Other Wood Products
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7 Open RFQs
T/L or More Any Species Used Kiln Sticks/Stickers ~3/4" x 48"
8/16/18FOB Supplier
2 T/Ls Monthly Aspen Pallet Stringers Notched Rough Green #2Com
8/07/18FOB Chicago, IL
Mixed T/Ls Poplar or Mixed Hardwoods Pallet Parts Green 1-3/8 & 3/4" Econ or Utility
8/06/18Jackson, TN
10,000 Metric Tons Monthly Hardwood or Softwood Wood Pellets #2 Grade Preferred
7/19/18FOB Supplier
600-1,000 pcs Any Hardwoood or SYP Lumber KD HT Net 1-3/4" Square x 36" Sound
6/14/18Homestead FL
T/Ls Weekly Pine Palet Parts KD Rough
4/09/18FOB Laredo or El Paso, TX.
60,000 Hardwood Rail Ties/Sleepers 5"x10"x6.5'
3/01/18Tema, Ghana
7 Open OTS
Truck Loads Oak Standing Timber
2x2 PT Pine Pickets 3-7'
Reclaimed Beadboard
Norfolk Island Pine Rounds KD - Hundreds of pieces
Standing Oak Tree with Unique Burl
Pine Pulp Wood Chips for MDF production
Truck Loads Oak Standing Timber Longview TX

Please Note that all OTS expire automatically after 30 days.