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282 Open RFQs
cntrs White Oak Saw Logs
9/19/23FOB Supplier
1cntr Walnut Veneer Logs
9/11/23FOB Supplier
cntrs Hickory Sawlogs
9/11/23St. Joseph
10x40'cntrs Red Oak Logs
9/01/23FOB Supplier
cntrs Sawlogs Spruce, Pine, Fir 8"
8/16/23Jebel Ali Port, Dubai, UAE
cntrs Hemlock & DF Saw Logs 10"+
8/08/23Port Shanghai
3x40'cntrs/month White Oak Veneer Logs
6/15/23FOB Supplier
cntrs Ash Saw Logs 2-4SC
6/08/23Any Chinese Main Port
75cntrs/month Poplar Logs
5/11/23FOB Supplier
t/l Red Cedar Logs
5/03/23FOB Supplier
cntr Red Oak Sawlogs
5/03/23To nearest Port
cntrs Tropical Logs or Squares
4/26/23Port Osaka, Japan
4cntrs Walnut Logs C1S
4/20/23FOB Supplier
cntrs White Oak Veneer Logs
4/18/23FOB Supplier
t/l Sawlogs 20"+ Various Species
cntrs Red Oak Veneer Logs 14"+
4/07/23FOB Supplier
cntrs Aromatic Red Cedar Logs or Squares
4/05/23FOB Supplier
t/ls Ash Logs Saw Grade 12"
4/05/23FOB Supplier
cntrs Pine Construction Logs
3/14/23To nearest Port Loaded and Fumigated
cntrs Red & White Oak Veneer Logs
3/13/23FOB Supplier
6000cbm/month Eucalyptus Logs
cntrs Any Pine Saw Logs 6"+
3/06/23Ports Jebel Ali & Sohar
cntrs SYP Logs 16"+
3/06/23To nearest Port
cntrs Pine Saw Logs
3/02/23Port Qingdao, China
50x40'cntrs Red Oak Saw Logs
3/01/23FOB Supplier
100x40'cntrs Pine Saw Logs
2/23/23Port Yueyang, China
2 t/ls Lodgepole, Fir or Ponderosa Pine Logs
1x40'cntr Sapele Logs
2/03/23Port Mundra, India
cntrs Poplar Logs 10-28"
2/03/23Port Livorno, Italy
up to t/l Tabletop Walnut Logs 30-35"
2 loads Lodgepole Pine Logs 4-7
t/ls Lodgepole Pine Logs
cntrs Mixed Species Veneer Logs
1/24/23FOB Supplier
cntrs Walnut & White Oak Veneer Logs
1/24/23FOB Supplier
1x40'cntr Western Red Cedar Logs
1/22/23FOB Supplier
cntrs Walnut Sawlogs 12"+
1/13/23FOB Supplier
1 trial cntr Red Oak Veneer Logs
1/12/23FOB Supplier
2x40'cntrs Walnut Veneer Logs 14"
1/11/23FOB Supplier
3 cntrs ASAP Walnut Logs
1/05/23FOB Supplier
2cntrs Hard Maple Logs
1/04/23FOB Supplier
cntrs Douglas Fir and Hemlock Logs 8"+
1/02/23Port Qingdao, China
cntr Eastern Aromatic Cedar Logs 12"+
1/02/23Incheon, South Korea
2cntrs ASAP Walnut Veneer Logs
12/24/22FOB Supplier
cntrs Red Oak Logs
12/23/22FOB Supplier
cntrs Radiata Pine Logs
12/20/22Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
cntrs Aromatic Red Cedar Logs 10"
12/14/22FOB Supplier
