Reclaimed Wood
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~1,000 bdft Reclaimed Roof Boards or Naily Boards Hardwood or Softwood
10/20/21FOB Supplier
2000sf/mnth 1x6 Reclaimed Oak Fence Boards
2 or 3 Reclaimed Beams Roughsawn 6''x12'' to 12''x12''
9/10/21FOB Supplier
2,000-10,000 bdft Hardwood Reclaimed Lumber No Paint Original Patina 1'' to 4'' x 7.5'' & Wider
9/07/21FOB Supplier
400 Lineal Feet Reclaimed Circle Sawn Beams or Joists 4x8 or Wider Hardwood Preferred Must All Match
8/26/21FOB Supplier
T/L Softwood Reclaimed Industrial/Factory Lumber 3" Thick
7/23/21FOB Supplier
T/L Hardwood Reclaimed Barnwood 4/4 & 8/4
7/22/21FOB Supplier
10,000-12,000 bdft Salvaged/Reclaimed Old Growth Cypress 4/4, 8/4
7/19/21FOB Supplier
1/2 T/L Oak Reclaimed Lumber 6x6 & 4x6
6/24/21FOB Supplier
10,000sf Reclaimed Maple Gym Floor
5/27/21FOB Supplier
T/Ls Reclaimed Brown Hardwoods 4/4 & 8/4
5/26/21FOB Supplier
2200bf Reclaimed White Oak 5/4-2.5"
5/25/21FOB Supplier
T/Ls Reclaimed Barn Siding Weathered Grey Pine or Other Softwood Any Width
5/18/21FOB Supplier
15 Hardwood or Softwood saw Cut Reclaimed Beams 6''x10''
5/12/21FOB Supplier
T/L Whie Oak Reclaimed Hand Hewn Timbers 8x8 to 12x12
5/12/21FOB Supplier
Up to FTL Softwood Reclaimed 2x8
5/06/21FOB Supplier
T/L or More Reclaimed Fir Rafters & Joists 2x10 Plus
5/04/21FOB Supplier
T/Ls Brown Softwood Reclaimed Lumber Rafters & Joists Preferred 2x & 3x
5/03/21FOB Supplier
1750 sqft Reclaimed Threshing Floor
4/20/21FOB Supplier
1,000 bdft or more White Oak Reclaimed Lumber 1x & 2x Original Face or Resawn
3/29/21FOB Supplier
20,000 bdft Oak Reclaimed Lumber Original Surface 4/4 & 8/4 Floor Grade
3/26/21FOB Supplier
2,000 bdft or More Hardwood Reclaimed Barnwood T&G KD 5/8 or 3/4 Inch
3/22/21Milwaukie OR
~5,700 bdft Douglas Fir Reclaimed Beams Rough Sawn 12x12
3/15/21FOB Supplier
80 Linft Reclaimed Beams Approx 7.33 x 12 Inches
3/02/21FOB Supplier
24,000 bdft Reclaimed Hardwood Lumber Under 12/4 Thick
3/02/21FOB Supplier
20 or More Any Species Hand Hewn Reclaimed Beams 10x10x23' All Similar
2/22/21FOB Supplier
12,000+ bdft Grey Reclaimed Barn Siding 5 inches or Wider
2/11/21FOB Supplier
Up to T/L Any Softwood Reclaimed Joists 2" & 3"
2/05/21FOB Supplier
T/L Reclaimed Grey Barnwood 4/4
2/04/21FOB Supplier
3,500 sqft Reclaimed Dutchlap Barn Siding with Faded White Paint
2/03/21FOB Supplier
10,000-12,000 bdft Pine or Douglas Fir Reclaimed Timbers 10x12 Inches or Larger
1/13/21FOB Supplier
Monthly Truckloads Reclaimed Lumber Mixed Species & Sizes OK
1/08/21FOB Supplier
T/Ls Whitewood Reclaimed Industrial Joists 2or 3 Inch x 9-12 Inch
1/08/21FOB Supplier
T/L Reclaimed Softwood Lumber KD S4S 1x6 & 8 Equivalent to #2Com
1/07/21FOB Supplier
T/L Softwood Reclaimed Joists 2x & 3x
12/29/20Perkasie PA
4 Softwood Reclaimed Beams Sawn 8x8x12'-14' Clean
12/28/20FOB Supplier
1,500 bdft Chestnut Reclaimed Lumber 2x
12/18/20FOB Supplier
10,000 bdft Mixed Oak Reclaimed Lumber 1x & 2x 12" & Wider Denailed
12/17/20Lynchburg VA
12,000 bdft #1 Heartpine Reclaimed Beams 13x15
12/10/20FOB Supplier
T/Ls Douglas Fir Reclaimed Rough Sawn Timbers
12/01/20FOB Supplier
5,000 Linft Reclaimed Truck Decking Grade A
12/01/20FOB Supplier
500-1,000 bdft Heartpine Reclaimed Lumber Beams or 1x
11/19/20FOB Supplier
100,000 bdt Any Species Reclaimed Decking Any Sizes #1 Grade
11/10/20FOB Supplier
2,400 bdft Antique Heartpine Floor joists 2x6"-8"
3,000 bdft Oak Reclaimed Lumber 4/4 or 8/4 8" & Wider Original Face
10/09/20FOB Supplier
T/Ls Oak Reclaimed Lumber & Beams Circle Sawn
9/23/20FOB Supplier
T/L Dirty Top Heartpine Reclaimed Lumber Any Size
9/22/20FOB Supplier
1,500 sqft Reclaimed Douglas Fir Lumber T&G 5/4
