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The LBM Daily Newsletter: October 22, 2017.
Early Detection
Nevada officials say the thirty remote cameras located in state forests have effectively prevented 200 forest fires getting out of control.

“What this allows you to do is know immediately what the situation is and scale appropriately,” said Dr. Graham Kent with the University of Reno.

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Futures & Options: Lows Hold
ContractCloseChangeVolumeOpen Int
Nov 2017426.70+3.005053524
Jan 2018416.20+4.104432924
Mar 2018401.20+4.4057312
May 2018386.20+2.202155
Leaving the gap from 421.00 – 419.20 unfilled from yesterday while uncovering mixed buying above and into yesterday’s lows settled Lumber futures higher. Carry over profit taking long liquidation and spreading selling November buying January with featured fund participation opened the market slightly lower.

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