Softwood Lumber
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25 Open RFQs
89 any Species Rough Sawn Beams to Build a Barn 6x6 to 6x10 Structural
10/10/18Montgomery, TX
Cntrs Monthly SYP Lumber KD/HT S4S 2x #2Com
10/08/18FOB Supplier
2x40' Cntrs every 2 Months Red Pine Lumber KD S4S 20mm AB Grade
9/25/18CIF Incheon, Korea
T/Ls SYP Lumber KD Rough 4/4 Best Grade Possible
9/21/18FOB Supplier
400-600 bdft Pine Lumber KD Rough 4/4 Moulding Grade
9/04/18FOB Supplier
Cntr SYP Lumber KD Rough 8/4 #2Com/Btr
9/04/18FOB Supplier
8 pcs Redwood Lumber KD Rough or S4S 2"x12" Any Grade
8/30/18FOB Supplier
5 New Douglas Fir Beams Not Reclaimed Rough or Ssurfaced 4x8 Construction Grade
8/27/18FOB Supplier
5,000 bdft Northern White Cedar Lumber Green or AD 1x4 & 1x6 STK
8/21/18FOB Supplier
100 pcs Pecky Cypress Lumber KD Rough 4/4x6"
8/16/18West Palm Beach, FL
One Pair Bookmatched Redwood Live Edge Slabs KD Rough 2.5" x 40" x 120"+ Sel/Btr
8/03/18Fairplay, CO
T/Ls Softwood Lumber Green Rough 3" Pallet Grade
7/23/18FOB Supplier
15x40' Cntrs Monthly Softwood Lumber Pine Preferred KD Rough 20-85mm B-Grade
7/18/18Nhava Sheva, India
500 bdft Aromatic Cedar Lumber KD S2S 4/4 Clear
7/17/18FOB Supplier
2 T/Ls Douglas Fir Timbers Rough or S4S 8x8 #2Com
7/11/18FOB Supplier
20-40 pcs Pressure Treated or Creosoted Timbers or Rail Ties 12" Wide x 16' Long
5/21/18FOB Supplier
200 bdft Cypress Lumber KD Rough 8/4
5/16/18FOB Supplier
5,000 pcss or more Pine/Fir Lumber KD Rough 4x4 Clean
5/16/18FOB Atlantic Port
T/Ls White Pine, Spruce, Hem-Fir Dimension Lumber KD S4S 1x4 D Grade
5/14/18FOB Supplier
T/L Spruce Waney Cants Dead Dry 10-3/4" Diameter 12'-30'
5/09/18FOB Supplier
20,000 bdft Eastern White Pine Lumber KD Rough 19 to 40MM Mill Run
5/07/18FOB Supplier
2+ T/Ls any Species Lumber End Trims 2x4 & 2x6 x 2' Long Any Grade
5/03/18FOB Supplier
1,700 pcs Pine Lumber KD S4S 2.5x5.5" #2Com
4/30/18Athens, NY
8-0,000 bdft Any Pine Lumber AD/KD 4/4 Rough or S3S to 3/4"
4/17/18FOB Supplier
360 pcs Cypress Lumber Green OK Rough 1x6 Any Grade
4/03/18FOB Supplier
17 Open OTS
6x12 Douglas Fir Beams 1908bf
6x12 Douglas Fir Beams 3840bf
6x10 Douglas Fir Beams 390bf
6x10 Douglas Fir Beams 1460bf
6x8 Douglas Fir Beams 472bf
6x8 Douglas Fir Beams 3064bf
Japanese Sugi 2 x 6 x 12 S4S Very Nice
Douglas Fir Beams- 6x6- 654bf
Aromatic Cedar Cut to Order 10,000 ft
Aromatic Cedar Live Edge Slabs - $6.50 / Bft
Norfolk Island Pine Rounds KD - Hundreds of pieces
10/4 Kiln dried White Pine Live Edge Slabs
Live Edge Aromatic Cedar Slabs- Bold Coloring- KD
Montery Cypress Slabs 6 pcs
Spruce 2x8 T&G Roof Decking
4/4 Long Leaf Pine FAS KD
50,000 sqft Weathered Gray White Pine

Please Note that all OTS expire automatically after 30 days.