t/l Hemlock Logs
1cntr/mnth Curly or Birdseye Hard Maple Logs
12/09/22FOB Supplier
2x40'cntrs Red Oak Veneer Logs 3sc
12/02/22FOB Supplier
2x40'cntrs White Oak Veneer Logs 14"+ 3SC
11/29/22FOB Supplier
1-2x40'cntrs Red Oak Veneer Logs for Export
11/29/22Price at Port of Surabaya, Indonesia
5x40'cntrs SYP Logs for Chipping
11/19/22To nearest Port
5x40'cntrs White Oak Veneer Logs
11/08/22FOB Supplier
10x40cntrs White Pine Logs
11/07/22To nearest Port
t/l Spruce or White Pine Logs
25x40'cntrs Ash Sawlogs
11/03/22FOB Supplier
1x40'cntr Walnut Burls
10/31/22FOB Supplier
10x40'ctnrs SYP Logs 30+mm
10/24/22Tuticorine port, India
cntrs Eucalyptus Sawlogs
10/11/22Port Kaohsiung, Taiwan
cntrs Eucalyptus Pulp Logs
10/11/22FOB Supplier
cntrs Scots Pine Logs
9/11/22Port qingdao, China
350pcs Eucalyptus Poles or Logs
9/05/22Base Ports Spain
150x40'cntrs Red/White Oak Logs
9/05/22FOB Supplier
10x40'cntrs Red Oak Veneer Logs C4S
8/30/22FOB Supplier
15x40'cntrs Red Oak Veneer Logs 3SC
8/30/22FOB Supplier
cntr Apitong (or Similar) Logs or Squares
8/24/22Base Port Saudi Arabia
cntrs Hard Maple Saw Logs
8/19/22FOB Supplier
cntrs Figured Maple Logs 2SC+
8/19/22CIF Dailian Port China
cntr Aromatic Red Cedar Logs
8/11/22FOB Supplier
2-3 cntrs Red Oak Veneer Logs
8/09/22FOB Supplier
cntr American Black Walnut Saw Logs 15"+
8/03/22Incheon, South Korea
4SC Red Oak & Poplar Logs
8/03/22Kettlersville, OH 45336
35,000m3/mo Radiata Pine Logs 20cm+
8/02/22Poert qingdao, China
5000m3/mo Larch Logs 20CM + and 25CM +
8/02/22Poert Qingdao, China
1000m3/month Spruce Logs 16cm"+
8/02/22Port Qingdao, China
cntr 10"+ Aromatic Cedar Logs, Select
8/02/22South Korea
30cntrs/month each Walnut Logs Clear 1,2,3 Sides
7/25/22FOB Supplier
One Fresh Cut White Oak Log 36"
7/25/22FOB Supplier
cntrs 13"+ Red Elm Veneer Logs
7/21/22FOB Supplier
cntrs 10'"+ Aromatic Red Cedar Logs
7/20/22FOB Supplier
1000MT/month 8"+ Pine Saw Logs
7/14/22Port Mundra, India
2x40'cntrs White Oak Veneer Logs
7/06/22FOB Supplier
60pc Western Red Cedar Logs
6/29/22Winchester, WI
20x40cntrs Hickoyr Saw Logs
6/20/22FOB Supplier
35,000MT Acacia Logs
5/27/22Port Mundra, India
35,000MT Eucalyptus Logs
5/27/22Port Mundra, India
cntrs Red Oak Sawlogs
5/26/22FOB Supplier
20-30cntrs/month Fumigated Walnut Logs
5/26/22FOB Supplier
cntrs Ash Sawlogs
5/26/22FOB Supplier
500m3 Birch Saw Log
5/24/22Base Ports U.K.
