Softwood Lumber
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27 Open RFQs
10x40' cntrs Monthly Douglas Fir Lumber KD Rough 4/4 & Thicker No Knots No Stain
6/20/17FOB West Coast US Port
6,000 Linft Cypress Lumber KD Rough 4/4 Sel
5/18/17FOB Supplier
T/L SYP Lumber Blue Stain OK KD Rough or S4S 1x4 D-Select
5/17/17FOB Supplier
250-500 M3 Monthly Eastern White Pine Lumber KD Rough 2x10 S4S 1.5x10 Clear & Industrial
5/10/17FOB Supplier
Cntrs Western Red Cedar Lumber FSC if Possible KD Rough 24 to 50mm
4/28/17Shanghai Port, China
T/L Western Red Cedar Cants Fresh Cut 6x6x8'/Longer Prime Grade
4/24/17FOB Supplier
3,000 bdft Western Red Cedar Lumber KD Rough 1x8 Knotty
4/13/17north charleston, SC 29405
T/L Douglas Fir/Larch or ESLP Lumber KD Rough 2x6x4' #3 or #2Com
4/11/17Ault, CO
FTL Western Red Cedar Lumber Green Rough Full Sawn 2"x8" Appearance Grade no Rot.
4/10/17Binghamton NY
6,500 pcs Japanese or Western Red Cedar Milled/Construction Lumber KD S4S 5/4x6 & 2x6 Arch Knotty STK
4/05/17FOB supplier
5 cntrs Eastern White Pine Lumber Green/AD/KD Rough 3x3 #2, #3Com
3/29/17To nearest Port
T/L Radiata Pine Lumber KD Rough 6/4 Moulding & Better Grade
3/10/17FOB Supplier
5 T/Ls Eastern White Pine Lumber KD Rough or Surfaced Any Dimensions Sel
3/09/17FOB Supplier
1,000 bdft Western Red Cedar KD Rough 4/4x3 B/C Clear & better
3/06/17FOB Supplier
T/Ls Any Species 4x6x6' Dunnage Green or dry
2/28/17Ault CO
800 sqft Atlantic White Cedar Lumber KD Rough 1x6 Clear or Select
2/16/17FOB Supplier
5 cntrs Monthly SYP Lumber KD/HT S4S 38mm #1 & #2Com
2/16/17To nearest Port
2 cntrs Monthly Eastern White Pine Lumber KD S4S 4/4 Industrial Grade
2/06/17To nearest Port
110 Cypress Beams AD or KD Rough Sawn or Hand Hewn 2.5" to 10"
2/06/17FOB Supplier
Cntrs White Spruce Lumber S4S 6/4 (35mm) #1 & #2Com
2/03/17Shanghai Taicang, China
6,000 bdft Bald Cypress Lumber KD S4S 4/4 Sel
2/02/17Carlsbad CA
~38 Pine or Oak Timbers Rough Sawn Green or Dried 6x6 & 6x10 for a Pole Barn
1/31/17Leesburg, VA
T/Ls Monthly Douglas Fir/Larch Dimension Lumber KD 2x #3Com/Btr
1/23/17Ault CO
Cntrs SPF Lumber KD Rough 19 & 25mm Industrial Grade
1/19/17FOB Supplier
120 bdft Heart Cypress Lumber AD or KD Rough 5/4 & 6/4 Select
1/16/17Edinburgh, IN
1x40' cntr Pitch Pine Timber SD to AD Rough 12x12 #1 & #2 Grades
1/13/17FOB Supplier
24 Douglas Fir Timbers KD S4S 3" to 6" FOHC Structural
1/13/17FOB Supplier
24 Open OTS
4/4" - 10/4" English Yew Lumber
Yellow Cedar 4/4 and 6/4" Sel/Btr
Redwood Burl Slabs 16/4"- 24/4"
River Recovered Cypress
Aromatic Red Cedar 1900 bf 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4
Aromatic Cedar Live Edge Slabs - $6.50 / Bft
SYP 2x10 8'-16' fall down from grading scaffolding
14"-24" Wide Select Eastern White Pine
1x14" STK Eastern W. Pine KD 12,000 bdft.
SYP 2x10 Trims off of DI-65 Scaffolding
4/4, 6/4, 8/4 White Spruce
AD Table Top Slabs Softwood
4/4 Pine Resawn Boards
Cook/Norfolk Island Pine 4/4 S4S 1x4, 1x6 and T&G
8/4&10/4" Euro Fumed/Smoked Larch boules.
Blue Cured Yellow Pine 4,000'
Wide White Pine 5/4-6/4-8/4 AD 2+ Years
2" to 4" 8'-12' Red Pine 10,000 bdft
Norfolk Island Pine Turning Stock
Cypress Cut to Order Lumber or Beams
New Cypress Timbers Green R/S - Cut to Order
4/4 # 2 Common Cypress Lumber KD R/S - 15,500 Bf
4/4 Select Cypress Lumber KD R/S - 20,000 Bdft
Wide Plank Antique 1# Heartpine Fooring to Order

Please Note that all OTS expire automatically after 30 days.