Hardwood Lumber
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41 Open RFQs
Cntr Steamed Walnut Lumber KD Rough 4/4 FAS1F/Btr
12/09/19FOB Supplier
4x40' Cntrs Red Oak Lumber Roughsawn 7/8" Preferred 4/4 OK FAS1F/Btr and/or #1Com
12/09/19FOB Supplier
1,000 bdft Figured Big Leaf Maple Slabs Flitch Cut KD 8/4
12/09/19FOB Supplier
Cntr Steamed Walnut Lumber KD Rough 4./4 Ripped or Pulled for Width FAS1F
12/04/19FOB Supplier
4x40' Cntrs Monthly Red Oak Lumber KD Rough 4/4 FAS1F/Btr
12/03/19Rail Head or Port Preferred
2 T/Ls Hickory Lumber KD 4/4 Rough or Surfaced 15/16" #2 or #1Com
12/03/19FOB Supplier
1,500 pcs per Shipment Eucalyptus Lumber Green Rough 5" Thick Any Grade
11/27/19CIF Port Colombo, Sri Lanka
Cntr Red Leaf Soft Maple Lumber KD rough 4/4 #2A Com Sap/Btr
11/25/19FOB Supplier
Cntr Ash Lumber Swamp Ash Preferred KD Rough 8/4 FAS1F & #1Com
11/25/19FOB Supplier
1,500 bdft Walnut Lumber KD Rough 5/4 FAS
11/22/19FOB Supplier
10,000 bdft Any Maple Lumber Soft or Hard White or Natural KD S2S 4/4 Sel
11/21/19FOB Supplier
Cntr Walnut Lumber KD Rough 4/4 FAS1F/Btr
11/18/19FOB Supplier
T/Ls Beech Lumber Green 7/4 #1Com/Btr
11/18/19FOB Supplier
T/L Walnut Lumber KD Rough 4/4 FAS Oak Rules
11/14/19FOB Supplier
Cntr Ash Lumber Strips KD Rough 1" FAS
11/14/19FOB Supplier
10,000 bdft Flat Sawn White Oak Lumber KD 6-8% 4/4 FAS
11/13/19FOB Supplier
T/L or More Rift & Quartered White Oak Lumber Shorts KD Rough 4/4 or Blocks 30-48"
11/13/19FOB Supplier
20,000 bdft White Oak Lumber KD Rough 4/4 Sel/Btr
11/12/19FOB Supplier
50,000 bdft White Oak Lumber KD Rough 5/4 FAS
11/07/19FOB Supplier
Cntr Monthly Red Elm Lumber KD Rough 4/4 FAS1F/Btr
11/04/19FOB Supplier
T/L Poplar Lumber KD Rough 4/4 Sel/Btr
10/29/19FOB Supplier
350 bdft White Oak Lumber KD Rogh 10/4 - 12/4 FAS1F/Btr
10/29/19FOB Supplier
350 bdft Black Walnut Lumber KD Rough 10/4-12/4 FAS1F/Btr
10/29/19FOB Supplier
2,000-3,000 bdft VG Elm Lumber KD Rough or S2S 4/4 Clear
10/22/19FOB Supplier
2,000 bdft or More Ambrosia Maple Lumber Green/AD/KD Rough 4/4 & 8/4
10/21/19FOB Supplier
LTL Rift/Quartered White Oak Lumber KD S4S 5/8, 3/4 & 1-5/8" Thick FAS
10/21/19FOB Supplier
Full Loads Banak Lumber KD Rough 4/4 Sel/Btr
10/15/19To nearest Port
~500 bdft Monthly Assorted Species Lumber Slabs KD Rough or S2S 8/4, 12/4 No Serious Knots or Holes
10/15/19FOB Supplier
Cntrs Walnut Lumber KD Rough 4/4 #2Com
10/14/19FOB Supplier
LTL or FTL Yellowheart Lumber KD 4/4, 8/4, and/or 12/4 Sel/Btr