cntr Aromatic Red Cedar Logs
5/23/22FOB container yard, rail, or port
3cntrs White Oak Veneer Logs Clear 4 Sides
5/20/22FOB Yard, Rail, or Port in container
cntr Walnut Logs Clear 2 Sides
5/17/22FOB Supplier
40,000mt/month Eucalyptus & Acacia Pulp Logs
5/16/22Port Hazira Adani, India
40,000mt Eucalyptus Logs 40-60cm
5/16/22Port Hazira Adani, India
t/ls Basswood Veneer Logs
5/13/22FOB Supplier
t/ls Hard Maple Veneer Logs
5/13/22FOB Supplier
400sqft Unfinished Red Oak or Hickory Flooring 4-5
5/06/22La Canada, CA
50cntrs/month Walnut Saw Logs
5/05/22FOB Supplier
50cntrs/month Cherry Saw Logs
5/05/22FOB Supplier
50cntrs/month Ash Saw Logs
5/05/22FOB Supplier
35,000MT Eucalpytus and Acacia Logs
5/04/22CFR Hazira Adani, India
20cntrs/month Walnut Logs
4/29/22FOB Supplier
30cntrs Pine Logs
4/25/22Port Mundra, India
25cntrs/month Hickory Logs
4/22/22FOB Supplier
5x40'cntrs/month White Oak Veneer Logs
4/20/22FOB Supplier
10cntrs/month Ash Sawlogs 12"+
4/20/22FOB Supplier
35,000m3/mnth Eucalyptus Logs
4/20/22Mumbai Port, India
100tons ERC Sawlogs
cntrs Teak Logs 100cm+
4/18/22Port Mundra, India
cntrs Birch Logs 45cm+
4/18/22Haiphong Port, Vietnam
cntrs Spruce Sawlogs Bark On
4/07/22CIF Main China ports
cntr Western Red Cedar Veneer Logs
4/07/22FOB Supplier
500m3 Cypress Logs
4/05/22Ports Shanghai and Chongquing, China
cntrs Red Elm Veneer Logs
4/04/22FOB Supplier
15cntrs Walnut Veneer Logs
3/29/22FOB Supplier
200cbm Pine Sawlogs 4.9m
3/16/22Kandla Port, India
700 Linft Logs Hardwood or Softwood 6-8'' x 18' & 24'
2/25/22Fountain, CO
50,000 M3 Monthly Pine Sawlogs 18cm+
2/22/22CFR Port Taicang, China
5x40' Cntrs Teak Logs Round or Square
2/18/22Ports Mundra & Nhava Sheva, India
30,000 feet Monthly Red Oak Sawlogs 12''+
2/11/22FOB Supplier
One Large Log for Carving Any Species 1M Diameter x 7M Long
2/10/22FOB Supplier
!250M3 Douglas Fir Logs 40cm & Up A Grade
2/04/22Port Jebel Ali Dubai UAE
One or Two Hardwood Logs Green 16''+ Any Length
2/03/22Laramie, WY
Cntrs Monthly Red Oak Sawlogs Flooring Grade 12'' & Larger x 6' & Longer 0SC to 3SC
2/03/22FOB Supplier
Cntrs EWP Sawlogg 7'' & Up
2/01/22FOB North American Port or CIF Port Karachi
Cntrs SYP Sawlogs 7''-12''
1/31/22Port Karachi or FOB Port
Cntrs White Oak Logs 30cm+ A,B,C Grade
1/25/22Muuga Port, Estonia
Cntrs Aromatic Red Cedar Cants 4x4 or Larger to China
1/24/22FOB Supplier
1x40' Cntr Yew Logs Any Size or Grade
1/11/22Busan, South Korea
Cntrs Monthly Walnut Sawlogs Debarked or Fumigated 2SC & 3SC
1/07/22FOB Supplier
T/L Hard Maple Sawlogs
1/07/22FOB Supplier
Cntrs Western REd Cedar Logs 20'' & Larger Preferred
1/05/22Port Keelung Taiwan
Cntrs Monthly Ash Sawlogs 2SC & 3SC
1/05/22FOB Supplier
Multiple Containers Monthly Ash Sawlogs 12'' & Up 2SC to 4SC
