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15 Open RFQs
3,000 sqft White Oak Flooring Unfinished Sel or #1Com
6/24/21FOB Supplier
950 sqft White Oak Engineered Unfinished Flooring Live Sawn 9'' Face
6/15/21FOB Supplier
5,000 sqft Birch Flooring Finished or Unfinished 3-1/4 Inches or Wider T&G FAS
3/18/21Woodinville, WA
2,400 sqft Red Oak Flooring unfinished 4 to 5 Inches Wide Clear No Knots
3/17/21FOB Supplier
2,000 sqft Hardwood Flooring Prefinished T&G 3-5 Inches WIde
2/25/21Darien, IL
T/L Red Oak Flooring 2.25 - 5 Inches Select to #3
2/01/21FOB Supplier
450 sqft White Oak Unfinished Flooring T&G 5 inch or 6inch #1Com or Better
1/12/21FOB Supplier
1350 sqft Red Oak Unfinished Flooring 8 Inch Face Character Grade
1/04/21FOB Supplier
500 Sqft or More Any Species End Grain Blocks 3x3 to 6x6
8/25/20FOB Supplier
665 sqft Heartpine Flooring New Growth T&G 5.25" Wide Sel
6/08/20FOB Supplierr
3330 sqft Reclaimed Heartpine Unfinished Flooring T&G EM 4" to 10" CVG
4/21/20FOB Supplier
4,500 sqft Rift White Oak Unfinished Flooring Square Edge 5" Sel/Btr
3/02/20FOB Supplier
Cntrs Red or White Oak Unfinished Flooring Sq Edge T&G EM 1/2"x2" Select
2/19/20FOB Supplier
2,000 sqft Reclaimed Chestnut Engineered Flooring Unfinished Any Dimensions
2/05/20FOB Supplier
3,600 sqft Antique Wormy Chestnut Unfinished Flooring T&G 5" Square Edge
1/29/20FOB Supplier
11 Open OTS
Clearance; 390' Reclaimed Chestnut Flooring $2.99
Reclaimed Pine T&G #2. $4.00/OBO
2300 sqft White Pine Reclaimed Flooring
Character Ash Flooring $4.75
Character Grade Steamed Walnut Flooring
7100' Reclaimed Old Face Oak Flooring $5.99
400lf of 5.5 in. Authentic Reclaimed Barn Wood Unf
8436lf of 4.5 in. Authentic Reclaimed Barn Wood Un
6336lf of 4.5 in. Authentic Reclaimed Barn Wood Un
Hard Maple Flooring to Order
Character Grade Unsteamed Marble Walnut Flooring

Please Note that all OTS expire automatically after 30 days.