The following is a selection of Request For Quotes submitted by buyers to WoodPlanet.

RFQ TitleOriginal DateFOB LocationRFQ ID
5+ Cntrs Weekly SYP Logs Bark On 16"+ 3 & 4SC06/13/2018To nearest Port479621
30x40' Cntrs Elliotis Pine Sawlogs 20cm & Up Fresh Cut Bark On06/13/2018CIF Qingdao Port, China479617
Cntrs American Walnut Sawlogs 12" & Up 2SC & 3SC06/12/2018CIF Shanghai, China479613
1x40' Cntr Southern White Ash Lumber 8/4 FAS06/12/2018CIF Qingdao, China479611
Looking for Complete Reclaimed/Demo Projects- Walls, Beams, Roof Floor06/11/2018FOB Supplier112412
~600 pcs Any Hardwoood Lumber KD HT 2"x2"x36" Sound06/11/2018Homestead FL479609
Cntrs Pine Sawlogs Bark On Fumigated 20cm/Larger06/11/2018Qingdao, Tianjin, Ningbo China479607
2 cntrs Mahogany Lumber KD Rough 6/4 & 8/4 #2Com06/11/2018Ho Chi Minh City479605
2 cntrs Walnut Lumber KD Rough Steamed 6/4 & 8/4 #2Com06/11/2018FOB Supplier479603
T/L Western Red Cedar Waney Cants 11" & 13"06/07/2018FOB Supplier479597
6,000 bdft to FTL Oak 2S or 4S Hand Hewn Reclaimed Beams 6"+x6'+ Decorative06/07/2018FOB Supplierr479595
2x40' cntrs Hard Maple Lumber Unselected/Color Ripped or Pulled for Width KD Rough 4/4 FAS06/07/2018FOB Supplier479593
5,000-10,000 bdft White Oak Lumber or Blanks Resawn from Reclaimed Timbers 4/4 & 5/4 06/05/2018FOB Supplier479591
6,000 sqft to FTL Hardwood Reclaimed Factory Flooring Original Patina & Forklift Wear T&G or Sq Edge06/05/2018Farmington, NY 14425479589
200 bdft Cedar Lumber06/05/2018FOB Supplier479587
16 pcs Red Oak or Similar Dimension Lumber DK S4S 2x6 Straight Minimal Crown or Knots06/04/2018FOB Supplier479585
800 sqft Reclaimed Mixed Oak Engineered Flooring 6"+ Moderate Character 06/04/2018Brooklyn, NY479583
Grey Barnwood 4"/Wider x 4'/Longer06/01/2018FOB Supplier479581
5 Cntrs White Oak Sawlogs 12" & Up 2SC05/31/2018FOB Supplier479579
7000bf White Oak Lumber KD Rough 5/4 FAS05/31/2018FOB Supplier479577
7 Cntrs White Oak Sawlogs 12" & up 2SC, 3SC, 4SC05/30/2018FOB Supplier479491
T/L or T/Ls Oak Reclaimed Truck Decking 1"+ x 12"05/30/2018FOB Supplier479505
T/L Any Species 1x6 Cutoffs KD HT S4S #2Com05/30/2018FOB Supplier479513
3 Cntrs Red Elm Lumber KD Rough 4/4, 5/4, & 6/4 #1Com05/29/2018FOB Supplier479575
16,000 bdft Black Locust Lumber Green & Rough or KD S2S 5/4 STK05/29/2018FOB Supplier479573
20,000 50,000 BDMT Monthly Pine Pulp Chips to Chins & Turkish Ports05/29/2018C&F China and Turkish Ports479571
2,500 bdft or more Heartpine Reclaimed Joists Denailed 2x #1 Grade05/29/2018FOB Supplier479569
2 T/Ls Poplar Lumber KD Rough 4/4 & 8/4 #1Com05/24/2018Mobile, AL479565
144 sqft SYP Flooring Reclaimed or New 2-1/4" #2 or Clear05/23/2018Union Pier, MI479563
4122 Linft Greanheart Lumber 2x05/22/2018Hialeah, FL479561
Reclaimed Hardwood Log Cabin Frame 26' x Any Other Diimension05/22/2018FOB Supplier479559
200 bdft Walnut Lumber KD Rough or S2S 4/4 & 5/4 FAS05/21/2018Plattte, SD479557
2x40' Cntrs Red Oak Veneer Logs 15" & Up 3SC for Export05/21/2018FOB Supplier479553
Reclaimed Hardwood Round Logs 10-11" x 12-28'05/21/2018Arkansas479551
20-40 pcs Pressure Treated or Creosoted Timbers or Rail Ties 12" Wide x 16' Long05/21/2018FOB Supplier479549
160 bdft Walnut Lumber KD Rough 8/4 Select No Sapwood05/17/2018FOB Supplier479539
9,000 bddft Black Locust Cants/Posts 4"x4" Any Length05/17/2018FOB Supplier479547
Ambrosia Maple Lumber05/17/2018FOB Supplier479545
200 bdft Cypress Lumber KD Rough 8/405/16/2018FOB Supplier479543
10-20 T/Ls Monthly Ash Sawlogs No Heart Restrictions Ends Waxed 12"+ 2SC-3SC05/16/2018To nearest Port479463
5,000 pcss or more Pine/Fir Lumber KD Rough 4x4 Clean05/16/2018FOB Atlantic Port479465
T/Ls White Pine, Spruce, Hem-Fir Dimension Lumber KD S4S 1x4 D Grade05/14/2018FOB Supplier479537
1x20' Cntr Kauri/Agathis Rotary Cut Veneer .8MM or .9MM05/14/2018To Nearest Port479535
114 pcs White Oak Timbers Circle Sawn KD 2" to 10"05/10/2018FOB Supplier479531
T/L Spruce Waney Cants Dead Dry 10-3/4" Diameter 12'-30'05/09/2018FOB Supplier479529
1x20' cntr Red Oak Lumber KD Rough 8/4 FAS05/09/2018Chittagong, Bangladesh479527
5 T/Ls Monthly Cypress Butt Logs Veneer Grade 4SC 18" & Up05/09/2018FOB Supplier479525
Cntr Walnut Lumber KD Rough 8/4 FAS1F/Btr05/08/2018FOB Supplier112410
Fir Reclaimed Decking 7"05/07/2018Mississippi479521
T/L Rift Sawn White Oak Lumber KD Rough 4/4 FAS05/07/2018FOB Supplier479515
20,000 bdft Eastern White Pine Lumber KD Rough 19 to 40MM Mill Run05/07/2018FOB Supplier479519
Cntr White Oak Lumber KD Rough 8/4 FAS1F/Btr05/04/2018FOB Supplier112408
2+ T/Ls any Species Lumber End Trims 2x4 & 2x6 x 2' Long Any Grade05/03/2018FOB Supplier479511
Up to 50,000 M3 Monthly Pine Pulp Logs 8cm & Up05/03/2018Qingdao Port, China479509
8,000 bdft Northern White Ash Lumber Green Rough 6/4 FAS05/03/2018FOB Supplier479507
Cntr Mixed Oak, Ash, Walnut Lumber KD Rough 8/4 FAS1F/Btr05/02/2018FOB Supplier479503
15+ Chestnut Reclaimed Beams 8x8 x 6'/Longer05/02/2018FOB Supplier112406
10,000-20,000 sqft Monthly Oak Reclaimed Container Flooring05/02/2018Hammond Indiana479501
T/Ls Domestic or Exotic Hardwood Reclaimed or Dunnage 2x6 More Nail Holes the Better04/30/2018White City, Oregon479499
1,700 pcs Pine Lumber KD S4S 2.5x5.5" #2Com04/30/2018Athens, NY479497
Red Oak T&G 1x504/30/2018Pinehurst NC479495
Up to 20 Reclaimed Heartpine Beams 8x804/27/2018FOB Supplier479489
15-20 White Oak Reclaimed Beams 8x8 x 6'/Longer04/26/2018FOB Supplier479485
1,650 bdft Quartersawn Basswood Lumber KD Rough 8/4 & 10/4 FAS04/25/2018FOB Supplier112402
14,250 bdft Quartersawn Basswood Lumber KD Rough 8/4 & 10/4 FAS04/25/2018FOB Supplier479481
Cntr White Oak Veneer Logs North American Production 18" & Up 3SC & 4SC04/25/2018FOB Supplier479479
5,000 sqft Maple Reclaimed Flooring T&G 3-1/2" Face04/23/2018FOB Supplier479475
Cntrs Monthly Radiata Pine Logs 12-30cm Construction Grade04/20/2018CIF Kandla, India479473
T/Ls White Oak Lumber KD Rough 4/4 Sel/Btr, #1Com04/20/2018FOB Supplier479471
2 T/Ls Mixed Dense Hardwood Stringers Green Rough 1.25 x 3.5 74"& 98" 04/19/2018FOB Supplier479469
3x40' cntrs Western Red Cedar Veneer Logs Fumigated 10"+ Tops 20'+ Long 4SC04/18/2018CIF Shanghai Yangshan Port479467
8-0,000 bdft Any Pine Lumber AD/KD 4/4 Rough or S3S to 3/4"04/17/2018FOB Supplier479461
5,000 bdft Softwood Reclaimed Joists Do Not Need KD04/16/2018FOB Supplier479445
1x40' cntr Poplar Veneer Logs 30cm/Larger Tops White Straight 4SC04/16/2018CIF Almeria or Motril Ports, Spain 479459
120 Any Species or Mix Reclaimed Factory or Warehouse Beams Min Holes Denailed Unpainted 8", 12"04/13/2018FOB Supplier479457
7,000 bdft Longleaf Heartpine Reclaimed Lumber Dirtytop 2"/Thicker Timbers too #1Grade04/11/2018FOB Supplier479455
Cntrs Red Elm Lumber KD Rough 4/4 Sel/Btr04/11/2018FOB Supplier479453
1x20' FCL Teak Square Logs AD 25+ Years Old 20cmx3M No Sap04/10/2018FOB or CIF US Port479449
240 bdft Hard Maple Lumber KD Rough 4/4 & 5/4 Paint Grade04/10/2018Meredosia, IL479447
T/Ls White Oak Lumber KD Rough or S2S 4/4 or 5/4 Sel/Btr04/10/2018FOB Supplier112398
T/Ls Weekly Pine Palet Parts KD Rough 04/09/2018FOB Laredo or El Paso, TX.479443
6,000 bdft Steamed Walnut Lumber KD Rough 5/4 #1Com04/09/2018FOB Supplier479437
Any Qty Juniper Logs 10"/Larger Tops Sound04/09/2018FOB Supplier479435
T/Ls White Oak Lumber KD Rough 4/4 Sel/Btr & #1Com04/06/2018FOB Supplier479433
230 bdft Cherry Lumber KD Rough 8/4 & 10/4 FAS04/06/2018Port Jefferson, NY479431
T/L or more Heartpine Reclaimed Decking 2.5 x 7" x 11'+ Any Grade04/06/2018FOB Supplier479429
150 M3 Beech Lumber Steamed/Unsteamed AD/KD Rough 53mm A/B & C04/06/2018CIF Oman479427
7,840 sq Meters White Oak Prefinished Flooring Oil Modified Urethane 4.5" Clear Grade04/05/2018FOB Supplier479407
300-500 bdft Birdseye Maple Lumber Green or KD Rough 8/4 Heavy Figure04/05/2018FOB Supplier479425
Cntrs Ash Sawlogs No Heart Restrictions Worms Beetles or Rot 12" & Up 2-3-4SC04/05/2018FOB Supplier479415
Cntrs SYP Sawlogs Bark OnNo Fumigation Required 16" & Up 3SC & 4SC04/05/2018To nearest Port479421
Cntrs White Pine Saw/Veneer Logs Bark On No Fumigation 14"+ 3SC & 4SC04/05/2018FOB Supplier479417
30 x 40' Cntrs White Oak Sawlogs Ends Sealed 12"/Larger 0SC to 2SC04/05/2018FOB Supplier479413
Reclaimed Heartpine Blanks04/04/2018FOB Supplier479411
360 pcs Cypress Lumber Green OK Rough 1x6 Any Grade04/03/2018FOB Supplier479409
450 pcs MDF 1"x49"x 97" NAUF04/03/2018FOB Supplier112400
1,000 bdft Western Red Cedar Lumber Green S4S 8x12 C/Btr04/03/2018FOB Supplier479405
10,000 bdft Poplar Lumber KD Rough 4/4 & 5/4 Sel/Btr, FAS1F04/02/2018FOB Supplier479403
2 Locust Logs 15" x 20' Bark Off Sound04/02/2018Pittsburgh, PA479401
T/Ls Hard White Maple Lumber KD Rough or S2S 4/4 or 5/4 Sel/Btr04/02/2018FOB Supplier479397
T/Ls Red Oak Lumber KD Rough or S2S 4/4 or 5/4 Sel/Btr03/30/2018FOB Supplier479395
~100 bdft Wormy Chestnut Reclaimed Lumber Denailed Preferred 8/4 or Thicker RW03/29/2018Memphis, TN 38127479393
5,000 sqft Cypress Shiplap Siding/Paneling KD 1x6 or 8 Select #203/29/2018FOB Supplier479391
1x20' cntr Monthly Purple heart Logs Any Size Any Grade03/27/2018Vancouver B.C Canada479387
Cntr White Oak Unfinished Flooring 5" AB Grade03/27/2018To nearest Port479389
153 bdft Soft Maple Lumber WHND KD Rough 5/4 or Surfaced 1" FAS03/26/2018Meredosia, IL479385
7 Western Red or Alaskan Yellow Cedar Beams KD Rough or S4S 3x10 #2 Paint Grade or Better03/26/2018Havertown, PA 19083479383
400 Sheets Prota Plywood on MDF core to Mexico.03/26/2018FOB Supplier479379
T/Ls Monthly Hard Maple Lumber KD Rough or S2S 4/4 #1, #2 or #3A Com03/26/2018FOB Supplier479381
Mixed T/L 4SC SYP & Small Knot Bald Cypress Logs 20-30"03/26/2018FOB Supplier479375
2x40' Cntrs SPF Lumber KD Rough 2x Construction Grade03/23/2018CIF Savannah Georgia USA479373
T/Ls Reclaimed Oily Heart Pine Decking 2"/Thicker x 6"/Wider #103/22/2018FOB supplier479333
T/Ls Oak Reclaimed Beams Original Sawn Surface 8x10x1403/22/2018FOB Supplier479371
2 cntrs White Oak Lumber KD Rough 4/4 #2Com03/22/2018To nearest Port479369
500 tons High Quality Wood Pellets Packed in 25 or 50 KG Bags Nigeria03/21/2018FOB Supplier479363
1,000+ sqft Reclaimed Maple Flooring T&G 2-3/4" to 4-1/2"03/21/2018FOB Supplier479367
1x20' Cntr Monthly Eucalyptus or Hardwood Dunnage Lumber Squares 95mm 03/21/2018CIF Abu Dhabi or Jebel Ali UAE479365
5 bulk Vessels Mixed Eucalyptus Wood Chips FSC03/20/2018Marmagao Port (Goa)479361
10,000 bdft Douglas Fir Reclaimed Lumber No Paint Brown Patina 2x 6, 8, 10 #2Grade03/20/2018FOB Supplier479347
1x40' Cntr Walnut Sawlogs 13-15" 2SC03/20/2018CIF Busan, Koera479357
1x40' cntr American White Oak Veneer Logs 16" & Up 4SC03/19/2018CIF Busan Korea479355
T/Ls Eastern Red Cedar Logs 10-14"x8-24' Bark On03/19/2018FOB Supplier479353
600M3 Monthly Steamed Beech Lumber KD rough or Surfaced 18mm B-1 Grade European Rules 03/19/2018Yantian and Qingdao479351
Reclaimed Douglas Fir03/19/2018FOB Supplier479349