12/28/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs European White Oak Sawlogs 14"+ A/B/C Grades
12/27/21PORT Dalian, China
Cntrs Cocobolo, Rosewood and Similar Species Logs Square or Round
12/15/21Port Ningbo, China
Cntrs White Oak Sawlogs 12''& Up Low Grade 0SC to 2SC
12/10/21FOB Supplier
Full Vessels Spruce Logs 20CM & Up
12/07/21FOB Supplier or Nearest Port
35,000M3 Monthly Pine Sawlogs 20CM & Up
12/07/21To nearest Port
Cntrs Walnut Sawlogs 10'' & Up
12/02/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs Ash Sawlogs 12'' & Larger 2SC/Btr
12/02/21FOB Supplier
Bulk Vessels Eucalyptus Sawlogs 20cm+
11/29/21CIF Shandong Lanshan Port, China
Cntrs Pine Sawlogs 40cm & Up 2SC/Btr
11/29/21Port Qasim. Karachi, Pakistan
Trial Container Cocobolo Logs Round or Square Best Available
11/15/21Port Rotterdam, Holland
Cntrs Walnut Sawlogs 12'' or Larger 2SC & 3SC
11/02/21FOB Supplier
Pine Logs 30CM & Up
10/25/21Port Mundra, India
1,000 M3 Spruce Logs from Germany 20cm & Up ABC Grade
10/25/21Port Mundra, India
300-400 Locust Poles Bark 5''-8'' x 10' On
10/11/21Carlisle, PA
1x20' Cntr Birch Logs to Turkey 20cm+ A/B/C
10/07/21CIF Port Mersin. Turkey
Cntrs White Oak Saw & Veneer Logs 12'' & Up 2SC to 4SC
10/06/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs Hickory Logs 12'' & Up 2SC to 4SC
10/05/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs Walnut Logs 12'' & Larger, 18'' & Larger 2SC
9/27/21FOB Supplier
10x40'cntrs Walnut Sawlogs
9/23/21FOB container yard, rail, or port
10x40'cntrs White Oak Sawlogs
9/23/21FOB container yard, rail, or port
10x40'cntrs Red Oak Saw Logs
9/23/21FOB container yard, rail, or port
10x40'ctnrs Hickory Saw Logs 14"
9/23/21FOB container yard, rail, or port
1000bf Red Oak Veneer Logs 3SC,4SC
9/21/21FOB Supplier
1cntr Eastern Aromatic Red Cedar Logs 10"
9/17/21CIF Busan, South Korea
Cntrs Wal;nut Sawlogs 2SC & 3SC
9/07/21FOB Supplier
1000-3000M3 Ipe Logs 49CM & Up
9/07/21Port Chittagong, Bangladesh
Cntrs Ash Sawlogs 12'' & Up 2SC - 4SC
8/26/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs SYP Sawlogs 12'' & Up Clear, Prime, #1, 2 & 3
8/24/21To Nearest Port
Up to 10 Cntrs Monthly Fir Logs 12''+ x 10'+
8/02/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs Hemlock Logs 12
7/29/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs SYP Logs 16'' & Up 2SC/Btr
7/28/21FOB Supplier
Up to 30 Cntrs Monthly White Pine Logs Bark On or Off 12''+ 2,3,4SC
7/27/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs Monthly Aromatic Red CEdar Logs & Cants Sound Grade
7/26/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs Aromatic Red Cedar Logs & Squares Sound Grade
7/09/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs Walnut Sawlogs 12" & Up 2SC & 3SC
7/07/21FOB Supplier
100M3 Monthly Azobe Logs 280cm Circumference or More
