Wood Components
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T/Ls SPF or Similar End Trims KD 2x4 & 6 #2Com/Btr
2/15/17Ault CO
T/L Poplar of Similar Lumber End Trims AD or KD 2x #2Com/Btr
2/14/17FOB Supplier
~1,000 pcs Monthly Any Species Edge Glued Rounds/Discs Sanded Faces Rounded Edges 1"x17.75: & 23.75" Diameter
2/06/17FOB Supplier
500 sqft Yield White Oak Lumber Strips 3/4" Square x 12" Cutoffs OK
12/20/16FOB Supplier
200 pcs Eastern White Pine Lumber Squares KD S4S Full 4" Knotty
10/24/16FOB Supplier
Steady Containers Yellow Poplar Glued Up Stair Stringers 8/4x28" KD Sanded No Color Restrictions
10/11/16FOB Supplier
T/Ls or Cntrs Poplar Edge Glued Panels Sanded 2S Unselected/Color 7/8x28/12'-16'
10/04/16FOB Supplier
2 Open OTS
Stakes Pallet Parts Grooved Runners Cut to Order
Prefinished Shoe Molding

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