LTL to FTL Douglas Fir Reclaimed Bleachers No Paint Minimum 3/4x6"03/19/2018FOB Supplier479345
Cntr Red Oak Lumber Ripped or Pulled for Width 4/4 Clear or Best Possible03/16/2018FOB Supplier479329
Cntr Walnut Lumber Steamed KD Rough 4/4 #1Com03/15/2018FOB Supplier479331
138,000 bdft Resawn Reclaimed Timbers Mixed Hardwoods Oak/Ash Preferred 4", 6" & 8" #2/Btr03/14/2018FOB Supplier479339
5x40'cntrs KD Rough Red Oak 8/4 FAS1F&Btr03/13/2018FOB Supplier479337
1500bf KD White Oak 8/403/13/2018Duncan, BC479335
2,000-5,000 bdft White Pine Reclaimed Joists 2x8 to 2x12 x 8' & Longer03/09/2018Davenport, ND479325
T/Ls White Oak Lumber Green Rough 4/4 #2A/3A Com03/09/2018FOB Supplier112396
200 bdft Red Pine Lumber KD S2S 1-7/8" #1Com03/09/2018Mineral Point, WI479323
Cntrs European White Oak Lumber KD Rough or H&M 4/4 #1Com/Lt Rustic03/08/2018Orange, CA 92865479321
3,000 sqftLight Grey Barn Siding 1"x12" Softwood or Hardwood03/08/2018FOB Supplier479319
1,500 bdft Mixed Tropical Species Lumber Reclaimed or FSC KD Rough 4" FAS03/08/2018FOB Supplier479317
Multiple T/Ls Monthly White Oak Lumber Blanks KD H&M 15/16x5.5" Mised Grades03/07/2018To nearest Port479315
2,000 bdft or more Figured Maple Veneer Logs 13"/Larger 4SC03/07/2018FOB Supplier479313
T/Ls Red Oak Lumber Green Rough 4/4 #2A/3A Com03/07/2018FOB Supplier479311
Any Qty Any Species Reclaimed Barnboard 1x6 to 1x1203/06/2018FOB Supplier479131
Standing Hand Hewn Timber Frame Barn 30x40 to 40x60 03/06/2018FOB Supplier479101
5-10 White Oak Reclaimed Sleepers at Least 11"-12" wide x 19'/Longer Select Grade for Resaw03/05/2018Covington , OH479309
Cntrs Lancewood Logs 18cm & Up03/05/2018Yantian Port China479307
T/L Red Oak Lumber KD Rough or H&M 4/4 Sel/Btr03/05/2018FOB Supplier479305
Trial Cntr Red Oak Lumber Rough Shipping Dry 8/4 Prime/FAS1F&Btr03/05/2018FOB Mill, Rail, or Port479303
Cntr Quarterly Pine Lumber Rectangles and Edge Glued Circles Staiined 3/4 & 1" Thick03/05/2018FOB Supplier479301
200 T/Ls Yearly Red Oak Lumber Green Rough 5/4 Pallet Grade/Frame Stock 03/02/2018FOB Supplier479299
5,000 bdft Heartpine Reclaimed Lumber/Beams 10" #103/02/2018FOB Supplier479295
500 pcs or More Red Oak Plywood VC 1/8" Best Available03/02/2018FOB Supplier479247
T/L Douglas Fir Reclaimed Lumber Circle Sawn 4S Full 2"x6" & Larger03/01/2018FOB Supplier479289
60,000 Hardwood Rail Ties/Sleepers 5"x10"x6.5'03/01/2018Tema, Ghana479287
3,000 bdft Western Red Cedar Lumber Green Rough 4x Clear Old Growth03/01/2018Tacoma, WA479291
75+ Softwood Reclaimed Hand Hewn Timbers Similar Appearance 6x6 to 10x1003/01/2018FOB Supplier479285
150 bdft White Oak Reclaimed Lumber KD Rough 4/4 No Paint No Metal02/28/2018Fairplay, CO 80440479249
2,000-3,000 bdft Black Locust Sawlogs 8"/Larger x8' & Multiples02/28/2018FOB Supplier479283
100,000 bdft Monthly Soft Maple Lumber WHAD KD Rough or S2S 4/4 Any/All Grades02/27/2018FOB Wupplier479279
5,000 bdft Nogal/Peruvian Walnut Lumber KD Rough 4/4 FAS02/27/2018FOB Supplier479277
15,500 bdft White Oak Lumber KD Rough 4/4 FAS02/27/2018Tolland, CT 06084479275
T/L Northern White Oak Lumber KD Rough 4/4 #1Com/Btr02/26/2018FOB Supplier479271
30"+ Diameter Logs with Knots & Metal 02/26/2018FOB Supplier479263
T/Ls Grey Elm Lumber Green Rough 4/4 & 5/4 #1Com & FAS02/26/2018FOB Supplier479261
T/L Monthly Poplar Lumber KD Rough or H&M 4/4 FAS02/23/2018FOB Supplier479259
T/Ls Soft Maple Lumber Green Rough 4/4 Sap/Btr All White Included #1 & #2Com or #2Com/Btr 02/23/2018FOB Supplier479255
3 Cntrs White Oak Lumber Pulled or Ripped for Width KD Rough Preferred S2S OK 4/4 FAS 02/23/2018FOB Supplier479253
100,000 Linft Any White Hardwood Lumber Squares/Scantlings KD S4S 3/4" Square Any Grade02/22/2018FOB Supplier479251
40 pcs White Oak Thin Stock or Veneers KD 1/4"x8"x10' Rustic02/22/2018Mount Pleasant, SC479245
35 Any Species Reclaimed Beams Roughsawn Patina Brown 6" & 8"02/21/2018FOB Supplier479241
Cntrs White Oak Lumber Shorts OK KD S2S H&M Any Thickness FAS02/21/2018Orange, CA 92865479239
13 Hardwood Hand Hewn Reclaimed Beams 8x8 Structural Mortises OK02/21/2018FOB Supplier112394
1,000 bdft or More Oak Reclaimed Barnwood Denailed 4/402/20/2018FOB Supplier479237
20+ Any Species Reclaimed Beams Rough Sawn 8" No Paint02/20/2018FOB Supplier479235
Cntr Ash Lumber KD Rough 8/4 Sel/Btr02/20/2018FOB Supplier479233
1,200 sqft Unfinished Flooring 2-1/4"02/20/2018FOB Supplier479231
T/L Mixed Species Reclaimed Lumber with Cool Story from VA Beach or VA02/20/2018FOB Supplier479229
182,000 bdft Red Oak Lumber KD Rough 8/4 Sel/Btr or #1Com02/19/2018FOB Supplier479223
1/2 to FTL White Oak Unfinished Flooring 3-1/4 or 4" #1Com02/16/2018FOB supplier479219
2,700 sqft Reddish/Brownish Color Prefinished Engineered Flooring 3-4mm Wear 5/8 or 3/4 x 4"/5"/6" Good Qualty02/16/2018FOB Supplier479217
2,000 Linft Tigerwood Decking KD Good Even Lengths 5/4x6"02/16/2018FOB Supplier479215
Monthly 400x40' cntrs Taeda Pine Only Logs No Elliotis 18cm+ Bark On Fumigated02/15/2018C+F Tianjin or other China port479213
2,800 bdft Walnut Lumber No Sap Green Rough 4/4x9" Mill Run02/15/2018FOB Supplier479211
T/L Every 2 Weeks Poplar Lumber KD Rough 6/4 FAS02/15/2018FOB Supplier479207
One Elm Live Edge Slab KD Rough or Surfaced +/-2"x5'x7' One Piece no Bookmatch Minimal Figure/Knots02/15/2018Peabody, MA479209
5-10 pcs Guanacaste/Parota Live Edge Slabs KD Planed or Rough Not Sanded 10/4+02/14/2018FOB Supplier479205
100 bdft Heavily Spalted Maple Lumber Hard or Soft KD Rough or Surfaced 4/4 or 5/4 Solid Knots OK02/14/2018Union Pier, MI479203
50 pcs Walnut Live Edge Slabs KD Rough or Surfaced 2.25"02/14/2018FOB Supplier479201
1,000+ bdft Steamed Black Walnut Lumber KD S2S 1-3/4" #1Com Character Grade02/13/2018FOB Supplier479195
40 pcs White Oak Lumber KD S4S 3"x12"02/13/2018FOB Supplier479193
150 sqft Cedar Reclaimed Siding 1x7"/Wider02/13/2018FOB Supplier112392
21 Cedar Reclaimed Beams02/13/2018FOB Supplier479191
17,000 bdft Black Locust Cants 4x6 RL02/13/2018FOB Supplier479189
5 cntrs Western Red Cedar Lumber AD/KD 4" and 7/4 #2 & #4 Clear & Better02/12/2018FOB Supplier479187
Cntrs Pine Wood Shavings Compressed 3-6cm Clean and Dry02/12/2018Dubai, Jabal Ali Port479183
Any Qty Acacia Shirleyi Logs 150mm or Larger Tops02/12/2018FOB Supplier479181
T/Ls Poplar Lumber Color No Defect KD Rough 5/4 FAS02/12/2018FOB Supplier479177
Cntrs Red Oak Sawlogs 12"+ Bark On02/09/2018To nearest Port479173
5x40' Cntrs Poplar Sawlogs Bark On 14"+ 2SC02/09/2018To nearest Port479175
40 pcs White Oak Lumber AD/KD S4S 4"x12"x48" Sel/Btr02/09/2018FOB Supplier479171
10x40' Cntrs Walnut Sawlogs Bark On 12"+ 2SC02/09/2018To nearest Port479169
LTL Cypress Logs 8' to 16'02/09/2018FOB Supplier479151
10 T/Ls Monthly Hard Maple Lumber KD Rough 4/4 #1 & #2A Com02/07/2018FOB Supplier479165
T/Ls SYP Pallet Lumber 3-1/2 and 5-1/2 x 6" and 8"02/06/2018Mechanicsville, MD479163
T/Ls SYP Pallet Lumber 3-1/2 and 5-1/2 x 6" and 8"02/06/2018Mechanicsville, MD479163
100,000 bdftr Monthly Ash Logs No Heart Restrictions No Worm or Beetle Any Size Saw to Veneer Grades02/06/2018FOB Supplier479161
4,000 sqft Reclaimed Douglas Fir Flooring 1x8 to 10" Long Lengths 02/06/2018FOB Supplieer112390
7 Douglas Fir Reclaimed Beams 10x12 No rot Twist or Decay for Structural Use02/06/2018FOB Supplier479159
2,000-7,000 sqft Monthly White Oak Enginerred Flooring Unfinished Straight Grain 4" to 10" Character, Mixed Grade, Select 02/05/2018FOB Supplier479157
46M3 Walnut Lumber Fixed Widths KD Rough 4/4 Grades A & B02/05/2018FOB Supplier479155
860 sqft SYP Flooring T&G 3-1/4" C Grade Small Knots Allowed02/05/2018FOB Supplier479153
Approx 1,250 bdft White Oak Lumber KD Rough 4/4 or Surfaced 3/4" FAS02/02/2018FOB Supplier479149
3,000 Linft Western Red Cedar Lumber 8" Wide KD 4/4 Rough or S4S 3/4" A/Btr02/02/2018FOB Supplier479147
300 bdft Red Oak Lumber KD Rough 4/4 FAS02/02/2018FOB Supplier479145
1x40' cntr Red Elm Sawlogs 13"/Larger 3SC Free of Ring Shake02/01/2018FOB Supplier479143
T/L Monthly Poplar Lumber KD Rough 4/4 FAS & #1Com02/01/2018FOB Supplier479141
Any Qty Pecky Cypress Lumber Green or KD Rough 4/401/31/2018FOB Supplier479139
T/Ls Cherry Lumber Green Rough 4/4 #2Com/Btr01/30/2018Pleasantville, PA479137
T/Ls Soft Maple Lumber Green Rough 4/4 #1 & #2Com or #2Com/Btr01/30/2018Pleasantville, PA 479135
T/Ls Pine Reclaimed Timbers & Joists01/30/2018FOB Supplier479113
30,000 pcs Monthly Poplar Blanks KD Rough 4/4 x3/4" & 1/2" FAS01/30/2018Parsons, WV 26287479133
1,400 bdft SYP Lumber KD Rough 4/4, 5/4, 8/4 C/Btr01/29/2018FOB Supplier479127
2,800 sqft Reclaimed Barn Siding Hardwoods Preferred 5"x5'/Longer01/25/2018FOB Supplier479125
14 Reclaimed Oak or Similar Circle Sawn Beams and 72 3' Purlins01/25/2018FOB Supplier479123
25 Any Species Reclaimed Beams Circle Sawn Original Surface 2x12 to 6x1201/25/2018FOB Supplier479121
50 Oak Reclaimed Timbers Rough Sawn 8x1001/25/2018FOB Supplier479119
4 Cntrs Ash Lumber KD Rough 6/4 & 8/4 FAS1F/Btr, #1 & #2Com01/25/2018FOB Supplier479117
Cntrs SYP Lumber KD Rough 1x #2 or #3Com01/25/2018FOB Supplier479115
20,000 bdft Red Oak Lumber AD Rough 4/4 FAS, Clear, FAS1F01/24/2018Dublin, Ireland479111
2,000-3,000 bdft Monthly Hardwood Reclaimed Grey Board Denailed End Trimmed 5"/Wider x 5'/Longer01/23/2018FOB Supplier479075
5,000-20,000 sqft Red Oak Unfinished Flooring 3.25-4" #1Com01/23/2018FOB Supplier479109
Cntr Basswood Lumber01/23/2018CIF Incheon, S Korea479107
5,000 sqft White Oak Resaawn Reclaimed White Oak Blanks 4/4x8.5-9" #1 or #2 Minimal Knots01/22/2018Green Bay, WI479105
Cntrs Mixed Cherry, White Oak & Walnut Cut to Size Lumber KD Rough SLR2E Preferred 3/4 or 1" FAS & Rustic/#1Com01/22/2018FOB Supplier479103
~1,000-2,000 sqft White Pine Reclaimed Roof Boards 4/4 RW 4"-10"01/22/2018FOB Supplier479099
Cntrs Tulip Poplar Lumber SLR2E KD HT Rough 4/4, 5/4, 6/4 FAS1F01/22/2018Le Havre France479097
Cntrs Pine or Spruce Precut Block Pallets & Stringer Lumber Kits KD HT Rough01/22/2018FOB Supplier479095
Poplar burl Veneer CIF Busan S Korea01/22/2018CIF Busan S Korea479093
Azobe Lumber 29mm01/22/2018CIF Incheon, Korea479091
Cntrs Pine Logs 15-30 CM Bark Off for Animal Bedding01/22/2018Fujairah, United Arab Emirates 3784479089
340 sqft Heartpine Antique Flooring 5" Good Color Tight Growth Rings Clear Few Pin Knots OK01/19/2018Chattanooga, TN479087
5,000 bdft Reclaimed Heartpine Beams, Joists or Decking Minimum Size 2x6x10 Nails, Paint, Minimal Holes All OK01/19/2018FOB Supplier479083
2,000 to 3,000 sqft Any Species Reclaimed Grey Board Denailed 1" x 5"+ Monthly Purchase Possible01/19/2018FOB Supplier479081
SYP Logs 10" & Up01/18/2018To nearest Port479079
T/L Hardwood Stakes 1"x61" No Point Needed01/18/2018Bradenton FL479077
Enough Oak Reclaimed Lumber with Original Face to Yield 1,800 sqft 3/4x8" T&G01/18/2018FOB Supplier479073
1,500 bdft Pine or Mixed Hardwood Lumber Rips 3/4" square and .25"-/375"x2" No Grade Requirements01/17/2018FOB Supplier479069