9/08/20FOB Supplier
12,000-15,000 bdft Douglas Fir Reclaimed Lumber 3x10 Rough Brown
9/02/20FOB Supplier
3,000 sqft White Oak New or Reclaimed Lumber Circle Sawn KD 4/4x10
8/28/20FOB Supplier
~1,300 sqft Thick Reclaimed Lumber with Original T&G for Flooring
8/24/20FOB Supplier
One or More T/Ls Oak Reclaimed Tier Rails 3x4 or 4x4
8/11/20FOB Supplier
500 bdft White Oak Reclaimed Lumber Full 2" or Thicker
8/04/20FOB Supplier
2,000 sqft Reclaimed Barn Siding Grey 13/16" or Thicker x 10.5" and Wider
7/29/20FOB Supplier
4,000 bdft White Oak Reclaimed Lumber KD 4x12 x 8' or Longer
6/30/20FOB Supplier
1,000-5,000 bdft Hardwood Reclaimed Lumber Wide 4/4x10"-20"
6/23/20FOB Supplier
~10,000 bdft Beech Reclaimed Lumber 4/4x6"-10" Floor Grade
6/16/20FOB Supplier
6,500 sqft Softwood Reclaimed Flooring 3/4" Thick
6/04/20FOB Supplier
6,500 sqft Oak Reclaimed Brownboard 3/4" Thick
5/27/20FOB Supplierr
250 sqft Reclaimed Brownboard or Siding Any Species 5/4 Thick
5/13/20Stockton, NJ
1,500 Linft or More Softwood Reclaimed Hand Hewn Sleepers 10" or Wider
5/07/20FOB Supplier
Five Heartpine Reclaimed Beams
5/06/20FOB Supplier
Up to FTL Reclaimed VG Heartpine Beams, Joists or 1x
5/04/20FOB Supplier
FTL Oak Reclaimed Lumber 4/4 & 8/4 x 4"-10" Flooring Grade
5/04/20FOB Supplier
4,000 bdft or More White Oak Reclaimed Sleepers 12" Minimal Face Hewn 2S or 4S
4/24/20FOB Supplier
40 Oak Reclaimed Timbers Hand Hewn 8" 7 10"
4/24/20FOB Supplier
4,000 bdft Grey Oak Reclaimed Siding 6" & Wider x 6' & Longer
4/23/20FOB Supplier
4,000 bdft Chestnut Reclaimed Brown Board 4/4 x 6" & Wider
4/23/20FOB Supplier
50 pcs or More White Oak Reclaimed Lumber 2"x10" x 10' Minimum Size
4/23/20FOB Supplier
Any Qty up to T/L Reclaimed Western Red Cedar 10x or 12x Smooth, Rough or Painted
4/15/20FOB Supplier
T/Ls Pine Reclaimed Timbers, 2x, 3x#1 or #2
4/03/20FOB Supplier
15,000 sqft Maple Reclaimed Flooring Open to Widths
3/13/20FOB Supplier
4 Oak Reclaimed Hand Hewn Timbers 12x12 Not Structural
3/06/20Denver, CO
25 Douglas Fir Reclaimed Beams 12x12 ASAP
2/21/20FOB Supplier
One or Two Western US Species Dovetailed Log Stack Barn or Cabin
2/20/20FOB Supplier
15 Heartpine Reclaimed Beams 10x12 x 30' Holes, Mortises, Paint, Metal All OK
2/19/20FOB Supplier
1,000 bdft Chestnut Reclaimed Lumber Blanks 4/4 RWL
2/19/20FOB Supplier
T/L Maple Reclaimed Factory Flooring 2-1/4'" & 3-1/4"
2/11/20FOB Supplier
2-5 pcs Chestnut Reclaimed Beams 8x8 x 6'-8'
1/28/20FOB Supplier
20,000 bdft Oak Reclaimed Lumber 1x12, 2x12 or Larger No Paint
1/22/20FOB Supplier
230 Linft Any Species Reclaimed Beams 12x12, 18x18 or Similar
1/22/20FOB Supplier
1,700 Linft Poplar Reclaimed Lumber KD Denailed 2.5"x10.5:
1/20/20FOB Supplier
4,000 bdft White Oak Reclaimed Lumber 2" x 4-10" x 8-10'
1/07/20FOB Supplier
28 Open OTS
Clearance 390' Reclaimed Chestnut Flooring $2.99
Reclaimed Redwood Tank Stock
3” Heartpine Joist
12024 bf Farmed Fancy Grey
11170 bf Mixed Hardwood 1x and 2x
1185 bf Reclaimed Barn Oak 2x6-2x8
Softwoods 3” and 4” Thick
Reclaimed Mixed Pine and Hemlock Lumber
7000' Pine 2 Side Sleeper Cabin Logs
Oak and mix hardwood beams Rough sawn
4 x 4 Posts 100,000+ Bf
Hewn Barn in New York
Elm Sleepers
Massive Beech Industrial Timbers
Truckload Quantities Gray and Brown Board, 2x Mate
11-12000 bdft White Oak and Walnut Beams
3700 BF of 2x5-6 Oak
3000 bf Mixed Hardwood 1x Planks
2500 bf 4x6-12x12 Sawn Oak Beams
3100 bf Mixed Hardwood 2x6-2x8
3x Reclaimed Doug fir
Cabin Logs
2-Sided Handhewn
Reclaimed Walnut
Post-Civil War Era Barn
3.5" Reclaimed Fir Decking 6.5" $1.25 bdft
4-6 mil Reclaimed Pine Veneers
Oily Reclaimed Pine Decking $.60 bdft

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