7/06/21CIF Port Chittagong, Bangladesh
Walnut Sawlogs 12'' & Up 2SC/Btr
6/30/21FOB Yard, Rail, or Port
T/Ls Monthly Hickory Raw Logs to Mixico
6/23/21Port of Progresso/Yucatan, Mexico
Cntrs Pine Sawlogs Any Subspecies 20cm & Up
6/22/21Port Qingdao, China
10,000-20,000M3 Monthly Spruce Logs 20cm & Up
6/21/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs Red Oak Logs 35cm+ABCD
6/17/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs American Walnut Logs 35cm & Up ABCD
6/16/21Dalian, China
Cntrs White Oak Logs 35cm/Larger ABCD
6/15/21Dalian, China
Cntrs Northern Hickory Logs 12'' & Up
6/14/21FOB Supplier
4 Cntrs Monthly White Oak Veneer Logs Debarked or Fumigated 14''-19'' and 20'' & Up 3SC & 4SC
6/08/21FOB Supplier
150x40' Cntrs Pine Sawlogs 8''/Larger Tops Debarked or Fumigate
5/18/21Port Qingdao, China
10 cntrs Eucalyptus Sawlogs 12''/Larger
5/05/21Port Qingdao, China
Cntrs Monthly White Oak Sawlogs 13''/Larger Fumigated or Debarked
4/28/21FOB yard, rail or port in container
20x40' Cntrs SYP Logs 8 Inches & Up clear as Possible
4/06/21To nearest Port
T/L Cypress Logs 10 Inch Tops Tree Length
3/30/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs Hickory Sawlogs 13"/Larger 3SC & 4SC
3/22/21FOB Supplier
2x40 Cntrs Tupelo Veneer Logs 13 IOnches & Up 4SC
3/22/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs Hard Maple Logs 12 Inches & Larger 1SC to 4SC No Color Requirements
3/16/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs Red Oak Sawlogs 20 Inches or More 2SC/Btr
3/16/21FOB Supplier
Spruce Sawlogs 20cm or larger
3/11/21CIF Port Qingdao, China
2x40' Cntrs Birch Peeling Logs No Knots
3/11/21CIF Port Mundra, India
Cntrs Radiata Pine Sawlogs 20cm & Up
3/11/21CIF Port Qingdao, China
10 Cntrs Eucalyptus Sawlogs 20CM & Larger
3/09/21Port Qingdao, China
Regular Cntrs Walnut Logs2SC/Btr
3/08/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs Ash Logs 13 Inches & Up 2SC/Btr
3/05/21FOB Supplier
25 Cntrs Red Oak Saw & Veneer Logs Fumigated or Debarked 13" & Up Preferred
3/04/21FOB Supplier
Red Elm Veneer Logs 13 Inches & Up 3SC & 4SC
3/01/21FOB Supplier
FTL Pine House Logs Fresh Cut
3/01/21FOB Supplier
3 or 4 x 20' Cntrs Teak Round or Square Logs
2/26/21Various India Ports
Any Quantity Black Locust Sawlogs Any Size
2/25/21FOB Supplier
20x40' Cntrs Pine Sawlogs 15CM +
2/17/21CIF Port Sohar, Oman
T/Ls Cypress Sawlogs Debarked Construction or #2 Grade
2/16/21FOB Supplier
T/L SYP Sawlogs Debarked Construction / #2 Grade
2/11/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs White Oak Logs Fumigated FSC 14 Inches & Up 3SC & 4SC
2/10/21FOB Supplier
1x40' Cntr Ash Veneer Logs 14 Inches & Up 4SC
2/05/21FOB Supplier
Cntr Chestnut White Oak Veneer Logs 18 Inches or Larger 4SC
2/03/21FOB Supplier