3,800 sqft SYP Flooring Unfinished T&G 2x601/17/2018FOB Supplier479067
2 T/Ls Monthly Poplar Lumber KD Rough or S2S 4/4 FAS01/16/2018FOB Supplier479065
100 tons per Quarter Mesquite Woodchips01/16/2018FOB Supplier479061
100-600 pcs Monthly Hardwood Plywood Species Vary 1/8" A Grade G1S Face Veneers must be 12' Long01/16/2018FOB Supplier479059
2x40' cntrs Hard Maple Lumber 1&2 White or Unselected/Color.KD Rough 4/4 SLR2E 4" Wide Sel.Btr01/15/2018FOB Supplier479057
7,500 bdft Black Walnut Lumber Steamed KD Rough 10/4 and/or 12/4 FAS1F/Btr01/15/2018FOB Supplier479055
Cntrs Western Red Cedar Lumber Green or AD Rough 2"/Thicker Select Clears & Btr 01/15/2018FOB Supplier479053
1x40' cntr Eastern Red Cedar Logs 11" & Up01/12/2018CIF Incheon, Korea479045
Ash Sawlogs 10"+ 2SC, 3SC01/12/2018FOB Supplier479049
20,000 bdft White Oak Reclaimed Beams ~5"x5" Any Length01/11/2018FOB Supplier479047
1x40' cntr Black Walnut Logs with Phyto 32" & Up Timber Run01/11/2018CIF Incheon, South Korea479043
100 M3 SPF Dimension Lumber KD S4S 1x4 #3-#4Com01/11/2018CIF Busan, South Korea479041
1 Million bdft SYP Sawlogs 14-24" Bark On01/11/2018FOB Supplier479039
Cntrs Appalachian/Northern White Oak Lumber KD 15/16" FAS01/10/2018FOB supplier479037
Cntrs Walnut Lumber KD Rough 4/4, 5/4, 8/4 #2Com01/09/2018FOB Supplier479035
500 tons Apple Logs/Branches 2" or Larger 01/09/2018FOB Supplier479033
700 sqft Poplar Bark Siding01/09/2018FOB Supplier479031
Up to 3,000 bdft Eastern White Pine Lumber Green or AD Rough 8/4 Clear Cuts 2' Long01/08/2018FOB Supplier478577
Oak Reclaimed Circle Sawn Beams 8-12" x 6"01/08/2018Damascus, MD 20872479025
Cntrs Monthly White Oak Sawlogs 10"/Larger 2SC01/08/2018Cat Lai Port, HCMC, Vietnam479023
~14,000 bdft Walnut Lumber Pulled and R2E KD Rough 4/4 FAS1F01/04/2018FOB Supplier479011
700 linft Reclaimed Heartpine Lumber KD S4S 1x4 #201/03/2018FOB Supplier479007
T/Ls Mixed Hardwood Timbers No Poplar Green Rough 8x8 & 12x12 #2Com 01/03/2018FOB Supplier479009
25,000 bdmt Monthly Eucalyptus Pulp Chips for Paper from Australia or New Zealand Only01/02/2018CIF Main China Port479005
2,000 bdft Wormy White Oak Lumber KD 4/401/02/2018FOB Supplier479003
Cntrs Monthly Curly Maple Sawlogs 13" & Up 3SC or Better12/29/2017FOB Supplier479001
Up to 40,000 bdft Black Locust Cants Green 4" No Bark No Rot Solid/Sound12/29/2017FOB Supplier478999
Up to 6,000 sqft Sycamore Veneer .7 to .9mm x 6" Clear12/28/2017FOB Supplier478997
1,000 M3 Eucalyptus Grandis Round Logs Any Origin 30cm & Up12/28/2017CIF Qingdao, China478995
100 sqft Faded White Reclaimed Siding No whitewashed Dry No Rot End Trimmed 7-9"12/22/2017FOB Supplier478993
Grey Reclaimed Barnsiding Hardwood or Softwood 3/4" Ok 12/22/2017FOB Supplier478991
1,000 sqft Hemlock Flooring T&G Square Edge Nominal 1x412/22/2017FOB Supplier478987
1,000 bdft Eastern White Pine Lumber12/21/2017FOB Supplier478983
Cntrs White Ash Logs 10"/Larger EAB Tracks OK12/21/2017FOB Supplier478981
Cntrs Eastern Red Cedar Sawlogs 8"/Larger Fresh Cut No Hollow or Rot12/21/2017FOB Supplier478979
3 pcs Black Walnut Live Edge Slabs KD 2-3" x 28-30" FAS12/20/2017OLEAN, NY478977
1/2 to FTL Hardwood Lumber Squares KD Rough 2-5/8" #2Com or Sound12/14/2017FOB Supplier478915
5x40' cntrs SYP Lumber KD Rough 4/4 & 6/4 Construction Grade12/14/2017Qingdao China478971
500+ bdft Hemlock Reclaimed Siding Any Dimensions12/13/2017FOB Supplier478969
3,000+ Cubic Yards Any Species Ground Wood Chips Any MC No Pallets1-1/2" Minus12/13/2017FOB Supplier478967
6,000-6,500 bdft Heartpine Reclaimed Lumber 2x10 & 2x12 #1 & #2Mix12/13/2017FOB Supplier478913
T/L White Oak Lumber Blanks AD or Green Rough 4/4 FAS12/13/2017FOB Supplier478965
T/L Longleaf Heartpine Reclaimed Beams Large12/13/2017FOB Supplier478963
Cntrs Ash Lumber Unselected/Color KD Rough 4/4 & 5/4 FAS1F12/12/2017FOB Supplier478961
Up to T/L Grey Elm Lumber Unselected KD Rough or S2S 4/4 Sel/Btr12/12/2017FOB Supplier478959
900 sqft Reclaimedd Old Growth Poplar Flooring 3-1/2" & 4-1/2" Any Condition12/12/2017FOB Supplier478957
4,440 sqft Rift & Quartered White Oak Flooring Unfiniished Square Edge 1"x2-1/2" Sel12/11/2017FOB Supplier478955
3,000 ++ bdft Heartpine Reclaimed Beams 8" Prefer Factory Material12/11/2017FOB Supplier478895
Cntrs Ash Logs Fumigated Bark On 14"/Larger 2SC/Btr12/07/2017To Nearest Port112388
60 pcs White Oak Lumber KD S4S 1x FAS12/06/2017FOB Supplier478949
00 bdft Rift White Oak Lumber #1Com or Sel12/06/2017FOB Supplier478947
Cntrs SYP Lumber KD Rough 1x #2, #3Com or Mill Run12/06/2017FOB Supplier478945
6,000+ bdft Douglas Fir Reclaimed Lumber No Paint No Metal 2x, 6x12/06/2017FOB Supplier478943
3,500 sqft Douglas Fir Reclaimed Flooring End Cut White Wash RW 4", 5", 6"12/06/2017FOB Supplier478941
Sapele Lumber 12/4 7 16/412/06/2017FOB Supplierr478937
5,000-10,000 M3 Yearly Basswood Veneer Logs 10" Diameter12/06/2017FOB Supplier478935
6pcs Any Species Reclaimed Hand Hewn 2S Sleepers 13"+x18-20'12/05/2017FOB Supplier478933
Cntrs SYP Logs Bark On 15" & up Export Quality12/05/2017To Nearest Port112386
10,000 sqft Softwood Reclaimed Paneling 3/16" or Thicker12/04/2017Pasadena, TX 77504478929
T/L Cherry Logs 14" & Up 3SC Barrk On12/04/2017FOB Supplier478925
2 cntrs Walnut Sawlogs 11" & Up Lower Grade Bark On 12/04/2017To nearest Port478923
1x40' cntr Red/Sweet Gum Saw & Veneer Logs 18"/Larger Bark On12/04/2017FOB Supplier478921
12 pcs Heartpine Reclaimed Joists Circle Sawn No Paint 2x1212/01/2017FOB Supplier478919
2,000 bdft Tigerwood Lumber Wide Widths KD Rough or Surfaced 10/4-12/4 FAS12/01/2017FOB Supplier478917
T/Ls Red Oak Lumber Green Rough 4/4 #2A & #3A Com 11/30/2017FOB Supplier478911
1 or 2 T/Ls Hickory Lumber KD Rough 4/4 2A/3A Com11/30/2017Hurley, WI 54534478909
Cntr or more Monthly Eastern White Pine Logs 15"+ Export Quality11/30/2017To nearest Port478907
Any Qty Rosewood Logs Large as Possible11/30/2017FOB Supplier112384
Cntrs Red Oak Sawlogs 12"/Larger 2SC, 3SC, 4SC11/30/2017To Nearest Port112382
2,000 bdft Wormy White Oak Lumber 4/411/29/2017FOB Supplier478905
5-10 cntrs Ash Sawlogs 10" & up 2SC/Btr11/29/2017To nearest Port478903
Cntrs Cocobolo Logs Any Size Any Grade11/28/2017FOB Supplier112380
510 sqft Heartpine Reclaimed Flooring 5-1/8" Milled from 3x11/27/2017Chattanooga , TN478901
Large Qty Zebrawood Logs Best Size & Grade Available Please Advise11/27/2017FOB Supplier478899
7,500 bdft Pitch Pine Timbers/Cants SD to AD 12x12 Sound11/27/2017FOB Supplier478897
1x20' cntr Red Elm Lumber KD Rough Pulled 4" & 7" Sel/Btr11/20/2017FOB Supplier478891
50 bdft Aromatic Red Cedar Lumber 3/4 or 4/411/20/2017Cosby, TN478889
2,500 bdft Black Walnut Lumber Green or AD Rough 4/4 #2Com/Btr11/20/2017FOB Supplier478887
One pc Aromatic Cedar Plank One Live Edge 1'3/4-2"x18"x10'11/20/2017FOB Supplier478885
500 bdft Butternut Lumber Unsteamed AD/KD Rough 4/4 Sel/Btr or #1Com11/17/2017FOB Supplier478883
T/L or more Heartpine Reclaimed Decking 7"/Wider #111/17/2017FOB Supplier478881
5,000 sqft Poplar Lumber KD S4S 1x8 Sel11/16/2017FOB Supplier478877
Cntrs FSC Aspen Lumber KD Rough 4/4 Selects11/15/2017Rotterdam478873
50 bdft Spalted Hard Maple Lumber KD Rough 8/4 #2Com11/15/2017Narrowsburg, NY478861
50 bdft Ambrosia Maple Live Edge Lumber KD Rough 6/4 FAS11/15/2017Narrowsburg, NY112378
750 sqft Sapele T&G Paneling 1x6 KD FAS11/14/2017NY State478871
Cntrs White Ash Logs from Northern US 12"/Larger 2SC & Better11/14/2017CIF China478869
Cntrs Red Oak Veneer Logs 35cm & up 2SC, 3SC, 4SC11/14/2017To Nearest Port478867
1,000 bdft Boxelder Lumber Wormy or Not KD rough 4/4 Sel/Btr, #1Com11/14/2017FOB Supplier478865
Up to 1,000 bdft Walnut Lumber Unsteamed AD 4/4 Sel/Btr, #1Com11/14/2017FOB Supplier478863
30 pcs Hard or Softwood New Timbers AD/KD 4" x 8" x 16' 11/13/2017FOB Supplier478859
1,000-2,000 bdft Oak Reclaimed Lumber 2x Original Faces11/10/2017Lexington, KY 40508478857
39 pcs Pine Reclaimed Beams Rough Original Patina 4S 6"x8"x6'11/10/2017FOB Supplier478799
2,500 bdft Walnut Lumber KD Rough 4/4 FAS11/09/2017FOB Supplier478855
~750 bdft White Oak Lumber KD Rough 16/4 Sel/Btr or FAS11/09/2017Overland Park, KS478853
2,300-2,500 bdft European White Oak Lumber K Rough or H&M Any Thickness to Yield 9-3/8" Wide FAS11/08/2017FOB Supplier478851
~20,000 bdft Rift Walnut Lumber KD Rough or H&M Any Thickness x 6-7" FAS11/07/2017FOB Supplier478849
250 to 1,000 bdft Macassar Ebony Lumber KD Rough 4/4 Sel/Btr11/06/2017FOB Supplier478847
40' Cntrs Steamed Walnut Lumber Strips KD Rough 4/4 Ripped or Pulled 4SC11/06/2017FOB Supplier478845
4x40' High Cube Cntrs Monthly Softwood Pulp from North America11/06/2017FOB Supplier478843
Cntrs, Bulk Vessels Douglas Fir Logs 28 CM & Up North American Origin11/06/2017CIF Qingdao, China478841
Cntrs White Oak Lumber KD Rough 12/4 #1Com11/06/2017FOB Supplier478839
Cntr White Oak Live Edge Lumber KD 8/4 & 12/4 #1, #2Com11/03/2017FOB Supplier478837
670 sqft Pecky Cypress Paneling T&G V Joint 4", 6", 8", 10" Nominal Good Grade of Pecky11/03/2017Kennesaw, GA 30144478835
2-3 Cntrs Monthly Douglas Fir Cants VG Old Growth 6" & 8" 4SC11/02/2017CIF Vancouver BC478833
30 pcs or more Douglas Fir/Hemlock/EWP Reclaimed Lumber Rough Sawn 4x15 No Paint11/02/2017Belgrade, MT 59714478831
4 Reclaimed Hand Hewn Beams Oak Preferred 6x6x18'11/01/2017Greenfield, IN478829
1x40' Cntr Hard Maple Lumber KD Rough 50mm A or AB Grade11/01/2017C&F Kuwait478827
60 bdft Honey Locust Lumber KD S4S 8/4 FAS or Clear10/31/2017Crown Point , IN478823
400 bdft Reclaimed Weathered Oak 2x12 Original Face No Paint10/30/2017FOB Supplier478819
30 Cntrs Teak Logs 90cm & up10/30/2017FOB Supplier or CIF Mundra Port478817
80,000 M2 Walnut Veneer .6mm every 45 days10/30/2017CIF Dubai UAE478815
10 or more Heartpine Reclaimed Beams 11x15 x 25' #1 10/27/2017Durham, NC 27704478811
LTL Redwood Decking 2x & 5/4x6 Clear10/26/2017FOB Supplier478809
1,000 M3 Walnut Saw & Veneer Logs to Viet Nam 2SC & 3SC10/26/2017CIF Catlai Port Vietnam478807
3,500-4,000 bdft Douglas Fir Reclaimed Joists No Paint Original Surface Dry 7"-12"10/25/2017FOB Supplier478801
~200 bdft Pecky Cypress Lumber KD Rough 4/4 10/25/2017Memphis, TN478803
1,000 bdft Douglas Fir Reclaimed Flooring No Paint 2-1/2 to 3"10/24/2017FOB Supplier112376
10,000 M3 Eastern White Pine Logs Bark On 18-35cm Grade AB10/23/2017FOB Supplier478797
Douglas Fir Cants10/23/2017Vancouver Canada478795
Any Qty Walnut Lumber Unsteamed AD Only Rough Full 4/4, 6/4, 8/4 FAS, #1Com10/23/2017FOB Supplier478793
1,000 bdft or more Flame Birch Lumber No Stain No Worm KD Rough 4/4 FAS10/23/2017FOB Supplier478787
~100 bdft Olive Wood Small Boards or Shorts Clean and Dry10/23/2017Marstons Mills, MA478789
1,000 bdft White Oak Lumber KD S2S 8/4 #2-#3Com10/20/2017FOB Supplier478783
~5,600 bdft White Oak Lumber S4S 1x10/18/2017Crystal Lake , IL 60013478781
4,000 bdft Cypress or Cedar Reclaimed Lumber Rough 1x & 2x10/18/2017FOB Supplier478779
