Softwood Lumber
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30 pcs Western Larch Timbers Green Rough 3x14x24' STK or Better
3/04/20FOB Supplier
3,000-5,000 bdft New Heartpine Moulder Blanks KD 4/4
2/26/20FOB Supplier
T/Ls SYP Lumber KD Rough or S4S 3x4 or 4x6 #2Com
2/14/20FOB Supplier
370 pcs Douglas Fir Green Rough Lumber 2x & 4x #2/Btr
2/13/20FOB Supplier
3,000 bdft Eastern White Pine Lumber KD Rough or S2S 4/4 D/Btr
1/15/20FOB Supplier
70 pcs Western Red Cedar Lumber KD Roughsawn 1x8 STK
11/13/19Greenbrae, CA
70 pcs Redwood Lumber KD Roughsawn 1x8 Heart B
11/11/19Greenbrae, CA
Cntr Western Red Cedar Lumber VG Green or Shipping Dry 4" #2 Clear/Btr
10/31/19FOB Supplier
38 pcs Douglas Fir Rough Cut Lumber 4" & 6"
10/24/19FOB Supplier
T/L SYP Lumber KD Resawn Face for Board n Batten Siding 1x12 #2Com/Btr
10/14/19FOB Supplier
Cntrs Aromatic Red Cedar Cants 6"/.Larger
9/05/19FOB Supplier
2,000 bdft Pecky Cypress Lumber KD Rough 4/4 -8/4 RWL
8/27/19FOB Supplier
150,000 bdft Eastern/Aromatic Red Cedar Cants 4", 5", 6" Solid & Sound
8/19/19FOB Supplier
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