Wild Card
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21 Open RFQs
Heartpine Flooring
8/13/18FOB Supplier
Red Oak Lumber
8/09/18FOB Supplier
Cntr West Coast US Species Burls & Cluster Burls Largest and Best Qualtiy Available
8/09/18FOB Supplier
4/4 Sassafras Lumber
8/07/18Phoenix, AZ
~50 sqft Reclaimed Boxcar Flooring Any Species or Mix 1"-2" Thick RWL
8/02/18FOB Supplier
900 pcs Douglas Fir Old Growth Lumber 2x
7/16/18FOB Supplier
100 bdft Padauk Lumber
7/05/18Middletown, OH
1x40' cntr American Walnut Lumber Slabs/Flitches
6/27/18CIF Incheon, Korea
2 Cntrs Walnut Lumber KD Rough 8/4 #1 & #2Com
6/25/18FOB Supplier
Rift/Quartersawn Burmese Teak Lumber Any Thickness Yield 8"x11' Clear
6/25/18south san francisco, CA
1x40' Cntr Southern White Ash Lumber 8/4 FAS
6/12/18CIF Qingdao, China
200 bdft Cedar Lumber
6/05/18FOB Supplier
16 pcs Red Oak or Similar Dimension Lumber DK S4S 2x6 Straight Minimal Crown or Knots
6/04/18FOB Supplier
4122 Linft Greanheart Lumber 2x
5/22/18Hialeah, FL
1,000 bdft White Oak Lumber 1x
5/21/18FOB Supplier
Ambrosia Maple Lumber
5/17/18FOB Supplier
Fir Reclaimed Decking 7"
10,000-20,000 sqft Monthly Oak Reclaimed Container Flooring
5/02/18Hammond Indiana
100-200 bdft White Oak Lumber Green/AD/KD Rough or S2S 6/4 FAS
4/09/18Defiance, OH
Reclaimed Heartpine Blanks
4/04/18FOB Supplier
Cntrs Lancewood Logs 18cm & Up
3/05/18Yantian Port China
What is a Wild Card RFQ?
A Wild Card RFQ is missing information. Some of these requests are legitimate serious requests from buyers. We realize that many of these requests could be good potential sales for some suppliers. Only WoodPlanet's paying members may respond to, or look up the buyer's contact information on, these RFQs.