White Pine Lumber KD Rough 1x4 Standard/Premium Grade
11/18/20FOB Supplier
3,600 Linft Northen Pine 1x12 for Siding Square Edge KD
11/02/20FOB Supplier
16 pcs Douglas Fir Dimension Lumber KD S4S 4x10x16'
10/22/20Huntington Station, NY
T/Ls SPF Dimension Lumber KD 2x4 & 2x6
10/20/20FOB Supplier
2,000 bdft Redwood Lumber KD Rough 2 Inch
10/12/20FOB Supplier
2-3 Cntrs Monthly Lodgepole Pine Lumber KD 19 & 38mm
10/09/20FOB Supplier
2,000 bdft Eastern Red Cedar Lumber 2 Inch
10/09/20FOB Supplier
T/Ls SYP or SPF Dimension Lumber 1x #2Com
10/08/20FOB Supplier
500 pcs eastern Red Cedar Lumber KD Preferred Rough or Surfaced 1" STK
9/30/20FOB Supplier
200 M3 Monthly Pine Lumber KD or Fresh 28mm Grade A,B,C
8/25/20HCMC Port, Vietnam
4 Cypress Beams KD S4S 6"x6" x 22.5' Clear Minimal Knots
8/11/20FOB Supplier
40' Cntr SYP Lumber KD 2" Premium Grade
8/07/20CNF Karachi, Pakistan
60-100 SYP CCA Treated Posts 4"x6" or 6" Round
8/06/20FOB Supplier
10-50 Cntrs Monthly Any Softwood Pallet, Scrap, Shorts or Other Reject Grade Lumber
7/08/20To nearest Port
2,000 bdft Douglas Fir Lumber KD Rough 4/4 & 8/4 Any Grade
6/23/20FOB Supplier
2 Open OTS
18,400 bd.ft. Doug Fir-- Beams, Posts, Joists ect.
Pine barn beams 8x8 & 6x8 rough sawn

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