Reclaimed Wood
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136 Open RFQs
t/ls Barnwood 4/4, 8/4 Mixed Hardwood
6/21/24Midwest US
4,000ft Reclaimed White Oak
5/21/24Southern US
2000bf KD Rough Maple
5/08/24FOB Supplier
t/l Reclaimed Oak 1x, 2x6"+
4/29/24FOB Supplier
t/ls Reclaimed Heart Pine Timbers/Joists
up to t/l Hand Hewn Beams 12'+
t/l Oak Threshing 11
6000sqft White Pine Siding 10
1/05/24FOB Supplier
up to t/l Threshing Floor Boards
12/13/23FOB Supplier
3000bf Reclaimed White Oak 4/4x8-9
3000bf Reclaimed White Oak 4/4 Blanks
11/29/23Midwest US
20,000bf+ Reclaimed Heart Pine 2x
8/04/23FOB Supplier
1-2t/ls Salvaged Heart Pine Timbers
350sqft Antique Old Growth Hemlock Barnwood Siding
7/17/23Clinton, AR
2000bf White Pine 1x10"+
7/05/23FOB Supplier
Any Qty Reclaimed Mixed Oak
5pcs Reclaimed Timbers 10 or 12"
LTL or TL Original Barn 8/4 Joists
20,000bf Reclaimed Roughsawn Softwoods
12,000bf+ 2 Sided Hewn Timbers
34pcs Reclaimed Hand Hewn Oak Beams
1500-2000bf Antique Heart Pine S2S
LTL Mixed Hardwood Hand Hewn Beams 12-18'
Any Qty Heart Pine Timbers or Decking
4/04/23FOB Supplier
660pc Reclaimed Beams
4/03/23FOB Supplier
20,000sf Reclaimed Weathered Grey Siding
4/03/23FOB Supplier
3000bf Rough Sawn Pine Barn Beams
2000bf Pine Barnwood
t/l Reclaimed Brown Barn Board
1000sqft Reclaimed Circle Sawn Flooring RW
2/28/23FOB Supplier
~70pc Reclaimed Rough Sawn Pine 8x8
20+pcs Reclaimed Doug Fir Beams, Timbers
15,00bf Reclaimed Hemlock
12/22/22FOB Supplier
3256sqft Barn Wood Siding
t/ls Reclaimed Heart Pine
12/16/22FOB Supplier
6000bf Reclaimed Oak 4/4x6-1/2+
11/07/22FOB Supplier
t/l Reclaimed Barn board Brown/Grey 1x
32pc Reclaimed Pine 4x12x22
t/l Mixed Hardwood Hand Hewn Beams
9/28/22FOB Supplier
tls Heartpine Timbers & Decking
19pcs Handhewn Beams
5000sqft/month Antique Pine Beanboard
Reclaimed 6x12x12
2000-3000bf Reclaimed Antique Heart Pine 4/4 x 7"+
180sf Reclaimed Heart Pine Flooring
7/08/22FOB Supplier
3000sf Reclaimed Softwood Grey Siding
6/24/22FOB Supplier
7500sf Reclaimed Softwood Naily Roof Boards
6/24/22Waco, TX
ptl Reclaimed White Oak 4/4, Joists
up to t/l Reclaimed Hand Hewn Beams
5/11/22Waco, TX
1000bf Reclaimed Elm
5/03/22Brooklyn, NY
6-8,000bf Reclaimed Brown Patina Poplar
4/13/22Appleton, WI 54915
16,000bf Chestnut 4/4, 8/4
4/11/22Big island , VA 24526
40,000bf Reclaimed Rough Brown Softwoods
4/08/22FOB Supplier
t/l Reclaimed Doug Fir Timbers
4/07/22FOB Supplier
15000bf Reclaimed Hemlock Beams or Sleepers
8pcs Reclaimed Doug Fir Timbers
3/18/22FOB Supplier
600lf Hand Hewn Beam Skins
t/ls Reclaimed Industrial Joists 3x9-12"
t/ls Reclaimed Barn Joists
T/L Softwood Reclaimed Hand Hewn Beams Larger Girths and Minimum 12' Long
2/24/22FOB Supplier
18 Hand Hewn Reclaimed Beams Any Species Non Structural
2/15/22FOB Supplier
Up to FTL Grey Oak Reclaimed Siding 6'' & Wider
2/04/22FOB Supplier
T/L Reclaimed Grey Corral and Wind Fence Board 1x, 2x
2/03/22FOB Supplier
25,000 bdft Douglas Fir Reclaimed Timbers 8X8, 10X10, 12X12
2/02/22FOB Supplier
15 or More Wormy Chestnut Reclaimed 2x6+ Must be 9' or Longer
1/20/22FOB Supplier
