RFQ Number: 520027
Original Submit Date: 11/13/18
Title: T/Ls Poplar Lumber Green Rough 4/4 & 6/4 #2Com/Btr
Product: Green Rough Lumber
Species: Poplar
Product Quantity: T/Ls
4/4 & 6/4
Grade: #2Com/Btr

Shipping Info: ***
    Delivery Information: Montross, Va.
    Potential: Ongoing purchase, looking for additional suppliers
    Timespan: ongoing

Buyer Type: Manufacturer

Buyer looking for truckload pricing on 4/4 & 8/4 green rough Poplar lumber. Prefer 1C & 2C. Please Quote FOB or Delivered to Montross, VA

RFQ Status: This RFQ is closed. The buyer may have purchased.
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