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32 Open RFQs
7 Logs Any Species for a Park Project 14"x8' or Larger
10/13/17Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca
Break Bulk Quantity Radiata Pine Logs Construction Grade Bark On Fumigated
Any Quantity Spruce & Fir Sawlogs for Construction Lumber 5" & Up x 12',14',16' Bark On or Off
10/05/17FOB Supplier
10-15 Larch/Tamarack Logs Large as Possible Bark or Not Max Character
9/29/17Cambridge, ON N3H4J9
Cntr Curly & Fiddleback Maple Logs Hard or Soft 12"x7' or larger 2SC/Btr
9/11/17FOB Supplier
48 House Logs Bark OK 12" Only x 24' or 25'
9/08/17Lonsdale, MN
5,000 M3 Monthly Douglas Fir Logs Any Size or Length from N America
T/Ls Walnut Saw and Veneer Logs 10"/Larger 1SC to 4SC
8/25/17FOB Supplier
2,000-5,000M3 monthly Radiata Pine Construction Grade Logs
8/23/17qingdao, China
Cntrs Eucalyptus Logs 20cm & Up to China
8/23/17Base Ports China
5-10 cntrs White Ash Sawlogs 12" 2SC
8/15/17Shanghai , China
2 Cntrs Red Elm Veneer Logs 14"/Larger 3SC & 4SC
8/10/17FOB Supplier
2x40'cntrs Aromatic Red Cedar Logs
8/09/17FOB Supplier
100cntrs/mnth Ash Logs 2SC, 3SC, 4SC
8/07/17CIF Shangai Port
Cntrs Walnut and Oak Logs for Export
8/04/17FOB Supplier
cntrs Black Walnut Logs 13"+
8/04/17China Main Ports
T/Ls Doug Fir, Birch & Larch Firewood Logs
8/04/17Spokane, WA
Cntrs Pine Sawlogs Fresh Cut Any Origin 20cm & Larger
7/28/17CIF Semarang Indonesia
Bulk Vessels Spruce Logs to China 12cm & Up
7/19/17CIF Dongjiakou Qingdao China
Cntr White Oak Sawlogs 12-13" Debarked Fumigated Phyto Grade AB
7/18/17CIF Mundra India
Cntr Red Oak Sawlogs 12-13" Debarked Fumigated Phyto Grade AB
7/14/17CIF Mundra India
Cntr Red Elm Veneer Logs 16"/Larger x 10'/Longer 4SC Preferred
7/13/17FOB Supplier
2 Cntrs White Oak Sawlogs 12" & Up 0SC, 1SC, 2SC
7/10/17FOB Supplier
5,000 MT Monthly SYP Sawlogs 14cm-20cm, 22cm-30cm, or 32cm+ butts
6/30/17To nearest Port
Cntrs Poplar Sawlogs Bark On 15" & Up x 9' & Multiples
6/26/17To nearest Port
Monthly Cntrs Ash Logs 10" & Up No Heart Restrictions 3SC & 4SC
6/20/17To nearest Port
20 cntrs Monthly Red Oak Sawlogs 10"& Up x 9'/Longer 2SC to 3SC
6/20/17To nearest Port
5 cntrs Acacia Sawlogs 20cm & Up Max Character, Grain
6/19/17Nansha Port, China
One House Log Any Species 12"x20' to Replace Rotten One
6/07/17Sunrise Beach, MO
5x40' cntrs Monthly N. American SYP (Taeda) Butt Logs 20"/Larger
6/06/17FOB Container Port
Cntrs Monthly Douglas Fir Sawlogs Fresh Cut 20cm
3/12/10Shanghai, China
320,000bdft Hickory Veneer Logs 12" 3SC
2/08/10CIF Shanghai
8 Open OTS
White oak Sawlogs to Your Specs
Southern Yellow Pine Sawlogs
T/L Hand Hewn Oak Beams
Pine Logs Origin Brazil
Elliotis Pine Logs from Brazil
80,000 bdft Walnut Sawlogs
12,000 bdft Red Oak Sawlogs
Radiata Pine Constructioin Grade Logs

Please Note that all OTS expire automatically after 30 days.