Cntr Red Elm Lumber KD Rough 4/4 Sel/Btr & #1Com10/18/2017FOB Supplier478777
T/Ls White Oak Lumber KD Rough or S2S 4/4 #1Com/Btr10/17/2017FOB Supplier112374
2,000 bdft Southern Pine Reclaimed Joists 2.5x~7" Dry10/16/2017FOB Supplier112372
Up to 1,100 bdft Longleaf Pine Lumber Dry 4/4 Beetle Markings10/16/2017FOB Supplier112370
800-1,100 sqft Longleaf Pine Flooring with Beetle Bore Marks 2-1/2" to 3"10/16/2017FOB Supplier478775
3 Cntrs Hard Maple Lumber KD Rough 4/4 #1 & #2Com10/16/2017FOB Supplier478773
1,000 sqft Grey or Aged Ipe Decking 4/4 or 5/4x5.5" Radius Edge Preferred10/16/2017Imlay City, MI 478769
T/Ls Monthly Red Oak Lumber KD Rough or S2S 4/4 #1Com/Btr10/16/2017FOB Supplier478765
7 Logs Any Species for a Park Project 14"x8' or Larger10/13/2017Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca478763
Cntrs Oak Lumber Ripped or Pulled for Width KD Rough 4/4 & 8/4 FAS, Common, Rustic 10/12/2017FOB Supplier478761
Break Bulk Quantity Radiata Pine Logs Construction Grade Bark On Fumigated10/11/2017LANSHAN, CHINA478701
Cntrs White Oak Lumber KD Rough 5/4, 6/4, 8/4 #2Com10/11/2017FOB Supplier478759
16,000 bdft Walnut Lumber KD Rough 8/4 #1 & #2Com10/11/2017FOB Supplier478757
Cntr Walnut Lumber KD Rough 4/4 #1Com10/09/2017FOB Supplier478753
Cntr Rift & Quartered Red Oak Lumber KD Rough 4/4 Sel/Btr10/09/2017FOB Supplier112368
10 bdft Basswood Lumber KD S2S 1/2" FAS, Clear10/09/2017Sheffield, AL 35660478749
Cntr Rift & Quartered White Oak Lumber KD Rough 4/4 Sel/Btr10/06/2017FOB Supplier478747
Any Quantity Spruce & Fir Sawlogs for Construction Lumber 5" & Up x 12',14',16' Bark On or Off10/05/2017FOB Supplier478745
100 pcs Cypress Dimension Lumber KD S4S 1x4 Clear10/04/2017FOB Supplier478743
12,000 bdft Pecky Sinker Cypress Lumber Dried10/04/2017FOB Supplier478741
Red Oak Rough 4/410/04/2017FOB Supplier478739
4,000 bdft Grey Softwood Reclaimed Barn Siding 8"+10/03/2017FOB Supplier478737
T/Ls White Oak Lumber Green Rough 4/4 #1Com/Btr & FAS10/03/2017FOB Supplier478735
4,000 bdft to FTL White Oak Lumber Circle Sawn KD Rough 4/4 Mill Run to #1Com 10/03/2017FOB Supplier478733
Full T/Ls only Softwood Reclaimed Lumber 2" x 6 " No Paint No Whitewash Brown Patina 10/02/2017McMinnville, OR478731
5,000 bdft Oak Reclaimed Lumber 2x7-2x8 No Paint Must be Full 2"10/02/2017FOB Supplier478729
Elliotis and Taeda pine logs.10/02/2017To nearest Port478727
T/Ls Red Oak Lumber Green Rough 4/4 #2A/3A Com09/29/2017FOB Supplier478723
10-15 Larch/Tamarack Logs Large as Possible Bark or Not Max Character09/29/2017Cambridge, ON N3H4J9478721
3 T/Ls SYP Lumber KD Rough 2" #2Com09/29/2017To nearest Port478719
T/Ls Hard White Maple Lumber KD Rough or S2S 4/4 #1, #2Com Sap 1F09/28/2017FOB Supplier478717
T/L Hard White Maple Lumber KD Rough 4/4 #1 & #2A Com09/27/2017FOB Supplier478713
T/L Hard White Maple Lumber KD Rough 4/4 #1 & #2A Com09/27/2017FOB Supplier478713
2,000 bdft Quartersawn Zebrawood Lumber KD Rough 4/4 FAS09/27/2017FOB Supplier478709
3,000 bdft Imbuia Lumber KD Rough 4/4FAS09/27/2017FOB Supplier478707
1,500 bdft Chechen/Caribbean Rosewood Lumber KD 4/4 FAS09/27/2017FOB Supplier478711
T/L minimum SYP Lumber KD Rough 2x #2Com09/27/2017To nearest Port478705
T/L or more SYP Timbers KD Rough 8x8 #2Com09/27/2017To nearest Port478703
Radiata Pine Logs09/26/2017Qindao, China478699
2,000-4,000 bdft White Oak Reclaimed Lumber 2" x 8" & 2" x 10"09/22/2017FOB Supplier478697
1,000 bdft White Pine Reclaimed Lumber 6/4 or 12/4 High Quality09/22/2017FOB Supplier478695
24 pcs Oak Reclaimed Posts/Beams HH 4S 8"-12" 09/21/2017FOB Supplier478693
Cntr Quartersawn Walnut Lumber Strips KD Rough 4/4 FAS09/20/2017FOB Supplier478691
88 Linft Soft Maple or Similar Lumber KD rough 14/4 or 16/4 x 12" Wide Any Grade09/20/2017FOB Supplier478689
~100 bdft Cypress Reclaimed Lumber Not Sinker 8/409/20/2017Memphis, TN 478687
T/L Steamed Walnut Lumber Green or KD Rough 4/4 to 8/4 FAS09/19/2017FOB Supplier478685
17 Reclaimed HH Beams and 58 Hand Hewn Skins any Species 8"09/14/2017FOB Supplier478657
800 bdft Walnut Lumber 90% Heart KD S2S H&M 15/16" FAS or Better09/14/2017Chattanooga , TN 37406478679
2 cntrs Hickory Lumber Export Prepped KD Rough 4/4 #2Com09/13/2017FOB Supplier478673
500 bdft Quartersawn American Beech Lumber KD Rough 5/4 FAS09/12/2017Philadelphia, PA 19124478671
Cntr Curly & Fiddleback Maple Logs Hard or Soft 12"x7' or larger 2SC/Btr09/11/2017FOB Supplier478669
T/L Steamed Walnut Lumber KD Rough 8/4 FAS1F/Btr09/08/2017FOB Supplier478665
T/L Walnut Lumber KD Rough 8/4 #1 & #2Com09/07/2017FOB Supplier478661
10,000 bdmt Monthly Beech Wood Chips to Turkey MC Under 45%09/07/2017CIF Gemlick Port, Turkey478659
1/2 T/L or more Oak Reclaimed Joists 2x10 or 12 and 3x809/01/2017FOB Supplier478653
Up to TL Oak Reclaimed Sleepers 6-8" x 8-14"09/01/2017FOB Supplier478651
1/2 to FTL Softwood Reclaimed Joists 2x10-12"09/01/2017FOB Supplier478649
11,400 Linft Cumaru Decking 1x, 2x Clear Grade09/01/2017FOB Supplier478647
20x40' cntrs Aspen Logs from EU 20cm & Up Fresh Cut08/31/2017Xiamen, China478645
Up to 2 T/Ls Oak Reclaimed Beams No Paint or Whitewash Roughsawn 8x10x14'08/31/2017FOB Supplier478643
200 sqft or More Wormy Chestnut Reclaimed Lumber 4/408/30/2017FOB Supplier478641
5,000 M3 Monthly Douglas Fir Logs Any Size or Length from N America08/30/2017Shanghai478639
4,000 bdft Oak Reclaimed Floor Joists 2-1/8 or Thicker x 10-12"08/29/2017FOB Supplier478635
1,000 bdft FSC Walnut Lumber KD Rough 4/4, 5/4, 8/4 FAS or #Com08/29/2017FOB Supplier478633
2,000 bdft White Oak Lumber FSC Certified KD Rough 4/4, 5/4 & 8/4 Sel or #1Com08/29/2017FOB Supplier478631
T/L SYP Lumber KD Rough 2" #3 & #4Com08/29/2017FOB Supplier478603
200 pcs Hard White Maple Lumber Squares KD S4S 3-5/8"x24-1/4" Clear08/28/2017FOB Supplier478629
T/Ls Walnut Saw and Veneer Logs 10"/Larger 1SC to 4SC08/25/2017FOB Supplier478627
Cntrs Monthly Hard Maple Lumber KD Rough or S2S 4/4 #1 & #2Com08/25/2017To Nearest Port478625
2x40' cntrs White Oak Lumber Green to Shipping Dry on Stickers 6/4 FAS1F/Btr08/25/2017FOB Supplier478623
Cntr Walnut Lumber Ripped KD Rough 4/4 Sel/Btr08/25/2017FOB Supplier478621
Cntr Red Oak Lumber Strips KD Rough 4/4 Ripped 6" & 8" Sel/Btr08/25/2017FOB Supplier478619
400 sqft Any Species Reclaimed Lumber and 2pcs Hand Hewn Beams08/24/2017Ft Myers FLA478617
38M3 SPF Lumber Green Rough 38mm #1Com08/24/2017Karachi, Pakistan478613
2,000-5,000M3 monthly Radiata Pine Construction Grade Logs08/23/2017qingdao, China478615
1-2 cntrs White Ash Lumber KD Rough 6/4 #1Com08/23/2017FOB Supplier478611
2,000 bdft Aspen Lumber KD Rough 8/4 #2A Com08/23/2017FOB Supplier478609
~5,000 sqft Poplar Veneer 1/32" or 1/24" Thick Clear08/23/2017Mooreland, OK 73852478481
Cntrs Eucalyptus Logs 20cm & Up to China08/23/2017Base Ports China478605
37 M3 SPF Lumber Green Rough 16mm #1Com08/22/2017To Nearest Port478601
T/L Mixed Oak Lumber Green Rough 8x8x8'08/21/2017FOB Supplier478599
500-750 bdft Hardwood Reclaimed Barnwood Silver & Brown 7/8x6" or larger08/18/2017FOB Supplier478587
~500 bdft Walnut Moulder Blanks SLR2E S2S 15/16" #1-#2Com08/16/2017FOB Supplier478585
Up to 1,000 bdft Buckeye Lumber Shorts OK Green or AD Rough 8/4 Clear08/16/2017FOB Supplier478583
3,000-4,000 bdft White Oak Reclaimed Lumber 2x12 Must be Sound08/15/2017FOB Supplier478581
5-10 cntrs White Ash Sawlogs 12" 2SC08/15/2017Shanghai , China478579
10 cntrs Raidata Pine Lumber KD 75 & 125mm Pallet Grade08/14/2017CIF Pasir Gudang, Malaysia478575
2 T/Ls Monthly Green Rough Hardwood Pallet Parts Dense Mill Run08/14/2017FOB Supplier478529
~1,000 bdft White Oak Reclaimed Beams 3"&4"x14" x10'/Longer08/11/2017FOB Supplier478573
5,000 bdft White Cedar Lumber Shorts Rough Green or AD 1x608/10/2017FOB Supplier478571
2 Cntrs Red Elm Veneer Logs 14"/Larger 3SC & 4SC08/10/2017FOB Supplier478569
2x40'cntrs Aromatic Red Cedar Logs08/09/2017FOB Supplier478565
10,000bdft Walnut Lumber KD Rough 8/4 #2/Com08/09/2017IN478563
T/Ls Poplar Lumber KD Rough 4/4 FAS08/09/2017GA478559
White Oak Lumber KD Rougn 4/4x8"+ #1Com08/08/2017FOB Supplier478561
84pcs LVL 2x1008/08/2017Mystic CT478555
100cntrs/mnth Ash Logs 2SC, 3SC, 4SC08/07/2017CIF Shangai Port478553
6x40'cntrs KD Rough Hemlock 45mm C08/07/2017Shenzhen Port, China478551
3500MT Wood Pellets08/07/2017Italian Ports478549
4cntrs/month SYP Trims 1x6/8/1008/07/2017To nearest Port478547
10cntrs/mnth KD #2 SYP Shorts 2x408/07/2017To nearest Port478545
Cntrs Walnut and Oak Logs for Export08/04/2017FOB Supplier478543
cntr KD Black Walnut 4/4 FAS08/04/2017CIF Taichung, Taiwan478541
cntrs Black Walnut Logs 13"+08/04/2017China Main Ports478539
T/Ls Doug Fir, Birch & Larch Firewood Logs08/04/2017Spokane, WA478535
2-5cntrs KD or AD Hard & Soft Maple 4/4 2-3a Com08/04/2017To nearest Port478533
2 t/ls/month Green Rough Industrial Hardwood 1x608/04/2017FOB Supplier478527
100,000bf/month Red Oak Flooring Strips #2A08/03/2017FOB Supplier478525
Reclaimed Heart Pine Beams 10"08/03/2017Baton Rouge, LA 70814478523
900bf AD Rough Philippine Mahogany 5/408/02/2017FOB Supplier478521
500-1000bf Reclaimed White Pine for Treads08/01/2017NC478519
40'cntrs Pine Pallet Stock08/01/2017To Nearest Port478517
2000sqft Madrone Flooring07/31/2017Seattle, WA478513
T/L Monthly Oak Lumber Green Rough 5/4 Mill run07/28/2017FOB Supplier478509
6,000 bdft Steamed Dark Walnut Lumber KD Rough 4/4 FAS & #1Com07/28/2017FOB Supplier478507
Cntrs Pine Sawlogs Fresh Cut Any Origin 20cm & Larger07/28/2017CIF Semarang Indonesia478505
EWP Logs 16"/Larger07/28/2017To nearest Port478503
36 pcs Western Red Cedar Lumber KD Roough Clear VG07/27/2017Spring Valley, CA 478501
23,500 bdft Pine Dimension Lumber KD S4S 1x #3Com07/27/2017FOB Supplier478499
Cntrs White Oak Lumber KD Rough 4/4 Sel/Btr & #1Com07/26/2017FOB Supplier112364
1,000 bdft White Oak Lumber KD Rough 4/4 FAS07/26/2017FOB Supplier478497
20 cntrs Red Oak Lumber KD Rough 4/4 Sel/Btr & #1Com07/25/2017FOB Supplier478495
450+ bdft Cherry Reclaimed Lumber 4/4, 5/4 & 5x5 Posts07/25/2017nantucket, MA 02554478493
4,000+ bdft Grey Reclaimed Barnsiding Any Size07/25/2017FOB Supplier478491
5 cntrs Teak Square Posts 6x6 Minimum Sap & Knots07/24/2017Port Louis, Mauritius478485
1,000 Tons Monthly Wood Flour Color No Issue 07/20/2017Lubbock, Texas478479
T/Ls Poplar Lumber Green Rough 4/4,6/4,8/4 #2Com/Btr07/20/2017Northern Neck, VA478477
Bulk Vessels Spruce Logs to China 12cm & Up07/19/2017CIF Dongjiakou Qingdao China478475
Up to FTL White Cedar Lumber Green or AD 1x6 STK07/19/2017FOB Supplier478473
Cntr White Oak Sawlogs 12-13" Debarked Fumigated Phyto Grade AB07/18/2017CIF Mundra India112362
T/Ls Any Species Lumber KD S4S 2x4x4' or 2x6x4' #3/Utility Grade07/18/2017Ault, CO 80610476067
Cntrs Poplar Lumber KD Rough 4/4 7 5/4 #1 & #2Com07/17/2017CIF Viet Nam476065
625 sqft White Oak Flooring Unfinished 3"x18" or Similar Sel/Btr07/17/2017Old tappan, NJ476063
Cntr Red Oak Sawlogs 12-13" Debarked Fumigated Phyto Grade AB07/14/2017CIF Mundra India476059