10,000-15,000 bdft Reclaimed Oak Lumber 4/4 & 8/4 Original Surface
1/18/22FOB Supplier
1,000-2,500 bdft Monthly Reclaimed Lumber Hardwood or Softwood 2" Thick
1/18/22FOB Supplier
10,000 bdft Chestnut Reclaimed Lumber 4/4, 4x4, 6x6
1/13/22FOB Supplier
T/L Chestnut Reclaimed Lumber Any Thickness Original Face RWL
12/28/21FOB Supplier
T/L White Oak Reclaimed Lumber Circle Sawn Any Size(s)
12/10/21FOB Supplier
~2,000 bdft Reclaimed Timbers White Pine Preferred 6x8 & 8x8
12/09/21FOB Supplier
T/Ls Reclaimed Mushroom Wood
12/09/21FOB Supplier
2,000-10,000 bdft Reclaimed Hardwoods 1''-3''x7.5'' or Wider
12/06/21FOB Supplier
1,000 bdft White Oak Lumber New or Reclaimed KD/AD Rough 4/4 Character or Rustic Grade
12/02/21FOB Supplier
9 Oak Reclaimed Beams Sawn Preferred 10x10 x 20' or Larger
11/22/21FOB Supplier
Up to FTL Reclaimed Lumber Timbers, 1x
11/15/21FOB Supplier
14 Oak Reclaimed Beams Sawn 4S 10x10 x 20'
11/12/21FOB Supplier
FTL Softwood REclaimed BArnboard 1'' & 2''
11/05/21FOB Supplier
~6,000 bdft Spruce Reclaimed Joists 2x Brown Patina
11/02/21FOB Supplier
5,000 or More sqft Reclaimed Fence Oak Flooring Skip Planed 5''
10/26/21FOB Supplier
~1,000 bdft Reclaimed Roof Boards or Naily Boards Hardwood or Softwood
10/20/21FOB Supplier
2000sf/mnth 1x6 Reclaimed Oak Fence Boards
2 or 3 Reclaimed Beams Roughsawn 6''x12'' to 12''x12''
9/10/21FOB Supplier
2,000-10,000 bdft Hardwood Reclaimed Lumber No Paint Original Patina 1'' to 4'' x 7.5'' & Wider
9/07/21FOB Supplier
400 Lineal Feet Reclaimed Circle Sawn Beams or Joists 4x8 or Wider Hardwood Preferred Must All Match
8/26/21FOB Supplier
T/L Softwood Reclaimed Industrial/Factory Lumber 3" Thick
7/23/21FOB Supplier
T/L Hardwood Reclaimed Barnwood 4/4 & 8/4
7/22/21FOB Supplier
10,000-12,000 bdft Salvaged/Reclaimed Old Growth Cypress 4/4, 8/4
7/19/21FOB Supplier
1/2 T/L Oak Reclaimed Lumber 6x6 & 4x6
6/24/21FOB Supplier
10,000sf Reclaimed Maple Gym Floor
5/27/21FOB Supplier
T/Ls Reclaimed Brown Hardwoods 4/4 & 8/4
5/26/21FOB Supplier
2200bf Reclaimed White Oak 5/4-2.5"
5/25/21FOB Supplier
T/Ls Reclaimed Barn Siding Weathered Grey Pine or Other Softwood Any Width
5/18/21FOB Supplier
15 Hardwood or Softwood saw Cut Reclaimed Beams 6''x10''
5/12/21FOB Supplier
T/L Whie Oak Reclaimed Hand Hewn Timbers 8x8 to 12x12
5/12/21FOB Supplier
Up to FTL Softwood Reclaimed 2x8
5/06/21FOB Supplier
T/L or More Reclaimed Fir Rafters & Joists 2x10 Plus
5/04/21FOB Supplier
T/Ls Brown Softwood Reclaimed Lumber Rafters & Joists Preferred 2x & 3x
5/03/21FOB Supplier
1750 sqft Reclaimed Threshing Floor
4/20/21FOB Supplier
1,000 bdft or more White Oak Reclaimed Lumber 1x & 2x Original Face or Resawn
3/29/21FOB Supplier
20,000 bdft Oak Reclaimed Lumber Original Surface 4/4 & 8/4 Floor Grade
3/26/21FOB Supplier
2,000 bdft or More Hardwood Reclaimed Barnwood T&G KD 5/8 or 3/4 Inch
3/22/21Milwaukie OR
~5,700 bdft Douglas Fir Reclaimed Beams Rough Sawn 12x12
3/15/21FOB Supplier
80 Linft Reclaimed Beams Approx 7.33 x 12 Inches
3/02/21FOB Supplier
24,000 bdft Reclaimed Hardwood Lumber Under 12/4 Thick
3/02/21FOB Supplier