Cntr Poplar Logs 18 Inches & Up 4SC Preferred
2/02/21FOB Supplier
5x40' Cntrs White Oak Logs Veneer Grade 18 Inches/Larger 3SC/Btr
2/02/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs Red Oak Veneer Logs 21 Inches & Up 3SC & 4SC
2/02/21FOB Yard, Rail or Port
5x40' Cntrs Pine Saw & Veneer Logs US Origin 16" & Larger
1/27/21To nearest Port
Spruce Saw, Veneer & Pulp Logs
1/25/21C&F Ports Qingdao and Taichung
Cntrs Elliotis and Taeda Pine Sawlogs 15-26cm+
1/20/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs Walnut Sawlogs 1SC to 3SC Straight and Sound
1/20/21FOB Supplier
2 to 5 T/Ls Monthly N American Hardwood Logs #1 or #2 20 Inches + diameter
1/19/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs SYP Saw & Veneer Logs 20cm & Up
1/15/21C&F China Ports
Cntrs Any Pine Pulp Logs 8cm & Up
1/14/21C&F Port Qingdao, China
One Cedar Butt Log 40 Inches x 12'
1/13/21Biloxi, MS
T/L Basswood Sawlogs 10 Inches & Up 2SC & 3SC
1/11/21FOB Supplier
Up to FTL Softwood Sawlogs 10 inch to 36 inch Butts Grade AA
1/08/21FOB Supplier
Cntrs White Oak Logs 10 inches & Up Any Grade
12/31/20FOB Supplier
Cntrs Walnut Sawlogs 10 Inches & Larger 0SC to 3SC
12/30/20FOB Supplier
Cntrs White Oak Logs 12 In & Up, 13 In & Up 2SC & 3Sc
12/30/20FOB Supplier
50-55 Spruce or Hemlock House Logs 12-14" Butts x 45' Debarked
12/29/20Kasilof Alaska
Cntrs Walnut Logs Dead or Struck by Lightning
12/22/20CIF or CFR Inchon or Busan S Korea
T/L Walnut Sawlogs 8" & Up 1SC & Better
12/10/20FOB Supplier
T/Ls Red Elm Veneer Logs 14
12/10/20FOB Supplier
Cntrs Pine Sawlogs 20cm & Up
12/10/20CIF Qingdao, China
Cntrs Walnut Logs 10 Inches & Up 1SC to 3SC
12/07/20FOB Rail or Port in Cntr
Cntrs Ash Logs 10 Inches & Up 2SC/Btr
12/04/20FOB Supplier
5,000M3 Radiata Pine Sawlogs 24cm & Up
12/02/20CIF Port Guangdong, China
Bulk Vessels Radiata Pine Sawlogs 22cm & Up x 3.9M
11/27/20Chinese Port
Cntrs Radiata Pine Sawlogs 24cm & Larger x 11.8M
11/25/20Port Guangdong, China
Cntrs SYP Sawlogs 12" & Up x 38.5'
11/20/20FOB FOB USA Port or log yard
5x40' Cntrs Pine Sawlogs 40 CM +
11/17/20Port HCMC, Vietnam
Cntrs Red Oak Logs 12" & Up
11/13/20FOB Supplier
Cntrs Birch Logs 25cm & Up Saw Grade
11/12/20Port Mundra, India
Multiple Cntrs Monthly Poplar Logs from Europe for India
11/11/20Port Tuticorin, India
Cntrs White Oak Logs 2SC to 4SC
11/11/20FOB Supplier
Cntrs Walnut Saw & Veneer Logs for Export
11/10/20FOB Supplier
Cntrs Pine Sawlogs 20cm & Up
11/09/20CIF Port Mundra, India
3x40' Cntrs Walnut Sawlogs 16" & Larger 2SC & 3SC
11/03/20FOB Supplier
Up to 250 Black Locust Logs 11" or Larger Tops x 12'-16'
11/02/20FOB Supplier
T/Ls Walnut Sawlogs 8 Inches & Larger x 6'/Longer
11/02/20FOB Supplier
13,000 bdft Douglas Fir Sawlogs 14.5 or 16" Tops
10/28/20FOB Supplier