2 cntrs Walnut Lumber KD Rough 8/4 #1 & #2Com07/14/2017FOB Supplier476057
Cntrs Hemlock Lumber KD S4S or Green & Rough 45 & 47mm Grade C07/14/2017CIF Shenzhen, China476055
88,000 pcs Douglas Fir Dimension Lumber Green or KD 2x4 PET 90.75" #1Com07/13/2017FOB Supplier476053
Cntr Red Elm Veneer Logs 16"/Larger x 10'/Longer 4SC Preferred07/13/2017FOB Supplier476051
Cntrs SPF Lumber KD S4S 78mm Square #1Com07/13/2017FOB Supplier476049
40,000 bdft Douglas Fir Cants VG 8x8 or Larger Clear 4 Faces07/11/2017Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago 33154476043
T/L Heartpine Reclaimed Decking #107/11/2017FOB Supplier476041
500 bdft/30 pcs White Oak Reclaimed Lumber 2"x10"x10' Solid No Rot or Split Ends07/11/2017FOB Supplier476039
100 pcs Walnut Thin Lumber AD Cut to Size Sanded 3/16"x1-1/4"x8-10'07/10/2017Brooklyn, NY 11222476037
1/2 to FTL White Cedar Lumber Shorts Green or AD Rough 1x STK NO Rot No Wane07/10/2017FOB Supplier476033
500 bdft Wormy Red Oak Lumber KD Rough 4/4 #2A & #1Com Sound Knots Character 07/10/2017Clyde, NC476035
2 Cntrs White Oak Sawlogs 12" & Up 0SC, 1SC, 2SC07/10/2017FOB Supplier476029
150 bdft Douglas Fir Reclaimed Lumber 4/4-5/407/05/2017FOB Supplier476027
T/L Oak Reclaimed Lumber 3"x8" or Larger RL07/05/2017FOB Supplier476025
5,000 MT Monthly SYP Sawlogs 14cm-20cm, 22cm-30cm, or 32cm+ butts 06/30/2017To nearest Port476015
500+ bdft oak Reclaimed Barn Siding Varied Dimensions OK06/29/2017FOB supplier476013
5,000 bdft Eucalyptus Red Grandis Lumber KD Rough 4/4 FAS1F06/29/2017FOB Supplier476011
400 bdft Acacia Lumber KD Rough 5/4 Preferred, 4/4 or 6/4 OK 06/29/2017FOB Supplier476009
2,000 sqft SYP Flooring T&G New or Reclaimed Unfinished 3/4x 8"06/28/2017FOB Supplier476007
30 bdft Teak Lumber KD Rough 4/4 FAS06/27/2017Carmel, CA 93923476003
T/Ls Softwood Lumber KD Rough or Surfaced 3/4 or 4/4 #3Com or #2Com/Btr06/27/2017FOB Supplier476001
~6,000 bdft Douglas Fir Reclaimed Lumber Rough Sawn 1 Face 1x8T&G & 2x1206/27/2017FOB Supplier475999
1x40' cntr Walnut Lumber KD Rough 4/4, 6/4 #1, #2Com06/27/2017CIF Haiphong , Vietnam475997
Cntrs Poplar Sawlogs Bark On 15" & Up x 9' & Multiples06/26/2017To nearest Port475995
T/L Black Locust Lumber KD Rough or S2S 4/4 #1Com Preferred06/23/2017FOB Supplier475993
One Live Edge Slab Any Species KD S2S 2" Thick 06/22/2017Jacksons Gap, AL475989
2,000 Linft Larch or Similar Decking 1x606/22/2017Riverhead, NY475821
1x20' cntr Hickory Sapwood KD S2S 15/16" #1Com06/21/2017FOB Supplier475981
10x40' cntrs Monthly Douglas Fir Lumber KD Rough 4/4 & Thicker No Knots No Stain06/20/2017FOB West Coast US Port475961
Monthly Cntrs Ash Logs 10" & Up No Heart Restrictions 3SC & 4SC06/20/2017To nearest Port475985
20 cntrs Monthly Red Oak Sawlogs 10"& Up x 9'/Longer 2SC to 3SC06/20/2017To nearest Port475983
5 cntrs Acacia Sawlogs 20cm & Up Max Character, Grain06/19/2017Nansha Port, China475979
~460 bdft Quartersawn Wenge Lumber KD Rough Any Thickness FAS06/16/2017FOB Supplier475977
3 Units Cedro Plywood Terrmite Treated Cedro Core 1/4" & 3/4" Cabinet Grade B/BB06/16/2017FOB Supplier475975
384+ Linft Spanish Cedar Lumber KD Rough SLR2E 5/4 06/16/2017Bryn Mawr PA475973
2 cntrs Walnut Lumber KD Rough 6/4 & 8/4 #2Com06/15/2017FOB Supplier475971
29,000 pcs Oak or Other Group 1 Dense Hardwood Cut to Size Green Rough 1x8 Mill Run06/14/2017McAlester OK475969
400 sqft Douglas Fir Flooring New Unfinished T&G No EM 3.25"06/14/2017FOB Supplier475967
135 pcs Walnut Lumber KD Rough 4/4, 6/4 & 10/4 FAS06/14/2017FOB Supplier475963
T/Ls Pallet Parts Hard- oir Softwood Green Rough Stringers & Slats06/12/2017Menominee MI475959
Mat Timbers 06/09/2017FOB Supplier475955
Oak Lumber Green 6x6 or 8x8 Dunnage, Character Minimal Checking06/08/2017LOS ANGELES, CA 90023475951
900 sqft Cedar Siding Blackened Shou Sugi Ban Clear Grade06/06/2017Hudson, NY 12534475941
5x40' cntrs Monthly N. American SYP (Taeda) Butt Logs 20"/Larger06/06/2017FOB Container Port475939
1x40' cntr Red Elm Lumber KD Rough 4/4 Sel/Btr06/05/2017FOB Supplier475937
20 pcs Hardwood Reclaimed Hand Hewn Beams Can Fill Truck with Other06/02/2017Houston, TX 77093475935
T/L Hardwood Mix Reclaimed Boarding 1"x4" /Larger06/01/2017FOB Supplier475881
T/L Red Oak Lumber Northern/Appalachian Green Rough 5/4 FAS1F/Btr05/30/2017FOB Supplier475929
Standing Cedar Texas05/30/2017Smithville, TX 78957475927
15 or more Douglas Fir Reclaimed Beams 5-1/2" x 11-1/2" x 10' or 20' 05/30/2017FOB Supplier475925
1,000 bdft Soft Maple Lumber Sel White KD S2S 13/16" #1Com/Btr05/26/2017New York, NY475923
500+ bdft Weathered Grey Reclaimed Lumber 1x & 2x05/26/2017Skokie, IL 60077475921
2 cntrs Trial Sylvestris Pine Round Logs Fresh Cut 10-14CM in Center05/25/2017CIF Bilbao, Spain475917
250 bdft Black Walnut Lumber KD S2S 6/4 FAS05/25/2017La Crescent, MN475915
T/Ls Hard Maple Lumber Unselected/Color KD Rough 4/4 #2Com05/25/2017FOB Supplier475913
1,000 bdft to FTL Brown & White Soft Maple Lumber KD Ropugh or Surfaced 1/2" to 5/4 Sel/Btr, Clear05/25/2017FOB Supplier475907
White Oak Reclaimed Lumber 6"x6"x29'+05/24/2017FOB Supplier475901
T/Ls Ash Lumber Unselected/Color KD Rough 4/4 #1, #2 #3A Com05/24/2017FOB Supplier475899
Red Oak Lumber 4/405/23/2017FOB Supplier475891
~1,900 sqft Hickory Wide Plank Flooring New or Reclaimed Fin or Unf 6"/Wider Knotty & Character 05/22/2017FOB supplier475887
T/LS Red Oak Lumber Green Rough 4/4 #2 & #3A Com05/22/2017FOB Supplier475885
Hardwood Surplus Inventory KD Any Grade05/22/2017FOB Supplier475883
T/L Mixed Species Reclaimed Beams Large Rough Sawn05/19/2017FOB Supplier475879
12,000 bdft Douglas Fir Reclamed Timbers Paint OK 11x15x24' or Larger 05/18/2017FOB Supplier112358
6,000 Linft Cypress Lumber KD Rough 4/4 Sel05/18/2017FOB Supplier475873
T/L SYP Lumber Blue Stain OK KD Rough or S4S 1x4 D-Select05/17/2017FOB Supplier475869
FTL Oak Reclaimed Siding, Borwnboard, or 2" Stock 8"/Wider05/16/2017FOB Supplier475867
12,000 bdft Heartpine Reclaimed Timbers Paint OK Minimal Demo Damage 11x15x24' or Larger 05/15/2017FOB Supplier475861
Cntrs Douglas Fir Square Logs 600mmx900mm Any Grade05/15/2017Busan, Korea475859
2,500 sqft Heartpine Reclaimed Beadboard Painted White No Center Bead 7"/Wider05/11/2017FOB Supplier475853
200+ bdft Teak Lumber AD/KD S4S Full 1", 2", 3" Furniture Grade05/11/2017Ladson, SC 475851
250-500 M3 Monthly Eastern White Pine Lumber KD Rough 2x10 S4S 1.5x10 Clear & Industrial05/10/2017FOB Supplier475849
One pc Walnut Slab 1.75-2"x26"x40" Finished One Edge & One End05/10/2017Cranbrook, BC, BC V1C 4C9475847
550 sqft Mixed Hardwood Flooring Milled from Reclaimed Barnwood T&G RW 4-7"05/09/2017FOB Supplier475845
4,500-5,000 bdft Heartpine Reclaimed Joists Unpainted Minimal Nails, Rot, Demo Damage 2x10 or 1205/08/2017FOB Supplier475843
~400,000 Linft Hickory Lumber KD Rough or S2S H&M 4/4 FAS Partial Qty OK05/08/2017FOB Supplier475841
2,200 Linft Rift/Quartered Ash Lumber KD Rough or H&M 4/4 FAS05/08/2017FOB Supplier475839
20 bdft Teak Lumber KD Rough or Surfaced 4/4 FAS or Clear05/08/2017New Fairfield, CT475837
12,000 bdft Weathered Oak Reclaimed Barnsiding 7/8x5" or Larger05/05/2017FOB Supplier475835
T/L Ash Reclaimed Lumber for Resaw Old Growth 5"+ Minimal Bugs05/05/2017FOB Supplier475833
Pine KD 19% S4S 4/4 & 8/4 #405/03/2017To nearest Port475831
4,000-5,000 bdft Peruvian Walnut/Nogal Lumber KD Rough 4/4 Sel/Btr, FAS, FEQ05/02/2017FOB Supplier475825
T/Ls Oak Fence Boards New Not Reclaimed AD or KD Rough Cut 1x6 x 16' 05/02/2017FOB Supplier475823
1x40' Cntr Pine/Hemlock Reclaimed Barnsiding Weathered Grey 5"+ Clean Dry Trimmed05/01/2017FOB Supplier475817
Cntrs Western Red Cedar Lumber FSC if Possible KD Rough 24 to 50mm04/28/2017Shanghai Port, China475815
500 bdft Chestnut Reclaimed Lumber 1"/Thicker Original Patina or Resawn04/27/2017FOB Supplier475811
Cntrs White Oak Lumber KD Rough 4/4, 12/4, 16/4 FS1F/Btr04/27/2017FOB Supplier475809
Cntrs Red Oak Sawlogs Fresh Cut Defect Free 30cm & up04/27/2017FOB Supplier112356
20' or 40' cntr Walnut Lumber Pulled or Ripped KD Rough 4/4 FAS and Prime04/26/2017FOB Supplier475793
300+ bdft Cherry Lumber KD Rough or S2S 8/4 Rustic04/25/2017Columbus, NE475805
Reclaimed Beams 14x16 and Smaller04/25/2017FOB Supplier475803
T/L Western Red Cedar Cants Fresh Cut 6x6x8'/Longer Prime Grade04/24/2017FOB Supplier112354
T/L Western Red Cedar Sawlogs Fresh Cut 10"/Larger Prime Grade04/24/2017FOB Supplier475801
Approx 20,000 sqft Oak Reclaimed Box Car Wood04/24/2017FOB Supplier475799
10,000 Linft Cypress Lumber KD Rough to Net 1-1/2"x17"04/24/2017FOB Supplier475797
182 bdft Hickory Lumber KD S2S 2.5"+ Sel/Btr04/21/2017Lakewood, CO475795
500 bdft White Oak Lumber SLR1E KD Rough 8/4 Sel/Btr04/21/2017Dakota, MN112352
T/Ls Aromatic Red Cedar Logs 12"/Larger Preferred for Export04/20/2017FOB Supplier475791
Cntrs White Ash Sawlogs Fresh Cut Defect Free 30cm & up04/20/2017FOB Supplier475779
Cntrs White Ash Sawlogs Fresh Cut Defect Free 30cm & up04/20/2017FOB Supplier475779
30x40' Cntrs Monthly White Ash Lumber KD Rough 4/4, 5/4, & 8/4 Sel/Btr04/19/2017FOB: Mill, Rail or Port475787
T/L Any Maple Turning Squares KD 8/4,10/4,12/4,14/4 FAS or #1Com04/19/2017FOB Supplier475785
100,000+ pcs Mixed Hardwood Pallet Parts Green Rough 1x, 3x Mill run04/19/2017Ballwin, MO 63022475783
Any Qty Walnut Sawlogs 24"/Larger Bark On04/19/2017FOB Supplier475781
100,000+ bdft Monthly White Oak Lumber KD Rough 6/4 FAS1F/Btr04/18/2017FOB Supplier112350
50 bdft Teak Lumber KD Rough 8/4 Select04/18/2017Kennesaw, GA 475777
4 T/Ls Monthly Red Oak Lumber KD Rough 4./4 Selects04/18/2017FOB Supplier475775
12,000 bdft Black Walnut Lumber KD Rough 4/4 FAS1F04/18/2017FOB Supplier475773
110,000 bdft Monthly Red Oak Lumber KD Rough 6/4 FAS1F/Btr04/17/2017FOB Supplier475771
14,000 bdft Teak Lumber KD Rough or H&M Any Thickness x 6" FAS04/17/2017Orange , CA 92865455771
750 bdft Black Walnut Lumber Shorts KD Rough 8/4 FAS04/14/2017FOB Supplier455767
2 cntrs Red Elm Lumber KD Rough 4/4 Sel/Btr04/13/2017FOB Supplier455765
2 Cntrs Hard Maple Lumber KD Rough 6/4 & 8/4 FAS1F & #1Com04/13/2017FOB Supplier455763
2250 pcs Ekki/Azobe Timber S4S 50mm & 203mm04/13/2017Dammam port, Saudi Arabia455761
3,000 bdft Western Red Cedar Lumber KD Rough 1x8 Knotty04/13/2017north charleston, SC 29405455759
1x40' cntr Red Oak Lumber 4/4 #1Com04/13/2017CIF Xingang or Shanghai455757
1,100 SYP Flooring T&G 5-1/8" C/Btr04/12/2017FOB Supplier455755
Cntrs Basswood Lumber KD Rough 4/4 #1, #2Com & 8/4 Sel/Btr04/12/2017FOB Supplier112348
10x40' cntrs Basswood Lumber Squares Fresh Sawn Rough 4"/Larger Sound Log Run04/12/2017FOB Supplier455753
T/L Douglas Fir/Larch or ESLP Lumber KD Rough 2x6x4' #3 or #2Com04/11/2017Ault, CO455749
2,400 sqft Douglas Fir Reclaimed Exterior Siding Circle Sawn 1x804/11/2017FOB Supplier455747
51 pcs Western Red Cedar Dimension Lumber KD S4S 5/4, 2x, 6x6 Clear04/10/2017Inver Grove Heights, MN455741
