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38 Open RFQs
Cntrs Red Elm Veneer Logs 14"/Larger 3 & 4SC
2/13/19FOB Supplier
25x40' Cntrs Monthly Red Oak Veneer Logs 16" & Up 3SC & 4SC
2/11/19FOB Supplier
Cntrs Walnut Veneer Logs 14"/Larger and 16"/Larger 3SC & 4SC
2/11/19FOB Supplier
Cntr White Oak Veneer Logs 18"/Larger
2/11/19FOB Supplier
2x40' Cntrs Sweet Gum Veneer Logs 14" & Up 4SC
2/08/19FOB Supplier
Cntrs Ash Sawlogs No EAB No Heart Restrictions 12"/Larger 2SC to 4SC
2/01/19FOB Container Yard, Rail, or Por
1-2 T/Ls Black Locust Sawlogs 8"+ x 6'/Longer
1/22/19FOB Supplier
5x40' Cntrs Monthly Poplar Veneer Logs Bark On 18" & up 4SC
1/11/19FOB Supplier
20,000 bdft Monthly Spruce/Pine/Hemlock Sawlogs 10" & Up
1/04/19Western NY
2-3 x 40' Cntrs White Oak Veneer Logs 22"/Larger 4SC Grade A
1/03/19Incheon, Korea
1x40' Cntr Black Walnut Sawlogs 14" & up 2SC
1/03/19Incheon, Korea
8-10x40' Cntrs Aromatic Red Cedar Logs 10"/Up & 12"/Up
1/03/19CIF Busan & Incheon Korea
Bulk Vessels Pine Sawlogs Bark On Fumigated 20cm & Larger
1/02/19Port Shanghai
Cntrs Red Oak Logs Fumigated or Debarked 14"/Larger 3SC & 4SC
12/28/18FOB Supplier
Cntrs Hickory Logs Fumigated or Debarked 14"/Larger 3SC & 4SC
12/26/18FOB Supplier
T/Ls Balck Locust Logs Bark On or Off 6.5"-9.5" x 16'-20'
12/19/18FOB Supplier
10x40' Cntrs White Oak Veneer Logs 20" & Up 4SC
12/18/18FOB Supplier
5x40' Cntrs Ash Veneer Logs 16"/Larger 4SC or Best Available
12/18/18FOB Supplier
Regular Cntrs White Oak Saw & Veneer Logs12"-16" & 16"/Larger 2SC, 3SC, 4SC
12/12/18FOB Container Yard, Rail, or Port
1x40' Cntr Black Walnut Sawlogs 80cm & Up Grades A, B, C
12/11/18Osaka, Japan
Cntrs Monthly Red Oak Saw & Veneer Logs 12"-16" & 16"/Larger 2SC, 3SC, 4SC
12/10/18FOB Container Yard, Rail, or Port
Cntr Ash Veneer Logs 16" & Up No Beetles or Worms
12/10/18FOB Supplier
Cntrs Monthly Kosso Round or Square Logs 25-40CM #1 & #1
11/23/18FOB Supplier
10x40' Cntrs Monthly Hard Maple Sawlogs Bark Off or Fumigated 12" & Up 3SC & 4SC
11/21/18FOB Supplier
10 Cntrs Monthly Eastern White Pine Sawlogs 16" & Up 3SC/Btr
11/09/18To Nearest Port
2 Cntrs Red Oak Saw & Veneer Grade Logs 12"+ 3SC & 4SC
11/06/18To Nearest Port
10 Cntrs Monthly SYP Sawlogs 3SC & 4SC
11/02/18To Nearest Port
5 Cntrs Monthly White Ash Sawlogs 14"+ 3SC & 4SC
11/01/18To nearest Port
20 or More SYP Grade Logs 17"+ Tops
10/25/18FOB Supplier
5x40' Cntrs Monthly White or Burr Oak Veneer Logs 16"/Larger 3SC
10/24/18FOB Supplier
5 Cntrs Hickory Sawlogs Debarked or Fumigated 12"/Larger 2SC, 3SC, 4SC
10/15/18FOB Supplier
5x40' Cntrs Basswood Sawlogs 10"/Larger 2SC, 3SC, 4SC
10/10/18FOB Supplier
Cntrs Monthly SYP Logs 10"+ Bark On Good Quality
10/08/18FOB Supplier
200 Linft Silver Maple Sawlogs 36"+ No Rot
10/02/18FOB Supplier
200 Linft Oak Sawlogs 36"+ No Rot
10/02/18FOB Supplier
1,500 bdft Weekly Cherry & Birch Veneer Logs 13"+ 6" Max Heart
9/18/18Spooner, WI 54801
Cntrs Monthly Douglas Fir Sawlogs Fresh Cut 20cm
3/12/10Shanghai, China
320,000bdft Hickory Veneer Logs 12" 3SC
2/08/10CIF Shanghai
6 Open OTS
Eucalyptus Pulp Logs from Brazil
7,000 + bdft Walnut Logs 2sc to Veneer Grades
Elliotis Pine Sawlogs from Brazil
45,000 - 60,000 lbs Big Leaf Figured Logs
Black Walnut Logs 3SC
2 Sides Clear Walnut Logs

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