last update: Dec 22, 2008

Armster Reclaimed Lumber Company

Hartsville Tennessee Division
American Chestnut 1500bdft $4.50 4/4" KY Barns
American Chestnut Image 20   7-1/2"x7-3/4"x8'-10' Tobacco Warehouse
Beech Image 12,000bf   6/4"-8/4" x 9"-10" x 8'-19' Tobacco Warehouse
Beech Image 1 T/L   7-1/2"x7-3/4"x8'-10' Tobacco Warehouse
Grey Barn boxing/oak 1000bdft   3/4"-4/4" TN Barns
Hand hewed Cedar Image Cabin   18' x 18' Franklin, TN
Oak 2,000 bf   4/4 x 5-11" x 4-10' Barn Siding
Oak 2,000 bf   2x6, 6x6 Barn Framing
Pine Image 2000pcs $15.00 a piece 6/4" x 9"-10" x 15'-19' Tobacco Warehouse
River Reclaimed White oak 5,000 sf   veneer River reclaimed sunken logs

Material listed above available for shipment out of Hartsville, TN
For more information, please contact
Klaas Armster - 203-214-9705

Armster Reclaimed Lumber Company - 246 South Main St - East Windsor, CT 06088
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