20 or More Any Species Hand Hewn Reclaimed Beams 10x10x23' All Similar
2/22/21FOB Supplier
12,000+ bdft Grey Reclaimed Barn Siding 5 inches or Wider
2/11/21FOB Supplier
Up to T/L Any Softwood Reclaimed Joists 2" & 3"
2/05/21FOB Supplier
T/L Reclaimed Grey Barnwood 4/4
2/04/21FOB Supplier
3,500 sqft Reclaimed Dutchlap Barn Siding with Faded White Paint
2/03/21FOB Supplier
10,000-12,000 bdft Pine or Douglas Fir Reclaimed Timbers 10x12 Inches or Larger
1/13/21FOB Supplier
Monthly Truckloads Reclaimed Lumber Mixed Species & Sizes OK
1/08/21FOB Supplier
T/Ls Whitewood Reclaimed Industrial Joists 2or 3 Inch x 9-12 Inch
1/08/21FOB Supplier
T/L Reclaimed Softwood Lumber KD S4S 1x6 & 8 Equivalent to #2Com
1/07/21FOB Supplier
T/L Softwood Reclaimed Joists 2x & 3x
12/29/20Perkasie PA
4 Softwood Reclaimed Beams Sawn 8x8x12'-14' Clean
12/28/20FOB Supplier
1,500 bdft Chestnut Reclaimed Lumber 2x
12/18/20FOB Supplier
10,000 bdft Mixed Oak Reclaimed Lumber 1x & 2x 12" & Wider Denailed
12/17/20Lynchburg VA
12,000 bdft #1 Heartpine Reclaimed Beams 13x15
12/10/20FOB Supplier
T/Ls Douglas Fir Reclaimed Rough Sawn Timbers
12/01/20FOB Supplier
5,000 Linft Reclaimed Truck Decking Grade A
12/01/20FOB Supplier
500-1,000 bdft Heartpine Reclaimed Lumber Beams or 1x
11/19/20FOB Supplier
100,000 bdt Any Species Reclaimed Decking Any Sizes #1 Grade
11/10/20FOB Supplier
2,400 bdft Antique Heartpine Floor joists 2x6"-8"
3,000 bdft Oak Reclaimed Lumber 4/4 or 8/4 8" & Wider Original Face
10/09/20FOB Supplier
T/Ls Oak Reclaimed Lumber & Beams Circle Sawn
9/23/20FOB Supplier
T/L Dirty Top Heartpine Reclaimed Lumber Any Size
9/22/20FOB Supplier
1,500 sqft Reclaimed Douglas Fir Lumber T&G 5/4
9/08/20FOB Supplier
12,000-15,000 bdft Douglas Fir Reclaimed Lumber 3x10 Rough Brown
9/02/20FOB Supplier
3,000 sqft White Oak New or Reclaimed Lumber Circle Sawn KD 4/4x10
8/28/20FOB Supplier
~1,300 sqft Thick Reclaimed Lumber with Original T&G for Flooring
8/24/20FOB Supplier
One or More T/Ls Oak Reclaimed Tier Rails 3x4 or 4x4
8/11/20FOB Supplier
500 bdft White Oak Reclaimed Lumber Full 2" or Thicker
8/04/20FOB Supplier
2,000 sqft Reclaimed Barn Siding Grey 13/16" or Thicker x 10.5" and Wider
7/29/20FOB Supplier
4,000 bdft White Oak Reclaimed Lumber KD 4x12 x 8' or Longer
6/30/20FOB Supplier
1,000-5,000 bdft Hardwood Reclaimed Lumber Wide 4/4x10"-20"
6/23/20FOB Supplier
22 Open OTS
Heart Pine Unpainted Joist
Softwood Joist 3” thick 9” and 10” wide
Reclaimed barn beams, Hand hewn, rough sawn
Barn Pole rafters, reclaimed hand hewn 22'+
8/4 oak
Hardwood Angelwood T&G Reclaimed 50,000 b/f +
Farmed White Pine greyboard
reclaimed barn wood
4/4 Hardwood BLANKS
Pine barn beams 8x8 & 6x8 rough sawn
100,000 b/f plus hardwood reclaimed T&G bonalim
Old Growth Fir Beams 13x15x16'
Old Growth Heart Pine Joists 3.5x15"
Pine Bead Board
1890's Chestnut 3/4 round sleepers/joist
Reclaimed Douglas fir Sawn Beams
100,000 b/f plus of reclaimed hardwood T&G bonalim
4/4-12/4 Softwood Barnwood 1-2 T/Ls per month
Rough sawn beams
Grey barn board
Brown barn board
Hand Hewn Beams

Please Note that all OTS expire automatically after 30 days.