Wood Waste
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30,000bdmt/month Wood Chips
1/22/24Port Wuhan, china
cntrs Pine Wood Chips
1/09/24Por tTieshan Port, China
30,000bdmt/mnth Eucalyptus Pulp/Paper Chips
10/15/23 Ports Quanzhou or Zhangzhou, China
Large Qty Wood Chips
9/20/23Port Mangalore, India
cntrs Pine Wood Chips Pulp/Paper
2/02/23Port Longkou, China
25 t/ls Hardwood Bark
1000mt/month Wood Chips
6/01/22Sri Lanka
cntrs Eucalyptus Wood Chips
4/20/22Mumbai Port,India
2000MT Softwood Pulp
3/23/22FOB Supplier
Monthly Shipments Pine Pulp & Paper Grade Woodchips
11/09/21Port Rizhao, China
30,000-50,000 bdmt Monthly Pine Wood Chips Pulp Grade
11/02/21FOB Supplier
35,000 bdmt Monthly Pine & Eucalyptus Wood Chips Pulp & Paper Grade
11/02/21FOB Shippers Port
35,000 bdmt Monthly Pine Wood Chips Pulp & Paper Grade
10/22/21Port Taicang, China
Bulk Vessels Pine & Eucalyptus Paper/Pulp Grade Chips
8/09/21Qingdao or Xiamen China
30,000 bdmt Eucalyptus and/or Acacia Wood Chips Pulp/Paper Grade
7/21/21Port Weifang, China
34,000 BDMT Monthly Hardwood Chips for MDF Production
7/12/21FOB Supplier
20,000 bdft Monthly Pine Wood Chips Pulp Grade
5/18/21Base Turkey Port
Full Vessel Monthly Wood Chips standard Paper Specifications
4/19/21Port Rizhao, China
6,500 tons Hardwood or Hard & Softwood Mix Sawdust for Boiler System
4/12/21Virginia USA
T/Ls Ground Wood Chips No Pallets, Bark, Leaves or Twigs 1.5" Minus
3/24/21FOB Supplier
30,000 BDMT Monthly Eucalyptus Wood Chips Pulp/Paper/Board Grade
3/08/21Maanshan port, Anhui Province, China
Bulk Vessels Pine Woodchips Pulp, Paper & MDF Grade
1/13/21CIF Zhangzhou Port, China
Bulk Vessel Monthly Any Species Wood Chips or Sawdust for Fuel
11/09/20FOB Supplier
T/Ls Wood Chips AD for Compost
1,000 MT Hickory, Mesquite Wood Chips Bio Fuel Grade
9/09/20CIF Hamburg Germany
Bulk Vessels Monthly Eucalyptus Pulp Grade Woodchips Standard Size & MC
9/04/20China Base Ports
10x40' Cntrs Pine Wood Chips
9/02/20Ports Ningbo & Shanghai, China
Cntrs Pine Sawdust or Wood Shavings for Livestock Bedding MC Max 12%
8/18/20Poet Kwangyang, Korea
30,000 bdmt Monthly Eucalyptus Woodchips Grandis Preferred MDF Grade
8/10/20To nearest Port
2,000 Lbs Hardwood Chips for Smoking Meat
7/07/20FOB Supplier
20,000-60,000 Tonnes Monthly Wood Chips for Fuel
6/25/20CIF Szczecin Gdinya
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