Monthly Cntrs American Black Walnut Sawlogs 10" & Larger Fumigated or Debarked
10/23/20FOB Supplier
Cntrs Hard Maple Veneer Logs 13"/Larger 3SC & 4SC
10/22/20FOB Supplier
30,000 M3 Monthly Radiata Pine Sawlogs 8-30cm
10/20/20C&F China Ports
Cntrs Pine Sawlogs 25cm
10/19/20CIF Port Mudra, India
Cntrs any Species Tropical Logs Square or Round
10/09/20To nearest Port
5x20' Cntrs Teak Square Logs Any Size Clean
10/08/20CIF Port Mundra, India
Cntrs Birch Veneer Logs Class B
9/29/20FOB Supplier
T/Ls Cherry Firewood Logs 5
9/29/20FOB Supplier
Cntrs White Oak Veneer Logs Any size 4SC
9/25/20FOB Supplier
Cntrs Monthly Red Oak Logs 12
9/24/20FOB Supplier
2 Cntrs Red Oak Sawlogs 20" & Larger 2SC & Better
9/16/20FOB Supplier
3x40' Cntrs Swamp Ash Sawlogs 14" & Up 3SC & Btr
9/15/20FOB Supplier
3 Cntrs Monthly White Oak Veneer Logs 18" & Larger 4SC
9/14/20FOB Supplier
60 Cntrs Spruce Logs from Germany
9/08/20Nansha Port, China
4,000 bdft Doyle or more Walnut Sawlogs 12" & Larger 2SC
9/02/20FOB Supplier
T/Ls Monthly Walnut Veneer Logs 18"/Larger 4SC
9/01/20FOB Supplier
10 cntrs Pine & Spruce Saw & Pulp Logs 20 CM & Up
8/31/20CIF Ports Karachi & Mumbai
2,000 M3 Pine Logs 14 to 40cm A Grade for Plywood
8/24/20CIF Qingdao Port, China
5 Cntrs Walnut Sawlogs 12"/Larger 0SC to 1SC
8/17/20FOB Supplier
Cntrs Aromatic Red Cedar Logs 10" & Larger Sound Export Grade
8/12/20FOB Supplier
Cntrs Birch Logs 20cm+
8/11/20CIF Port Mundra, India
3-5 Cntrs Walnut Logs 10" & Larger 0SC & 1SC
8/10/20FOB Supplier
3 Cntrs Walnut Sawlogs12" & Larger
8/05/20FOB Supplier
5,000 M3 Monthly Spruce Logs 25CM & up
7/23/20CIF Qingdao China
Cntrs Walnut Veneer Logs 16"/Larger
7/22/20FOB Supplier
Cntrs Any Pine Logs 127mm/Larger
7/21/20FOB Supplier
5x40' Cntrs Monthly Red Oak Veneer Logs 16" & Up 3SC & 4SC
7/21/20FOB Supplier
Up to 20 Mixed Species Sawlogs 12" to 30" x 10'-20'
7/17/20FOB supplier
Cntrs Weekly White Oak Sawlogs 10"/Larger2SC/Btr
7/13/20FOB Supplier
1x40' Cntr aromatic Red Cedar Logs 10" & Up or 12" & Up
7/13/20CIF or CNF Incheon, South Korea
Cntr SYP Logs 8" to 12" x 39'
7/10/20To nearest Port
Cntrs SYP Logs 16" Tops 13'+ 3SC & 4SC
7/09/20To nearest Port
Cntrs Easter White Pine Logs16"+ x 12'+ A Grade
7/08/20To nearest Port
Cntrs Spruce Logs 25CM+
7/01/20CIF Port Qingdao, China
Cntrs Rd Oak Veneer Logs 14-19" Bark On 4SC
6/30/20FOB Supplier
Cntrs White Oak Veneer Logs 14-19" 4SC
6/26/20FOB Supplier
Cntrs Mixed Oak & Walnut Veneer Logs 14-19" 4SC
6/23/20FOB Supplier
25M3 Weekly Walnut Sawlogs 10"/Larger 1SC/Btr
6/22/20FOB Supplier
5 Open OTS
Eucalyptus and Pine ogs available
First quality beech logs
Jumbo Table Top Walnut Logs Available
Baldcypress Logs (Taxodium distichum)
Pine Logs Containers or complete vessels

Please Note that all OTS expire automatically after 30 days.