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15 Open RFQs
3,000 sqft White Oak Flooring Unfinished Sel or #1Com
6/24/21FOB Supplier
950 sqft White Oak Engineered Unfinished Flooring Live Sawn 9'' Face
6/15/21FOB Supplier
5,000 sqft Birch Flooring Finished or Unfinished 3-1/4 Inches or Wider T&G FAS
3/18/21Woodinville, WA
2,400 sqft Red Oak Flooring unfinished 4 to 5 Inches Wide Clear No Knots
3/17/21FOB Supplier
2,000 sqft Hardwood Flooring Prefinished T&G 3-5 Inches WIde
2/25/21Darien, IL
T/L Red Oak Flooring 2.25 - 5 Inches Select to #3
2/01/21FOB Supplier
450 sqft White Oak Unfinished Flooring T&G 5 inch or 6inch #1Com or Better
1/12/21FOB Supplier
1350 sqft Red Oak Unfinished Flooring 8 Inch Face Character Grade
1/04/21FOB Supplier
500 Sqft or More Any Species End Grain Blocks 3x3 to 6x6
8/25/20FOB Supplier
665 sqft Heartpine Flooring New Growth T&G 5.25" Wide Sel
6/08/20FOB Supplierr
3330 sqft Reclaimed Heartpine Unfinished Flooring T&G EM 4" to 10" CVG
4/21/20FOB Supplier
4,500 sqft Rift White Oak Unfinished Flooring Square Edge 5" Sel/Btr
3/02/20FOB Supplier
Cntrs Red or White Oak Unfinished Flooring Sq Edge T&G EM 1/2"x2" Select
2/19/20FOB Supplier
2,000 sqft Reclaimed Chestnut Engineered Flooring Unfinished Any Dimensions
2/05/20FOB Supplier
3,600 sqft Antique Wormy Chestnut Unfinished Flooring T&G 5" Square Edge
1/29/20FOB Supplier
5 Open OTS
Clearance 390' Reclaimed Chestnut Flooring $2.99
Character Ash Flooring $4.75
Hard Maple Flooring to Order
Character Grade Steamed Walnut Flooring
Character Grade Unsteamed Marble Walnut Flooring

Please Note that all OTS expire automatically after 30 days.