10/04/19FOB Supplier
Cntr Teak Lumber KD Rough VG 8/4 to 16/4
10/01/19FOB Supplier
3-5 Cntrs Monthlly White Ash Lumber KD Rough 8/4 x 5" & 6" Only FAS1F
10/01/19To nearest Port
1x40' Cntr Guatambu Lumber KD Rough 38 & 50mm Best Grade AVaiable Will Consider Logs
9/30/19Port Antwerp, Belgium
LTL White Oak Lumber & Beams KD Rough 1" to 4" #1Com
9/26/19North Charleston SC
250 bdft Walnut Lumber KD Rough 4/4 & 8/4 #2Com
9/24/19Hobe Sound, FL
5 T/Ls Monthly Red Oak Lumber KD Rough 5/4 FAS1F/Btr
9/16/19FOB Supplier
1x40' Cntr White Oak Lumber KD Rough 8/4 FAS1F
9/12/19To nearest USA Port
T/Ls Red Leaf Soft Maple Lumber Green 4/4 #2Com/Btr
8/14/19FOB Supplier
Cntrs Steamed Walnut Lumber KD Rough 8/4 FAS1F/Btr, #1 & #2Com
8/02/19FOB Supplier
500 bdft Wormy Chestnut 4/4 Lumber
8/01/19FOB Supplier
54 White Oak Timbers Some Wane OK Green Rough 6.5 to 10" #2Com
8/01/19FOB Supplier
40 Open OTS
4/4 Width Sorted S/B, Fas1F Rift WO KD Lumber
WO Moulder Blanks Defected S/B Qtr & Rift x8-12ft
4/4 Fas 1F Qtr WO KD Rough Lumber Width Sorted
4/4 1C Walnut KD Rough Lumber RL
4/4 2C Walnut KD Rough Lumber RL
Wide Black Cherry Slabs
4/4 Northern White Ash #1Com KD Unselected/Color
Quarter Sawn White Oak
Live Edge Guanacaste Slabs
12/06/19Central America - Guatemala
Fresh Cut Ash Blocks 4.5"x5.5"x48"
8/4 2A Unselected Soft Maple KD
4/4 KD Walnut Cutoffs
4/4 Walnut
10/4 Cherry KD Clear Grade 1500 bf
10/4 Hard Maple Lumber KD
Walnut Dimensional Lumber #2 Com
5/4 Northern Red leaf Soft Maple #1Com KD 15,000'
Ambrosia Sycamore Slabs 8/4
Ambrosia Maple Slabs 10/4
Rainbow Poplar 6/4, 8/4, 12-20 in W AD 1000+ bf
Paulownia 4/4, 16/4 Wide 200 bf Green Prime
4 x 4 x 10' Walnut 120 pcs
4/4 Resawn White Oak RW 4-12"+ x RL 6-16’
Black Walnut Any Thickness, Grade, Dimension
5767 bf 4/4 WO Freshly Milled 8', 10', 12' $1bdft
4/4 Yellow Birch ssel/Btr KD S2S Natural 6-10'
5/4 Soft Maple #1Com KD Selected for Color 15000'
Walnut 8/4 Some Live Edge
Live Edge Slabs KD Red Oak Boule
Exotic African Live Edge Lumber
6/4 Poplar KD FAS,#1Com, #2Com
4/4 Poplar KD FAS, #1Com, #2Com
5/4 FASQuarter/Rift Sawn Red Oak 7-8"x12-16' $2.60
4/4 Select Hard Maple Rough Lumber
4/4 Select Ash Rough Lumber
4/4 Yellow Birch #2Com KD Unsel 4'/Longer 15000bdf
4/4 Yellow Birch Sel/Btr KD S2S Sapstain 8-10'
4/4 Red Leaf Soft Maple #2Com KD Unsel 14000bdft
4/4 Hard Maple Sel/Btr KD Brown 8-12' 13000 bdft
Black Walnut 4/4,5/4

Please Note that all OTS expire automatically after 30 days.