1,000 bdft Black Locust Lumber Green AD KD Rough 4/4 & 8/4 Log Run 04/10/2017FOB Supplier455745
FTL Western Red Cedar Lumber Green Rough Full Sawn 2"x8" Appearance Grade no Rot.04/10/2017Binghamton NY455743
500 bdft Steamed Walnut Lumber SLR1E KD Rough 8/4 Sel/Btr04/10/2017Dakota, MN455739
1,200 Linft Plaine Sawn White Oak T&G Paneling Center Match 1x4 Clear No Knots04/10/2017FOB Supplier455737
205 bdft Sipo Mahogany Lumber KD S2S 4/4, 6/4 & 8/4 Sel or #1Com04/07/2017Louisville, KY455733
Cntrs Walnut Saw & Veneer Logs 14"/Larger A, AB04/06/2017HO CHI MINH, Vietnam 112346
6,500 pcs Japanese or Western Red Cedar Milled/Construction Lumber KD S4S 5/4x6 & 2x6 Arch Knotty STK04/05/2017FOB supplier455731
50-150 bdft Ponderosa Pine Lumber KD Rough 6/4x22"/Wider Min Knots & Checking04/04/2017Clarksville, MO455697
Cntr Engelmann Spruce Logs 240 cm Circumference04/04/2017China Port455727
T/L Softwood Reclaimed Beams Not Hand Hewn 8x804/03/2017FOB Supplier455725
~1750 bdft Quartersawn White Oak Lumber Green/AD/KD Rough 5/4 or 6/4 Sel/Btr03/31/2017FOB Supplier455717
4,000-5,000 bdft White Oak Veneer Logs 28"/Larger03/31/2017FOB Supplier455715
Cntrs Steamed Walnut Lumber KD Rough 5/4 & 6/4 #1, #2Com03/31/2017FOB Supplier455719
2,700 sqft Oak Reclaimed Flooring Unfinished T&G 6"/Wider 03/30/2017FOB Supplier455713
5,000 bdft African Teak Lumber Rough 4/403/30/2017FOB Supplier455711
2,000 sqft Black Walnut Flooring 8"/Wider 03/30/2017FOB Supplier455709
Cntrs White Oak Saw & Veneer Logs 14"/Larger A, AB03/30/2017Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam455707
4,000 sqft Douglas Fir V-Joint Paneling 1x4 Tight Knot03/30/2017FOB Supplier455705
Cntrs Hickory Cants Green 6x8 End Waxed03/29/2017FOB Supplier455703
5-10 cntrs Monthly Hickory Lumber KD Rough 3/4" #2Com/Btr03/29/2017FOB Supplier455701
T/Ls Walnut Lumber KD Rough 4/4 FAS1F03/29/2017FOB Supplier455699
5 cntrs Eastern White Pine Lumber Green/AD/KD Rough 3x3 #2, #3Com03/29/2017To nearest Port455695
T/Ls Mesquite Sawdust03/27/2017Manitowoc, WI455689
10x40' cntrs Pine Utility Pole Logs Debarked 17-20cm Tops 03/24/2017CIF the Philippines455687
40,000 Linft Spruce or Similar Lumbr Blanks KD 1-1/2 x 1-3/8" Solid or FJ Lower Grades OK03/24/2017FOB Supplier455685
5,000 bdft or more Douglas Fir Reclaimed Lumber Original Circle Sawn Surface 1.75"/Thicker x 6"/Wider03/23/2017FOB Supplier455683
1x40' cntr Western Red Cedar Logs 30cm & Larger03/23/2017CIF Busan Korea455679
10,000 bdft Any Single Species Hardwood Lumber Not Reclaimed KD 4/4 SLR S1S Rustic03/23/2017Toronto, ON M6K2A3455677
T/L Reclaimed Glulams03/22/2017FOB supplier455673
Cntr White Ash KD Lumber03/22/2017FOB Supplier455671
T/Ls Black Willow Lumber KD Rough 8/4 FAS03/22/2017FOB Supplier455669
7,500 bdft Hickory Lumber Green Rough 4/4 #1Com/Btr03/21/2017FOB Supplier455667
2 cntrs Walnut Sawlogs 16"/Larger 3SC & 2SC03/21/2017FOB Supplier112344
~250 bdft Teak Lumber AD/KD Rough 4/4 Sel/Btr03/17/2017Rock Cave, WV455665
T/Ls Oak Reclaimed Horse Fence Net 1"x5"x84"03/17/2017FOB Supplier455663
Monthly Cntrs White Ash Sawlogs 12"+ Butts 2SC, 3SC, 4SC03/17/2017To Nearest Port112342
50 T/Ls Cypress Logs 10" & up Bark On 03/16/2017FOB Supplier455659
3,200 bdft Quartersawn Santos Mahogany Lumber KD Rough or H&M Any Thickness FAS03/15/2017FOB Supplier455657
Walnut Logs 20cm & up03/14/2017FOB Supplier455655
T/L White Ash Lumber KD Rough 5/4 Sel/Btr03/13/2017FOB Supplier455653
30 cntrs Hickory Low Grade Logs 12" & Up 0SC 1SC 2SC 03/13/2017To Nearest Port112340
2 cntrs White Oak Sawlogs 16"/Larger 3SC & 2SC03/13/2017FOB Supplier455641
500-800 sqft Any Species Reclaimed Barnwood Weathered Circle Sawn 1" 03/13/2017FOB Supplier455651
30 cntrs White Oak Low Grade logs 12" & Up 0SC 1SC 2SC 03/10/2017To nearest Port455647
200,000 bdft Walnut Sawlogs 12"+ Butts 2SC, 3SC03/10/2017To Nearest Port112338
T/L Radiata Pine Lumber KD Rough 6/4 Moulding & Better Grade03/10/2017FOB Supplier455645
1,000 bdft Biredseye Maple Lumber KD Rough 8/4 Any Grade03/09/2017Holyoke, MA455643
5 T/Ls Eastern White Pine Lumber KD Rough or Surfaced Any Dimensions Sel03/09/2017FOB Supplier455637
425 bdft Black Walnut Lumber KD Rough 4/4 Clear No Knots or Sapwood03/08/2017FOB Supplier455631
24,000 Linft White Oak Decking S4S Radius Edge 5/4x4 Clear03/07/2017FOB Supplier455627
70,000 Linft White Oak Siding KD Rough Face 1x6 Sound Character Grade03/07/2017FOB Supplier455625
30,000M3 Monthly SYP Sawlogs Fumigated 20cm & Up03/07/2017FOB Supplier455621
6 Heartpine Reclaimed Timbers Red Color to Yield 8" x 10" x 27' #1 or Good #2 03/06/2017FOB Supplier455619
1,000 bdft Western Red Cedar KD Rough 4/4x3 B/C Clear & better 03/06/2017FOB Supplier455615
200,000 bdft Red Oak Sawlogs 12"+ Butts 2SC, 3SC, 4SC03/06/2017To nearest Port455613
Cntrs Monthly Eucaluyptus Logs to Asian Ports03/06/2017CIF Qingdao, China & Kandla India455611
Cntr White Oak & White Ash Mix Lumber Strips KD Rough 4/4x6" FAS03/03/2017CIF Hamburg or Gdynia455601
500 bdft Oak Reclaimed Threshing Floor No Oil 2"x12"+03/02/2017FOB Supplier455609
Cntr Monthly White Oak Lumber KD Rough 4/4 through 8/4 FAS, #1 & #2Com03/02/2017FOB Supplier455605
Cntrs Any Ash Lumber KD Rough 4/4 & 5/4 Any Grade or Mix03/02/2017FOB Eastern Port455603
20,000-60,000 sqft Hardwood Reclaimed Flooring or Flooring Grade Lumber03/02/2017FOB Supplier455607
28M3 White Oak Lumber Strips KD Rough 4/4 FAS03/02/2017CIF Hamburg or Gdynia455599
22 White Oak Lumber Slabs KD ~2"x28"x96"03/02/2017Memphis, TN 38112455597
Cntr Red Oak Lumber KD Rough 4/4 Sel/Btr03/01/2017FOB Supplier455595
T/Ls Heartpine Reclaimed Beams & Posts #103/01/2017FOB Supplier455593
2x40' Cntrs Red Oak Lumber KD Rough 4/4 Sel & #1Com02/28/2017FOB Supplier455589
T/Ls Any Species 4x6x6' Dunnage Green or dry02/28/2017Ault CO455587
12pcs Black Locust Timbers Dry Rough 8x8 #2Com/Btr 02/28/2017FOB Supplier455537
640 bdft Natural Heart Red Beech Lumber KD Rough or S2S 4/4 & 5/4 Sel/Btr02/28/2017FOB Supplier455581
Bubinga Slabs with Sap & Character02/27/2017Streamwood, IL 455575
400 bdft Teak Lumber 4/402/24/2017Belle Plaine, KS455569
340 White Oak Timbers Green Rough 4x12 x 16'02/24/2017FOB Supplier455567
35 Oak Reclaimed Logs Hewn 1 Face 14"/Larger 12" Face 30' Long02/23/2017FOB Supplier455565
7,000 bdft Ipe Reclaimed from the Coney Island Boardwalk02/22/2017Appleton, WI 54914455563
200 bdft Red Oak Lumber KD Rough or Surfaced 4/4 FAS1F & FAS02/22/2017FOB Supplier455557
6,000-7,000 bdft Cedar OR Redwood Reclaimed NYC Water Tower Wood 2-1/2" RWL 02/22/2017FOB Supplier455561
1,500 sqft Maple Reclaimed Flooring 3-1/4"02/22/2017FOB Supplier455559
Anuy Quantity White Oak & White Ash Lamella 3 to 6mm to Poland02/22/2017Gdynia Poland455555
Cntrs Steamed Black Walnut Lumber KD Rough 8/4 FAS1F02/21/2017FOB Supplier455553
T/L or Less Red Oak Lumber KD Rough 16' Long 5/4 #1Com02/20/2017FOB Supplier455551
Up to FTL Poplar Lumber KD Rough 5/4 #1Com All 16' Long02/20/2017FOB Supplier455549
20,000 M3 Monthly Pulp Logs Bark On Fresh Cut 8cm+02/20/2017Qinzhou Port, China455545
5,300 bdft White Oak Lumber Ripped KD Rough 4/4 FAS02/17/2017FOB Supplier455541
800 sqft Atlantic White Cedar Lumber KD Rough 1x6 Clear or Select02/16/2017FOB Supplier455539
One Cherry Live Edge Slab KD Rough 3"02/16/2017Isle of Palms, SC455535
T/L Cumala Lumber KD Rough 6/4 Sel/Btr02/16/2017FOB Supplier455533
5 cntrs Monthly SYP Lumber KD/HT S4S 38mm #1 & #2Com02/16/2017To nearest Port455527
2,900 sqft Maple Boxcar Flooring02/15/2017FOB Supplier455503
2,000 M3 Monthly Douglas Fir Sawlogs Bark On 22-50 cm 02/15/2017Shandong Provoince Port455521
T/Ls SPF or Similar End Trims KD 2x4 & 6 #2Com/Btr02/15/2017Ault CO455517
T/L Poplar of Similar Lumber End Trims AD or KD 2x #2Com/Btr02/14/2017FOB Supplier455515
24,000 bdft White Ash & White Oak Mixed KD Rough 4/4 #2 & #3Com02/13/2017FOB Supplier455513
1,000 bdft to FTL White Oak Lumber KD Rough 4/4 Sel/Btr 6' Only02/10/2017FOB Supplier455505
62 Aspen Logs to make Log Furniture 4" & 6" x8'02/10/2017Columbus, Ohio455501
T/Ls Old Stone Foundations, Churches, Cobblestones, Flagstone02/09/2017Cincinnati , OH 45230455499
110 Oak or Similar Beams Not Reclaimed AD or KD Rough Sawn or Hand Hewn 2.5" to 10" 02/09/2017FOB Supplier112334
2x40' cntrs Red Gum Veneer Logs 24"/Larger 4SC02/08/2017FOB Supplier455497
500 bdft White Oak Reclaimed Joists 2" 02/08/2017FOB Supplier455495
2 T/Ls Monthly Any Species Barnwood, 2x, Beams02/08/2017FOB Supplier455493
30,000 M3 Monthly Radiata Pine Construction Grade Logs 10CM & Up02/07/2017CIF China Port455489
4,500 sqft Longleaf Pine Reclaimed Flooring 3.25"02/07/2017FOB Supplier455487
2x40' cntrs Red Oak Veneer Logs 16"/Larger 4SC02/06/2017FOB Supplier455485
3,000 or more Linft Eastern White Pine or Hemlock Reclaimed Lumber Original Brown Surface 4/4x12"/Wider02/06/2017FOB Supplier455483
~1,000 pcs Monthly Any Species Edge Glued Rounds/Discs Sanded Faces Rounded Edges 1"x17.75: & 23.75" Diameter 02/06/2017FOB Supplier455479
2 cntrs Monthly Eastern White Pine Lumber KD S4S 4/4 Industrial Grade02/06/2017To nearest Port455477
Any Qty Hickory Logs One Log to FTL Any Size Any Grade 02/06/2017FOB Supplier455473
~4,000 bdft Larch Poles 12"/Larger x 20-25' Long Sound02/06/2017FOB Supplier455471
110 Cypress Beams AD or KD Rough Sawn or Hand Hewn 2.5" to 10" 02/06/2017FOB Supplier455467
Cntrs White Spruce Lumber S4S 6/4 (35mm) #1 & #2Com02/03/2017Shanghai Taicang, China455465
6,000 bdft Bald Cypress Lumber KD S4S 4/4 Sel02/02/2017Carlsbad CA455463
57 Redwood or Oak Logs with Rootballs Bark On02/02/2017California455461
375 sqft Maple Engineered Flooring Finished Clear 1/2x2-1/4" #1 or #2Com02/01/2017Bruce Crossing, MI112332
175 sqft Red Oak Flooring Unfinished MB 2.25" & 3" Mix #1 or #2Com02/01/2017Bruce Crossing, MI455435
2x40' cntrs Aromatic Red Cedar Logs from USA Bark On 10"/Larger Preferred Sound Grade01/31/2017FOB Supplier455455
T/Ls SYP Palet Boards 4/4 x 4" & 6"01/30/2017FOB Supplier455453
Kiln Service in Eastern US 8,000 bdft 6/4 Red Oak Log Run01/30/2017FOB Supplier455451
Cntr White Oak Lumber KD Rough or H&M any Thickness to Net 12-3/8" Wide FAS 2 Faces01/30/2017FOB Supplier455449
400 bdft of more Oak Reclaimed Lumber No Nails AD or KD 4x4, 5x5, or 6x601/30/2017FOB Supplier455445
FTL Western Red Cedar Lumber US Wood Only 8x1001/27/2017FOB Supplier455441
1x40' cntr Quartersawn Ash Lumber KD Rough 8/4 Sel/Btr or #1Com01/27/2017FOB Supplier455439
400+ Sheets Maple Veneered Birch Ply Prefinished 1 & 2S 3/4-4x8 A & B Grades01/27/2017FOB Supplier455437
One Log or Hundreds Wormy Soft Maple 18" & Up Heavy Wormy Figure01/26/2017FOB Supplier455433
Cntr Hickory Lumber AD Only No KD #2 or #3Com01/24/2017FOB Supplier455429
T/L Red Leaf Soft Maple Lumber Unselected/Color Green Rough 4/4 #1Com/Btr01/24/2017FOB Supplier455427
1,000 bdft Black Walnut Lumber KD S2S SLR 8/4 #1Com01/24/2017FOB Supplier455413
