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cntrs Falcata Core MLH Blockboard Plywood
400shts BCX Plywood 23/32
8/22/23FOB Supplier
300shts Spruce or Fir Plywood 3/4"
6/30/22FOB Supplier
4-6pallets Baltic Birch Plywood
6/14/22Minneapolis, Mn.
cntrs Veneer Walnut, Cherry
6/14/22Jebel Ali
units Non-Russian Baltic Birch Ply
Truckload Form Plywood 3/4 x 4' x 8' C+/C+ OES
10/12/21FOB Supplier
1x20' Cntr Walnut Sliced Veneers 285-330 CM Long AA, A & AB
9/15/21CIF Gemlick Port, Turkey
580 pcs CDX Plywood 1/2'' & 5/8''
8/26/21FOB Supplier
2 units Baltic Birch Plywood 15 or 18mm 5'x5'
6/01/21FOB Supplier
1 to 2 T/Ls 5/8 Inch 4 x 8 CDX Ply
4/06/21FOB Supplier
3+ Units Baltic Birch Plywood 3mm & 6mm B/BB
3/15/21Kissimmee, FL
500 pcs Any Species Plywood VC 18mm G1S
11/24/20FOB Supplier
T/Ls Monthly T1-11 Siding 4" 7 8" On Center 5/8" x 4'x8'
10/22/20FOB Supplier
Maple Finished Plywood Premium Grade
9/10/20Base Port Peru
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