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Title Buyer Delivery To/FOB Date RFQ ID
Monthly 400x40' cntrs Taeda Pine Only Logs No Elliotis 18cm+ Bark On Fumigated Broker/Import/Export C+F Tianjin or other China port 02/15/2018 479213
Any Qty Acacia Shirleyi Logs 150mm or Larger Tops Broker/Import/Export FOB Supplier 02/12/2018 479181
Cntrs Red Oak Sawlogs 12"+ Bark On Broker/Import/Export To nearest Port 02/09/2018 479173
5x40' Cntrs Poplar Sawlogs Bark On 14"+ 2SC Broker/Import/Export To nearest Port 02/09/2018 479175
10x40' Cntrs Walnut Sawlogs Bark On 12"+ 2SC Broker/Import/Export To nearest Port 02/09/2018 479169
LTL Cypress Logs 8' to 16' Builder/Architect/Contractor FOB Supplier 02/09/2018 479151
100,000 bdftr Monthly Ash Logs No Heart Restrictions No Worm or Beetle Any Size Saw to Veneer Grades Broker/Import/Export FOB Supplier 02/06/2018 479161
1x40' cntr Red Elm Sawlogs 13"/Larger 3SC Free of Ring Shake Broker/Import/Export FOB Supplier 02/01/2018 479143
Cntrs Pine Logs 15-30 CM Bark Off for Animal Bedding Manufacturer Fujairah, United Arab Emirates 3784 01/22/2018 479089
1x40' cntr Black Walnut Logs with Phyto 32" & Up Timber Run Broker/Import/Export CIF Incheon, South Korea 01/11/2018 479043
500 tons Apple Logs/Branches 2" or Larger Wholesaler FOB Supplier 01/09/2018 479033
Cntrs Monthly White Oak Sawlogs 10"/Larger 2SC Broker/Import/Export Cat Lai Port, HCMC, Vietnam 01/08/2018 479023
Cntrs Monthly Curly Maple Sawlogs 13" & Up 3SC or Better FOB Supplier 12/29/2017 479001
1,000 M3 Eucalyptus Grandis Round Logs Any Origin 30cm & Up Broker/Import/Export CIF Qingdao, China 12/28/2017 478995
Cntrs White Ash Logs 10"/Larger EAB Tracks OK FOB Supplier 12/21/2017 478981
Cntrs Eastern Red Cedar Sawlogs 8"/Larger Fresh Cut No Hollow or Rot FOB Supplier 12/21/2017 478979
Cntrs Ash Logs Fumigated Bark On 14"/Larger 2SC/Btr Broker/Import/Export To Nearest Port 12/07/2017 112388
Cntrs SYP Logs Bark On 15" & up Export Quality Broker/Import/Export To Nearest Port 12/05/2017 112386
T/L Cherry Logs 14" & Up 3SC Barrk On Woodworker FOB Supplier 12/04/2017 478925
2 cntrs Walnut Sawlogs 11" & Up Lower Grade Bark On Broker/Import/Export To nearest Port 12/04/2017 478923
1x40' cntr Red/Sweet Gum Saw & Veneer Logs 18"/Larger Bark On Broker/Import/Export FOB Supplier 12/04/2017 478921
Cntr or more Monthly Eastern White Pine Logs 15"+ Export Quality Broker/Import/Export To nearest Port 11/30/2017 478907
Any Qty Rosewood Logs Large as Possible Broker/Import/Export FOB Supplier 11/30/2017 112384
Cntrs Red Oak Sawlogs 12"/Larger 2SC, 3SC, 4SC Broker/Import/Export To Nearest Port 11/30/2017 112382
5-10 cntrs Ash Sawlogs 10" & up 2SC/Btr Broker/Import/Export To nearest Port 11/29/2017 478903
Cntrs Cocobolo Logs Any Size Any Grade Broker/Import/Export FOB Supplier 11/28/2017 112380
Large Qty Zebrawood Logs Best Size & Grade Available Please Advise Broker/Import/Export FOB Supplier 11/27/2017 478899
Cntrs White Ash Logs from Northern US 12"/Larger 2SC & Better Broker/Import/Export CIF China 11/14/2017 478869
Cntrs Red Oak Veneer Logs 35cm & up 2SC, 3SC, 4SC Broker/Import/Export To Nearest Port 11/14/2017 478867
30 Cntrs Teak Logs 90cm & up Broker/Import/Export FOB Supplier or CIF Mundra Port 10/30/2017 478817
1,000 M3 Walnut Saw & Veneer Logs to Viet Nam 2SC & 3SC Broker/Import/Export CIF Catlai Port Vietnam 10/26/2017 478807
10,000 M3 Eastern White Pine Logs Bark On 18-35cm Grade AB Broker/Import/Export FOB Supplier 10/23/2017 478797
7 Logs Any Species for a Park Project 14"x8' or Larger Builder/Architect/Contractor Rancho Palos Verdes, Ca 10/13/2017 478763
Break Bulk Quantity Radiata Pine Logs Construction Grade Bark On Fumigated Broker/Import/Export LANSHAN, CHINA 10/11/2017 478701
Any Quantity Spruce & Fir Sawlogs for Construction Lumber 5" & Up x 12',14',16' Bark On or Off Sawmill FOB Supplier 10/05/2017 478745
10-15 Larch/Tamarack Logs Large as Possible Bark or Not Max Character Furniture Mfctr Cambridge, ON N3H4J9 09/29/2017 478721
Cntr Curly & Fiddleback Maple Logs Hard or Soft 12"x7' or larger 2SC/Btr Broker/Import/Export FOB Supplier 09/11/2017 478669
48 House Logs Bark OK 12" Only x 24' or 25' Homeowner/Individual Lonsdale, MN 09/08/2017 478663
Cntrs Monthly Douglas Fir Sawlogs Fresh Cut 20cm Broker/Import/Export Shanghai, China 03/12/2010 81199
320,000bdft Hickory Veneer Logs 12" 3SC Broker/Import/Export CIF Shanghai 02/08/2010 80301
NOTE: WoodPlanet does NOT broker the transaction or take a commission. Buyers and sellers work together to finalize all purchases and sales.