T/Ls Monthly Douglas Fir/Larch Dimension Lumber KD 2x #3Com/Btr01/23/2017Ault CO455425
2 cntrs Soft Maple Lumber Color No Defect KD Rough Any Thickness or S2S 15/16" FAS01/23/2017FOB Supplier455423
27 White Oak Timbers KD S4S 8" to 12" #1Com/Btr FOHC01/23/2017FOB Supplier455421
3x40' cntrs White Oak Lumber KD Rough 4/4 Sel01/23/2017FOB Supplier455419
4700 sqft Patagonia Rosewood Unfinished Flooring 5"/Wider01/23/2017FOB Supplier455417
One White Oak Landing Tread 1/2"x5-1/2" x 45 Feet Select01/23/2017Isle of Palms, SC455415
T/L Firewood Logs01/23/2017FOB Supplier455409
LTL White Oak Lumber Green Rough 5/4 FAS01/20/2017FOB Supplier112330
10,000 bdft White Oak Lumber KD Rough 5/4 FAS01/20/2017FOB Supplier455407
~25,000 M3 SYP Sawlogs 20 cm & Larger01/20/2017CIF Qingdao, China455403
Rift/Quartered White Oak Flooring Unfinished 2-1/4"01/19/2017FOB Supplier455401
Cntrs SPF Lumber KD Rough 19 & 25mm Industrial Grade01/19/2017FOB Supplier455397
500M3 SPF Logs 25cm & Up Industrial Grade01/18/2017FOB Supplier455395
1,400 sqft Any Species Dirty Top Reclaimed Lumber 5"-7"01/17/2017FOB Supplier112328
Cntrs Ash Lumber KD FAS, #2Com01/16/2017new jersey455389
70,000 bdmt Monthly Acacia & Eucalyptus Globulus Pulp/Paper Grade Woodchips01/16/2017Rizhao Port, China455371
~11,000 bdft Thermally Teated European White Oak Lumber Any Thickness Sel Grade01/16/2017FOB Supplier455361
~3,000 sqft Cedar or Pine T&G Siding 1x6 or 1x8 01/16/2017FOB Supplier455385
1x40' cntr Pitch Pine Timber SD to AD Rough 12x12 #1 & #2 Grades01/13/2017FOB Supplier455383
24 Douglas Fir Timbers KD S4S 3" to 6" FOHC Structural01/13/2017FOB Supplier455381
4,500 sqft Reclaimed Heartpine Flooring 10" #101/12/2017FOB Supplier455375
Cntr Beech Lumber Squares SD to AD Rough 12x12 Best Grade Available01/11/2017FOB Supplier455373
2 Douglas Fir Logs 36" Diameter x 12' Long01/10/2017Charlottesville, VA455369
12,000 tons Wood Pellets01/10/2017FOB Supplier455319
5-10 T/Ls Hickory Lumber KD Rough Export Prepped 4/4 #2Com01/10/2017FOB Supplier455367
47 White Oak Timbers Solid AD or KD 6" to 11" Character Grade01/09/2017FOB Supplier455363
5,000 bdft White Oak Lumber Circular Sawn KD Rough 4/4 #2 & #3Com01/06/2017FOB Supplier455357
1,400 sqft Reclaimed Heartpine Flooring Unfinished T&G 5" ish01/05/2017Cedarburg, WI455355
~6,000 bdft Any Species Reclaimed Hand Hewn Timbers Denailed Limited Mortises/Holes No Paint 8x801/05/2017FOB Supplier455353
4 Hand Hewn Any Species Reclaimed Beams 12x12/Larger01/05/2017Tampa, FL 33606455351
120 sqft White Reclaimed Barnsiding 1xRWL01/04/2017Isle of Palms, SC455345
Midwest Buyer Looking for Engineered Flooring Manufacturer Our Wood01/04/2017FOB Supplier455339
T/L Mixed Hardwood Sawlogs 12" & Up Any Grade01/04/2017FOB Supplier455337
150 bdft Soft Maple Lumber KD S2S 7/8" Sel/Btr Sap/Btr01/04/2017Oklahoma City, OK455329
T/L or more Weekly White Oak Sawlogs 12"/Larger Any Grade01/03/2017Chestertown, MD 21620455341
8,000 bdft White Oak Lumber KD Rough 4/4 Character01/03/2017FOB Supplier455335
10,000+ bdft Mixed Hardwoods or Softwoods Reclaimed Barnwood Denailed No Paint 3/4-1"x4"+01/03/2017FOB Supplier455333
Truckloads Hard White Maple Lumber Rips KD S2S 13/16 or 15/16 #2A Com01/03/2017FOB Supplier455323
Red Oak Lumber 4/401/03/2017FOB Supplier455325
T/Ls Red Oak Lumber Blanks KD S2S 4-5/8 #2A Com12/30/2016FOB Supplier455321
T/L Black Walnut Lumber Strips Green Rough 2.5 and/or 3" Sap Free & Clear12/30/2016FOB Supplier455279
T/L Walnut Lumber Pulled for Width KD Rough 4/4 #1Com12/29/2016FOB Supplier455317
1,000 bdft Eastern Red Cedar Logs 8"/Larger x 16'12/29/2016Palermo, ME 04354455315
4,000 bdft Douglas Fir Reclaimed Joists Dry Denailed 2-3/4"x11"+12/28/2016FOB Supplier455309
500 bdft Cherry lumber KD 6/412/27/2016FOB Supplier455307
60,000 sqft Monthly Red Oak Flooring Solid Unfinished 4" or 4-1/4" Sel/Btr, #1 or #2Com 12/27/2016FOB Supplier455299
Cntrs Monthly OSB 9mm to 18mm to China12/22/2016SH Port, China455291
2 Any Species Reclaimed Hand Hewn Beams 14" or Larger Good Condition12/21/2016FOB Supplier455289
7,000 bdft Douglas Fir Reclaimed Timbers 12x12 RL12/21/2016FOB Supplier455287
1x40' cntr Walnut lumber Strips Green Rough 2.5 & 3" FAS12/19/2016FOB Supplier455281
T/Ls Hickory Logs Any Size Any Grade12/19/2016FOB Supplier455275
2,000 bdft SYP Reclaimed Lumber Circle Sawn 4/412/16/2016FOB Supplier455273
40 Hardwood Live Edge Slabs KD Preferred 6/4 or 8/4 x2'+ x 9'12/16/2016FOB Supplier455269
40 Hardwood Live Edge Slabs KD Preferred 6/4 or 8/4 x2'+ x 9'12/16/2016FOB Supplier455269
40' cntr Tulipwood/Yellow Poplar Lumber KD 7/4 or 3/4 KD Rough FAS or F1F12/16/2016CIF Rotterdam455267
450 bdft Redwood Reclaimed Lumber 2x4 x 2' & Longer12/15/2016FOB Supplier455263
~250 bdft Hinoki Lumber KD Rough 4/4 FAS12/14/2016Greenfield, MA455261
200-250 bdft Walnut Lumber KD Rough 8/4 FAS12/14/2016Berryville, VA455259
2,500-4,000 bdft Mixed Hardwoods Reclaimed Lumber No Beech Rough Sawn 4/4 Flat No Rot12/13/2016FOB Supplier455257
Bulk Vessel SYP Logs 20cm & Up with Phyto, Fumigation12/13/2016CIF Tianjin (Xingang), China455255
T/Ls Soft Maple Lumber Green Rough 4/4 Sap/Btr #2Com/Btr12/12/2016FOB Supplier455253
200 Linft White Oak Reclaimed Beams Sawn Faces Minimal Pockets 12x1212/12/2016FOB Supplier455251
400 pcs Any Species Reclaimed Joists 2x14 x 20'12/12/2016FOB Supplier455247
Up to 3,000 bdft Any Species Burled Lumber KD Preferred 8/4 or 10/412/12/2016FOB Supplier455249
Up ro 22,500 bdft Pecky Cypress New Lumber KD Rough 4/412/08/2016FOB Supplier455245
~14,000 bdft Mixed Hardwoods Reclaimed Timbers Hand Hewn 2S 10"/Wider12/06/2016FOB Supplier455241
189 pcs Poplar Lumber KD Preferred Rough 8/4 #1Com/Btr12/05/2016FOB Supplier455239
LTL Western Red Cedar Timbers Rough 4" & 6" C& Btr FOHC Preferred12/02/2016FOB Supplier455235
4-8 pcs Aquariquari Stumps & Logs 12-40" x 6'-10'12/02/2016FOB Supplier455233
5,000 sqft ipe Decking 1x4 Clear12/01/2016FOB Supplierr112324
Any Quantity Maple Reclaimed Factory Flooring No Oil Any Size12/01/2016FOB Supplier455231
58-66 pcs Douglas Fir Reclaimed Joists/Beams 2" & 4"12/01/2016FOB Supplier455229
5,000 sqft Ipe Flooring Unfinished 3"-5" Any Grade12/01/2016FOB Supplierr455227
Cntrs Itauba Decking KD S4S 25x145 mm11/30/2016FOB Supplier455225
Cntrs Monthly Spruce Sawlogs 36-50 CM Construction Grade11/30/2016Damietta, Egypt112322
~50,000 bdft Eastern White Pine Lumber Green or Dry Rough 4/4 Any Grade Must be Solid11/30/2016MA455223
4,500 bdft Rift White Oak Lumber KD Rough 8/4 Sel/Btr11/29/2016FOB Supplier455221
~150 bdft Persimmon Lumber KD Rough or Surfaced 8/4 FAS or Best Grade Available11/29/2016Memphis, TN455219
Cntrs Monthly Poplar Sawlogs 36-50 CM Construction Grade11/29/2016Damietta, Egypt455217
500-1,000 bdft Sassafras Lumber KD Rough Edged 5/4 & 8/4 Any Grade11/29/2016Muskegon, MI455187
4,000 bdft White Oak Reclaimed Lumber/Beams for Resaw 10"/Wider11/29/2016FOB Supplier455215
10,000-12,000 bdft Red Oak Lumber SLR1E KD 4/4 11/29/2016FOB Supplier455213
3,000 to 5,000 bdft Locust Logs 10"/Larger Tops Sound11/28/2016FOB Supplier455211
5,000 Linft White or Yellow Pine Siding T&G 1x6 x 16'11/28/2016FOB supplier455209
97 pcs Oak Reclaimed Timbers 8"/Larger Limited or No Mortises11/25/2016FOB Supplier455207
~190 bdft Quartersawn Hard Maple Lumber KD S1S SLR1E 8/4 to 10/4 Clear11/25/2016Pine Island, NY 10969455205
2x40' cntrs Douglas Fir or SPF Studs KD S4S 2x4 Premium or #1/Btr11/21/2016Cebu City, Philippines455201
3 pcs Ribbon Stripe Sapele Plywood MDF or VC 1/4" Stainable Back11/18/2016Decker MI455197
~13,000 bdft White Oak Lumber Live Sawn KD 4/4 x 17"+11/18/2016FOB Supplier455195
25,000 bdft Rift White Oak FSC Lumber KD Any Thickness 9-10" Wide FAS11/17/2016Orange , CA 92865455193
200 bdft Any Species Reclaimed Mix of Lumber, Beams 4/4 to 8x811/17/2016Upper Kingsclear, NB455185
White Oak or Burr Oak Lumber 4/4 & 8/4 FAS to Clear11/16/2016FOB Supplier455189
43 Oak Hand hewn Reclaimed Beams Denailed 12x12 Good Quality11/16/2016FOB Supplier455183
1x40' FCL Aromatic Red Cedar Cants Any Size Any Grade11/15/2016CIF Incheon, Korea455181
2,000 bdft or more Heartpine Reclaimed Posts or Beams 12x12 x 14'+11/15/2016FOB Supplier455179
4/4 Lumber FAS11/15/2016FOB Suppliere455177
Eastern White Pine or Douglas Fir Logs 20-24" Sound11/11/2016FOB Supplier455173
250-500 bdft Walnut Lumber Live Edge KD Rough 8/4 Rustic11/11/2016FOB Supplier455171
~5 T/Ls Hem Fir Lumber KD Rough 3" #2/Btr11/10/2016FOB Supplier455167
1,800-2,000 bdft European White Oak Lumber KD Rough or Surfaced 4/4 FAS11/09/2016Orange , CA 92865455165
T/Ls Douglas Fir Lumber KD Rough or Surfaced Full 5/4 #2 & Btr11/09/2016Ault, CO455161
T/Ls SYP Lumber KD Rough or Surfaced Full 5/4 #2Com11/09/2016Ault, CO 80610455159
T/L Monthly Poplar Lumber KD Rough 6/4 #1Com11/08/2016Ault, CO455157
130 pcs Maple Plywood Veneer or PB Core 1/2 & 3/4" C or D11/08/2016FOB Supplier455155
8,000-10,000 bdft Any Species or Mix Reclaimed Silver Barnwood Denailed No Paint 3/4-1" RW11/07/2016FOB Supplier455151
17,600+ Linft Softwood Reclaimed Lumber 1x & 2x Rough Preferred 11/07/2016FOB Supplier455149
T/L or more Pine Reclaimed Decking 7" #2Grade11/07/2016FOB Supplier455147
40 pcs Oak or Maple Reclaimed Boxcar Flooring 12" Wide11/07/2016McKinney, TX455145
Pine/Fir Reclaimed Beams 9'/Larger11/07/2016FOB Supplier455143
~2,000 bdft Hemlock Lumber Live Edge KD Rough or S2S 1" & 2"11/07/2016FOB Supplier455141
900 bdft Rift & Quartered White Oak Lumber KD Rough 16/4x12" or Wider #1 & #2Com11/04/2016FOB Supplier455139
1,000 bdft Any Species or Mix Reclaimed Barnwood 3/4-1" Weathered Silver/Grey No Paint11/04/2016FOB Supplier455137
Heartpine Beams11/03/2016FOB Supplier455131
250-500 bdft Spanish Cedar Lumber Shorts KD S2s 1/2" FAS11/02/2016East Northport, NY 11731455127
Poplar Lumber 6/4 STK11/02/2016FOB Supplier455125
Cntrs Red Oak Lumber KD Surfaced 15/16" #2ACom11/02/2016SAN DIEGO, CA455121
Mixed Cntr White Ash & White Oak Lumber KD rough 4/4 & 6/4 #2 & #3Com11/01/2016FOB Supplier455119
3,000-8,000 bdft Rift/Quartered White Oak Lumber KD Rough 5"/Wider 8/4 #1Com11/01/2016FOB Supplier455117
45 pcs Spalted Maple Lumber KD Rough or S2S 4/4 10/31/2016FOB Supplier455115
250-500 bdft Aromatic Cedar Lumber Shorts KD S2S 1/2" Clear or FAS10/31/2016East Northport, NY455111
Up to 10,000 sqft Softwood Reclaimed Siding Grey 10"/Wider Partial Load(s) OK10/28/2016FOB Supplier455109
Cntrs Red Elm or Elm & Walnut Mixed Sawlogs 13"/Larger 3SC 10/28/2016FOB Supplier455085
T/L Douglas Fir Veneer Logs First Cut 23" 4SC10/28/2016FOB Supplier455107
5,000 bdft Quartersawn Walnut Lumber KD Rough 4/4 FAS1F/Btr10/27/2016FOB Supplier455099
3,000 sqft Reclaimed SYP Flooring Unfinished EM 4-7" Preferred10/26/2016FOB Supplier455005
12,000-15,000 bdft Pine, Fir or Hemlock Reclaimed Lumber 4/4 x 6"/Wider10/25/2016FOB supplier455097
2x40' Cntrs Douglas Fir Dimension Lumber KD S4S EE 2x2 x 8' #1Com/Btr10/25/2016Cebu , Philippines455095
