Wild Card
Request-For-Quotes (RFQs) from Buyers: Offers To Sell (OTS) from Sellers:
4 Open RFQs
Eastern Red/Aromatic Red Cedar 1x8
4/17/19FOB Supplier
4 Cntrs Monthly White Ash Logs 12" 3SC & 4SC
4/08/19To nearest Port
White Pine Lumber
4/02/19To nearest Port
12,000 bdft Poplar Lumber KD Rough 5/4 #1Com
1/28/19FOB Supplier
What is a Wild Card RFQ?
A Wild Card RFQ is missing information. Some of these requests are legitimate serious requests from buyers. We realize that many of these requests could be good potential sales for some suppliers. Only WoodPlanet's paying members may respond to, or look up the buyer's contact information on, these RFQs.