Wood Components
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200 pcs Lumber Spacer Blocks Custom Cut to Our Pattern from Nominal 4x4
12/05/18FOB Supplier
1/2 to FTL Hardwood Lumber Squares, Rounds, Billets KD 2.5-3"x 36" #2Com/Btr
11/30/18FOB Supplier
Pallets Regularly Heartpine Treads & Risers New or Reclaimed
8/28/18FOB Supplier
300 sqft White Oak Industrial Parquet Flooring Blocks 1-1.5" X 3/4-1".
8/27/18FOB Supplier
3 Open OTS
Giant Zebra Wood Tabletop Slabs 14/4 thick
Reclaimed Hearpine Blanks
4x4x3' Tigerwood Decking Posts FAS

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