6,000 Douglas Fir 2x6's #2Com 8' Long10/25/2016FOB Supplier455091
1x40' cntr Red Oak Lumber Strips SLR2E KD Rough 4/4x8" FAS1F/Btr10/24/2016FOB Supplier455089
Cntrs Monthly Red Oak Lumber KD Rough 4/4 & 5/4 #2Com10/24/2016FOB Supplier455087
200 pcs Eastern White Pine Lumber Squares KD S4S Full 4" Knotty10/24/2016FOB Supplier455083
600 White or Heartpine Reclaimed Joists 2x14 Will Consider Fir10/21/2016FOB Supplier112318
+/- 20,000 sqft/bdft Pine or Fir Reclaimed Decking T&G 1.5-2" Thick10/21/2016FOB Supplier112316
10-20 bdft Highly Figured Walnut Lumber Shorts/Cutoffs AD/KD 4/4 Any Grade10/21/2016Missoula, MT455079
98 Pine or Fir Reclaimed Posts & Beams Not for Resaw 4" to 12"10/21/2016FOB Supplier455077
2x40' Cntrs Hard Maple Saw/Veneer Logs Max 25-30% Heart 14"/Larger 3SC/Btr10/20/2016Inchon, Korea455075
10-32000 bdft Pine Reclaimed Joists 2"-3"x12" No Whitewash10/20/2016FOB Supplier455073
2-3 T/Ls Cherry Lumber Green Rough 4/4 #2Com10/20/2016FOB Supplier455071
5,000 bdft Cypress Lumber KD S2S 1-1/16" Sel10/19/2016Greenville, SC 455067
Red Oak Logs10/19/2016To nearest Port455061
~150 bdft Quartersawn Red Elm Lumber KD Rough or S2S 4/4 Sel/Btr10/19/2016FOB Supplier455059
T/L Pine Reclaimed Beams 9"x15" #2 Grade10/19/2016FOB Supplier455057
Cntrs White Oak Lumber KD Rough 4/4 & 8/4 FAS1F10/18/2016To nearest Port455055
125,000 bdft Red Oak Lumber KD Rough 4/4 & 8/4 FAS1F10/18/2016To nearest Port455053
Red Oak Lumber Rough10/17/2016FOB Supplier455051
90-100 M3 Monthly White Ash Lumber AD Rough 8/4 FAS10/14/2016FOB Supplier112314
T/L White Oak Reclaimed Beams, Sleepers, Joists for Resaw into 8"10", 12" Blanks10/12/2016FOB Supplier455043
20 bdft Mesquite Lumber KD Rough 8/4 Any Grade10/12/2016South Burlington, VT455041
2,000 bdft Douglas Fir Reclaimed Lumber Blanks KD SLR2E 4/4 x 5", 6",7"10/12/2016FOB Supplier455039
1x40' cntr Big Leaf Curly Maple Sawlogs Debark/Phyto/Fumigation Req'd 8'/Longer10/12/2016Incheon, South Korea455037
Pallets Western Red Cedar Lumber Shorts AD S4S 2"-6" Clear10/11/2016FOB Supplier455035
T/Ls Hemlock Reclaimed Joists 2x8 or Wider10/11/2016FOB Supplier455033
6,600 bdft White Oak Lumber KD Rough or S2S 4/4 #1Com/Btr10/11/2016FOB Supplier455031
Steady Containers Yellow Poplar Glued Up Stair Stringers 8/4x28" KD Sanded No Color Restrictions10/11/2016FOB Supplier455029
1,000bdft per Order Lacewood Lumber KD Rough 8/4 FAS10/10/2016FOB Supplier455027
1,000bdft Ongoing Leopardwood Lumber KD Rough 8/4 FAS10/10/2016FOB Supplier112312
Full Vessels Cottonwood Pulp Chips for China10/10/2016To nearest Port or CIF Ningbo China455025
5 Bundles Poplar Lumber KD Rough 4/4, 5/4, 6/4,& 8/4 FAS10/10/2016Bethel, CT 06801455023
3 T/Ls Red Oak Lumber KD Rough 4/4 Pulled 5" #1, #2Com or Mix #1 & #210/10/2016FOB Supplier455021
Any Qty Osage Orange Logs 12"/Larger Straight Sound & Clean as Possible10/10/2016FOB Supplier455019
90-100 M3 Monthly Red Oak Lumber KD Rough 8/4 FAS1F10/10/2016FOB Supplier455011
Any Quantity Any Species Logs Large Diameter High Quality for Custom Sawing10/07/2016FOB Supplier455009
Hard White Maple Lumber KD 6/4 FAS #1&2 White10/07/2016Santa Ana, CA455007
LTL Cypress Reclaimed Lumber & Beams1" to 6" 10/06/2016FOB Supplier455001
2 T/Ls or More Monthly Hardwood Tie-Grade Logs Bark On 12-14" Tops x 9'10/06/2016FOB Supplier454931
2-3 T/Ls Douglas Fir Reclaimed Beams 7.5 x 13 x 27-28'10/06/2016FOB Supplier454935
Services- Looking for Mill to turn my Maple Lumber into 12" wide Flooring 10/05/2016WI112310
3,000 sqft White Maple Flooring Unfinished Solid 12" FAS, White ! & 210/05/2016FOB Supplier454995
T/Ls or Cntrs Poplar Edge Glued Panels Sanded 2S Unselected/Color 7/8x28/12'-16'10/04/2016FOB Supplier454991
250,000 bdft Hemlock/Hem-Fir/Douglas Fir Lumber Green or KD S4S 45mm #2Com & Utility/Btr10/04/2016FOB Supplier454989
192 pcs White Oak Lumber KD/AD Rough 12/4 & 16/4 FAS & Std/Btr10/04/2016FOB Supplier454967
192 pcs White Oak Reclaimed Lumber 3" & 4" Clean10/04/2016FOB Supplier454987
T/L Hemlock/Softwood Reclaimed Lumber Brown Rough Sawn 2x10/04/2016Bozeman, MT 59718454985
Any Quantity Maple Reclaimed Flooring T&G Not Gym Flooring Any Size10/03/2016FOB Supplier454981
T/Ls Juniper Sawlogs 10"/Larger x 8'/Longer10/03/2016FOB Supplier454979
7 pcs White Oak Reclaimed Hand Hewn Skins & Posts10/03/2016FOB Supplier454975
1x40' cntr Yew Logs 12"/Larger x 6'/Longer10/03/2016Incheon, S. Korea454973
5 Cntrs Monthly Walnut Logs 3SC 10"+09/30/2016FOB Supplier454971
36pcs Green Rough Beams 4x 6x Hardwood or Alt09/30/2016Chattanooga, TN454969
Large Qty South American Logs Pine, Teak, Eucalyptus for Export to India09/29/2016India Ports454965
White Cedar Logs09/29/2016NB454963
1,000 Sheets Monthly SYP Plywood VC G2S BWP09/28/2016Willmington454961
1x40'FCL Eastern Aromatic Cedar Logs with Phyto No Fumigation 10"/Larger, 6'8"/Longer09/27/2016 CIF Incheon, Korea454953
5,000 Linft Douglas Fir Reclaimed Decking 2-5/8"09/27/2016Sycamore, IL 60178454955
T/L Softwood Reclaimed Decking No Oil Surface Denailed.12/4 09/26/2016Albany,Ny 12196454947
Up to 50,000 bdmt Euclalyptus and Pine Woodchips09/23/2016To Nearest Port454943
20-30 x 40' Cntrs Monthly Eucalyptus Peeler Logs 18-40cm09/23/2016CFRQINGDAO, China454941
175 bdft Hard White Maple Lumber KD Rough or Surfaced 8/4 Clear09/22/2016Covington, LA454939
Cntr or T/L Baltic Birch Plywood 9mm 5x5 BB/BB09/22/2016FOB Supplier454937
T/L Longleaf Heartpine Reclaimed Beams Any Size #109/21/2016FOB Supplier454933
40,000 Linft White Hardwood Lumber Squares 1x1 KD S4S Any Quality09/20/2016FOB Supplier454929
7,000 bdft Any Species Silver Grey Reclaimed Siding 10"/Wider09/19/2016FOB Supplier454859
T/L Poplar Lumber KD Rough 5/4 FAS1F09/19/2016FOB Supplier454893
T/Ls Mixed Hardwood Reclaimed Beams Hand Hewn 4S No Rafter Notches 8x8/Larger09/16/2016FOB Supplier454911
2 T/Ls Monthly Hard Maple Lumber Unselected/Color KD S2S 4/4 FAS09/15/2016FOB Supplier112308
LTL to FTL Sappy Cherry Lumber KD Rough or S2S 4/4 Sel/Btr09/15/2016FOB Supplier454927
3,000 bdft White Oak Sawlogs 24"+x16' 3SC09/15/2016FOB Supplier454925
2,000 Metric Tons Wood Shavings Advise MC, Price09/15/2016Beirut, Lebanon454923
T/L White Oak Reclaimed Sleepers Wide09/15/2016FOB Supplier454909
5,000 bdft Douglas Fir Reclaimed Lumber FOHC Bandsawn Metal Detectd 2.25"09/14/2016FOB Supplier454921
19th Century Barn Must Be Hand Hewn09/14/2016FOB Supplier454919
Any Quantity MDF Drops 3/4"x14"x61" or Larger09/14/2016Martinsville VA454917
1x40' cntr Oak Veneer 0.55mm - 0.6mm Half cut, Crown Cut, Quarter Cut09/14/2016Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam454915
12 cntrs Monthly Yellow Poplar Lumber KD Rough 4/4 #2Com09/14/2016Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam454913
T/Ls Oak Reclaimed Joists 2x10's & 2x12's09/14/2016FOB Supplier454907
T/L Basswood Lumber KD 8/4 Rough or 9/4 S2S #2Com09/14/2016FOB Supplier454905
Up to 5,000 bdft Chestnut Reclaimed 2x, Beams, and/or Sleepers09/14/2016FOB Supplier454903
T/L Cypress Reclaimed Lumber 6/4 or Larger09/14/2016FOB Supplier454901
2 T/Ls Monthly Soft Maple Lumber Unseleced/Color KD S2S 4/4 FAS09/14/2016FOB Supplier454899
3 cntrs Red Oak Lumber KD Rough 4/4 FAS09/14/2016FOB Supplier454897
10 T/Ls White Oak Logs 18" Tops 3SC09/14/2016FOB Supplier454895
1x40'cntr KD Rough Walnut 8/4 2 Com09/13/2016FOB Supplier454889
t/ls Pressure Treated Decking 5/4x609/12/2016Lansdowne, ON454891
2-4000bf KD Quartered Walnut 6"+ FAS09/09/2016Chattanooga, TN454887
t/ls AD S2S Poplar 4/4 2A09/08/2016FOB Supplier454883
100pcs Heart Pine 1x12 #209/08/2016GA454881
Cntr Poplar Lumber Long as Possible KD Rough 10/4 FAS1F09/07/2016FOB Supplier454879
18 pcs Treated Lumber KDAT 2x6x12' Primed Clear C/Btr09/02/2016Baton Rouge, LA454873
10,000 Linft Rift/Quartered Red Oak Lumber Blanks KD Rough 4/4x6"+ Sel/Btr09/01/2016Bethel, CT 06801454867
Bulk Vessel monthly Softwood Logs SYP & Hemlock Preferred 20cm/Larger08/31/2016Qinzhou, China454863
T/L Reclaimed Oak Resawn Flooring Blanks KD 9"/Wider08/31/2016FOB Supplier112306
3,000+ sqft White oak Flooring with Circle Sawm Marks 10"/Wider08/31/2016FOB Supplier112304
T/L Reclaimed Oak Flooring Resawn 5-9" or Wider08/29/2016FOB Supplier454855
10,000 sqft Quartersawn White Oak Flooring Unfinished Handscraped 2 1/4" - 5" Mixed Grades 08/29/2016FOB Supplier454857
12,000 bdft Douglas Fir Reclaimed Timbers Any Patina 2x, 10x, 12x08/29/2016FOB Supplier454853
Cntrs Hard Maple Lumber KD Rough 7/8" #3Com/Btr08/26/2016FOB Supplier454849
Cntrs Monthly Hickory Sawlogs 10"/Larger 0SC to 3SC08/26/2016FOB Supplier454847
3,500+ sqft Reclaimed Grey Shiplapped Barnwood RW08/26/2016Kirkwood MO 63122454845
1x40' cntr Aspen Lumber KD Rough 5/4 Sel/Btr08/25/2016FOB Supplier454841
3,000+ bdft White Oak Lumber KD Rough 4/4x10"/Wider Mixed SF Grades08/25/2016FOB Supplier454839
2 T/Ls Dense Hardwood Timbers Green Rough 10" & 12" Sound Industrial08/25/2016FOB Supplier454837
40'cntrs Yellow Poplar Lumber KD Rough 4/4-12/4 FAS1F for Export08/24/2016FOB Supplier454833
230 pcs Aromatic Red Cedar Lumber KD Rough S2S or T&G 1x8 Nice Material08/24/2016FOB Supplier454831
T/L Western Red Cedar Cants 10" & 12" Can Be Green No Rot08/24/2016FOB Supplier454829
T/Ls Walnut Sawlogs 9" & Up Any Grade08/23/2016FOB Supplier454827
30,000 bdmt Monthly SYP Pulp Chips 08/23/2016To nearest Port454823
14 pcs Douglas Fir Reclaimed Joists 2.5-3.5x7-12"08/23/2016FOB Supplier454821
500+ bdft Wormy Chestnut Reclaimed Lumber Rough 1x, 2x08/22/2016FOB Supplier454815
5x40' Cntr White Pine Sawlogs 14" & Up 3SC08/19/2016To nearest Port454813
30,000 bdmt Monthly Spruce, Fir Hemlock Woodchips for Paper/Pulp 08/19/2016Qingdao and Rhizhao, China454811
Any Quantity up to 1,000 bdft Brazilian Tulipwood KD or Green Rough or Surfaced 6/4 to 8/4 Good Quality08/18/2016FOB Supplier454809
12 pcs Any Cedar Lumber KD Rough or Surfaced 2x Clear08/18/2016Chatham, NJ454807
3,500-6,000 bdft White Oak Lumber Green Rough 4/4 FAS1F08/17/2016FOB Supplier454803
Spruce Lumber VG 5.5"/Wider08/17/2016Hurricane , WV454801
1,000 bdft or More Old Growth Poplar Lumber Flitch Sawn Tight Grain AD Rough 8/4-16/4 Sel/Btr08/17/2016FOB supplier454799
2,500 sqft Any Species Hardwood Reclaimed Lumber KD SLR2E or Live Edge 3/4x 6-12" Wide08/16/2016FOB Supplier454797
500 bdft + 350 boards Teak or Similar Lumber for Fencing 1x & 6/4 Square Stock08/16/2016FOB Supplier454795
T/Ls Mixed Hardwood Lumber Skids No poplar Green or Dry rough 4x6 x 4' 08/16/2016FOB Supplier454793
2-3 x 40' cntrs Monthly Radiata Pine or Similar Lumber Cut to Size KD S2S 6/4 Clear08/15/2016FOB Surabaya, Indonesia 454749
1,300 bdft Jarrah Lumber KD 8/408/15/2016FOB Supplier454745
28,000 sqft Rift & Quartered White Oak Flooring 3"-5" Clear08/15/2016FOB Supplier454701
T/Ls Poplar Lumber Green Rough 1-1/8" Appearance Grade08/12/2016FOB Supplier454605
13,000 bdft White Oak Lumber KD Rough 4/4 Sel/Btr08/12/2016FOB Supplier454651

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