Wood Components
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1,800 pcs Hardwood Turning Blanks KD 2x2x12 Clear
12/22/20FOB supplier
Cntrs Wallnut Lumber Cut to Size Blanks KD Rough 8/4 & 10/4
9/14/20FOB Supplier
1850 Walnut Gunstock Blanks KD 10-12% Max
8/05/20FOB Supplier
Cntr Balsa Lumber Glued Blocks 6"-34" x 24-3/4"
7/21/20To nearest Port
100 pcs Baltic Birch Plywood Components Exterior Glue 3/4" Rounded Edges
6/19/20FOB Supplier
Cntrs Poplar or Aspen Edge Glued Panels No FJ 18x1220x2440mm
6/11/20Rotterdam Port, Holland
Cntr Ash Lumber Squares KD Surfaced 75mm Clear 4 Faces
3/24/20FOB Supplier
25 Rift/Quartered Ash Stair Treads & Risers 11.5" x 48" Clear 1 Face
2/20/20FOB Supplier
10,000 bdft Steamed Walnut Flooring Blanks KD 4/4 FAS Clear as Possible
1/20/20Mill, Rail, or Port in Container
T/L White Oak Lumber Squares KD Rough 3-1/2"x40" Clear or Sel
11/12/19FOB Supplier
7 Truckloads Any Species 2x4 Trims 24" Long KDHT
11/08/19FOB Supplier
1,500 Any Species Dry Log Slices 3/4x 10-13" Bark On Sanded Dry
11/04/19FOB Supplier
Cntr Balsa Fingerjointed Lumber Squares KD S4S 50mm & 60mm
10/29/19Sydney, Australia
4,450 Linft Red Oak Moulder Blanks KD 4/4 FAS
10/07/19FOB Supplier
8 Oak and/or Walnut Butcherblock Countertops 8' Long
9/17/19Cantonment, FL
Cntrs Walnut Lumber Blanks KD Rough 4/4 Various Widths and Grades
8/01/19FOB Supplier
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