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13 Open RFQs
144 bdft quartersawn White Oak Lumber KD S4S 8/4x8" Clear
8/21/19West Babylon, NY
I pc Hickory Lumber AD or KD Rough 8x8x72" Clear
7/29/19Aberdeen, NC
150-200 bdft Rift White Oak Lumber 5/4 x 5" & Wider KD Rough Sel/Btr
7/25/19FOB Supplier
45 bdft Douglas Fir Lumber Vertical Grain KD Rough Clear
5/27/19Chattanooga , TN
$200 of North American Hardwood Live Edge Slab(s) with Bark KD S2S H&M 6/4 to 8/4
4/08/19Rockford, IL
40 bdft Red Oak Lumber KD Rough 8/4 & 12/4 FAS
4/01/19Rio Communiities, NM
2 Cherry Slabs KD Rough or S2S 3" Minimal Checks of Voids
3/20/19Salisbury, MD
200 bdft White Oak Lumber Green Rough 4/4 Sel/Btr
3/15/19Cambridge, ON
200 bdft Walnut Lumber Green Rough 4/4 Sel/Btr
3/06/19Cambridge, ON
200 bdft White Pine Lumber KD Rough 4/4 or 8/4
2/27/19Cambridge, ON
200 bdft Red Oak Lumber Green Rough 4/4 Sel/Btr
2/26/19Cambridge, ON
85-95 bdft Quartersawn White Oak Lumber KD S4S Nominal 1x8 Select or Clear
2/04/19Raleigh, NC
40 bdft Quartersawn Wenge Lumber KD Rough 8/4 FAS or Clear
2/01/19Westfield, IN
14 Open OTS
Walnut Dimensional Lumber #2 Com
Red Logwood Burl
8/22/19Central America - Guatemala
Exquisite top quality large Black Walnut Slabs.
8/4 Curly Soft Maple
2000 4/4 Flame Birch
5/4 White Birch
Curley Maple
Persimmon Cut to Order Cants or Lumber
AD or Green 3/4 or 4/4 Eastern Red Cedar
Wide Black Cherry Slabs
1312 pcs Sanded Balsa SheetT 30 x 2 3/4 x 1/16
Softwood Pine cut to Order
Live Edge Slabs KD S4S
4/4 KD Curly Maple 1200bf

Please Note that all OTS expire automatically after 30 days.