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32 Open RFQs
20,000 M3 Monthly Pulp Logs Bark On Fresh Cut 8cm+
2/20/17Qinzhou Port, China
2,000 M3 Monthly Douglas Fir Sawlogs Bark On 22-50 cm
2/15/17Shandong Provoince Port
2x40' cntrs Red Gum Veneer Logs 24"/Larger 4SC
2/08/17FOB Supplier
One Shortleaf or Loblolly Pine Log Fresh Cut 10"x8'
2/07/17State College, PA
30,000 M3 Monthly Radiata Pine Construction Grade Logs 10CM & Up
2/07/17CIF China Port
2x40' cntrs Red Oak Veneer Logs 16"/Larger 4SC
2/06/17FOB Supplier
Any Qty Hickory Logs One Log to FTL Any Size Any Grade
2/06/17FOB Supplier
57 Redwood or Oak Logs with Rootballs Bark On
2x40' cntrs Aromatic Red Cedar Logs from USA Bark On 10"/Larger Preferred Sound Grade
1/31/17FOB Supplier
One Log or Hundreds Wormy Soft Maple 18" & Up Heavy Wormy Figure
1/26/17FOB Supplier
T/L Firewood Logs
1/23/17FOB Supplier
~25,000 M3 SYP Sawlogs 20 cm & Larger
1/20/17CIF Qingdao, China
500M3 SPF Logs 25cm & Up Industrial Grade
1/18/17FOB Supplier
2 Douglas Fir Logs 36" Diameter x 12' Long
1/10/17Charlottesville, VA
T/L Mixed Hardwood Sawlogs 12" & Up Any Grade
1/04/17FOB Supplier
T/L or more Weekly White Oak Sawlogs 12"/Larger Any Grade
1/03/17Chestertown, MD 21620
1,000 bdft Eastern Red Cedar Logs 8"/Larger x 16'
12/29/16Palermo, ME 04354
T/Ls Hickory Logs Any Size Any Grade
12/19/16FOB Supplier
Bulk Vessel SYP Logs 20cm & Up with Phyto, Fumigation
12/13/16CIF Tianjin (Xingang), China
4-8 pcs Aquariquari Stumps & Logs 12-40" x 6'-10'
12/02/16FOB Supplier
Cntrs Monthly Spruce Sawlogs 36-50 CM Construction Grade
11/30/16Damietta, Egypt
Cntrs Monthly Poplar Sawlogs 36-50 CM Construction Grade
11/29/16Damietta, Egypt
3,000 to 5,000 bdft Locust Logs 10"/Larger Tops Sound
11/28/16FOB Supplier
Cntrs Red Elm or Elm & Walnut Mixed Sawlogs 13"/Larger 3SC
10/28/16FOB Supplier
T/L Douglas Fir Veneer Logs First Cut 23" 4SC
10/28/16FOB Supplier
2x40' Cntrs Hard Maple Saw/Veneer Logs Max 25-30% Heart 14"/Larger 3SC/Btr
10/20/16Inchon, Korea
1x40' cntr Big Leaf Curly Maple Sawlogs Debark/Phyto/Fumigation Req'd 8'/Longer
10/12/16Incheon, South Korea
Any Qty Osage Orange Logs 12"/Larger Straight Sound & Clean as Possible
10/10/16FOB Supplier
Any Quantity Any Species Logs Large Diameter High Quality for Custom Sawing
10/07/16FOB Supplier
T/Ls Juniper Sawlogs 10"/Larger x 8'/Longer
10/03/16FOB Supplier
Cntrs Monthly Douglas Fir Sawlogs Fresh Cut 20cm
3/12/10Shanghai, China
320,000bdft Hickory Veneer Logs 12" 3SC
2/08/10CIF Shanghai
5 Open OTS
California Walnut Cluster Logs
Oak Sawlogs Tfuckloads
Northern Red Oak Logs Available
Black Walnut 12" to 30"
Curly Heartpine

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