Other Wood Products
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6 Open RFQs
100,000+ pcs Mixed Hardwood Pallet Parts Green Rough 1x, 3x Mill run
4/19/17Ballwin, MO 63022
77 Black Locust, White Cedar or Tamarack Posts or Poles 6"x22'
4/07/17Grafton, MA
~4,000 bdft Larch Poles 12"/Larger x 20-25' Long Sound
2/06/17FOB Supplier
T/Ls SYP Palet Boards 4/4 x 4" & 6"
1/30/17FOB Supplier
12,000 tons Wood Pellets
1/10/17FOB Supplier
50 Cedar or Juniper Fence Posts 5" tops x 8' Long
11/03/16Chico, TX
4 Open OTS
Black Locust Poles/Posts 4"x 6" x 22'
Wood Pellet in Viet Nam
Engineered Play Ground Fiber 1000 yards
3"x10"x8' Nominal Lagging/Shoring

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