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Softwood Lumber [Post Wood Wanted]
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Title Buyer Delivery To/FOB Date RFQ ID
10x40' cntrs Monthly Douglas Fir Lumber KD Rough 4/4 & Thicker No Knots No Stain Broker/Import/Export FOB West Coast US Port 06/20/2017 475961
6,000 Linft Cypress Lumber KD Rough 4/4 Sel Sawmill FOB Supplier 05/18/2017 475873
T/L SYP Lumber Blue Stain OK KD Rough or S4S 1x4 D-Select Manufacturer FOB Supplier 05/17/2017 475869
250-500 M3 Monthly Eastern White Pine Lumber KD Rough 2x10 S4S 1.5x10 Clear & Industrial Builder/Architect/Contractor FOB Supplier 05/10/2017 475849
Cntrs Western Red Cedar Lumber FSC if Possible KD Rough 24 to 50mm Broker/Import/Export Shanghai Port, China 04/28/2017 475815
T/L Western Red Cedar Cants Fresh Cut 6x6x8'/Longer Prime Grade Broker/Import/Export FOB Supplier 04/24/2017 112354
3,000 bdft Western Red Cedar Lumber KD Rough 1x8 Knotty Distributor north charleston, SC 29405 04/13/2017 455759
T/L Douglas Fir/Larch or ESLP Lumber KD Rough 2x6x4' #3 or #2Com Manufacturer Ault, CO 04/11/2017 455749
FTL Western Red Cedar Lumber Green Rough Full Sawn 2"x8" Appearance Grade no Rot. Wholesaler Binghamton NY 04/10/2017 455743
6,500 pcs Japanese or Western Red Cedar Milled/Construction Lumber KD S4S 5/4x6 & 2x6 Arch Knotty STK Manufacturer FOB supplier 04/05/2017 455731
5 cntrs Eastern White Pine Lumber Green/AD/KD Rough 3x3 #2, #3Com Broker/Import/Export To nearest Port 03/29/2017 455695
T/L Radiata Pine Lumber KD Rough 6/4 Moulding & Better Grade Wholesaler FOB Supplier 03/10/2017 455645
5 T/Ls Eastern White Pine Lumber KD Rough or Surfaced Any Dimensions Sel Broker/Import/Export FOB Supplier 03/09/2017 455637
1,000 bdft Western Red Cedar KD Rough 4/4x3 B/C Clear & better Builder/Architect/Contractor FOB Supplier 03/06/2017 455615
T/Ls Any Species 4x6x6' Dunnage Green or dry Manufacturer Ault CO 02/28/2017 455587
800 sqft Atlantic White Cedar Lumber KD Rough 1x6 Clear or Select Wholesaler FOB Supplier 02/16/2017 455539
5 cntrs Monthly SYP Lumber KD/HT S4S 38mm #1 & #2Com Broker/Import/Export To nearest Port 02/16/2017 455527
2 cntrs Monthly Eastern White Pine Lumber KD S4S 4/4 Industrial Grade Broker/Import/Export To nearest Port 02/06/2017 455477
110 Cypress Beams AD or KD Rough Sawn or Hand Hewn 2.5" to 10" Builder/Architect/Contractor FOB Supplier 02/06/2017 455467
Cntrs White Spruce Lumber S4S 6/4 (35mm) #1 & #2Com Broker/Import/Export Shanghai Taicang, China 02/03/2017 455465
6,000 bdft Bald Cypress Lumber KD S4S 4/4 Sel Reseller Carlsbad CA 02/02/2017 455463
~38 Pine or Oak Timbers Rough Sawn Green or Dried 6x6 & 6x10 for a Pole Barn Homeowner/Individual Leesburg, VA 01/31/2017 455457
T/Ls Monthly Douglas Fir/Larch Dimension Lumber KD 2x #3Com/Btr Manufacturer Ault CO 01/23/2017 455425
Cntrs SPF Lumber KD Rough 19 & 25mm Industrial Grade Builder/Architect/Contractor FOB Supplier 01/19/2017 455397
120 bdft Heart Cypress Lumber AD or KD Rough 5/4 & 6/4 Select Homeowner/Individual Edinburgh, IN 01/16/2017 455387
1x40' cntr Pitch Pine Timber SD to AD Rough 12x12 #1 & #2 Grades Broker/Import/Export FOB Supplier 01/13/2017 455383
24 Douglas Fir Timbers KD S4S 3" to 6" FOHC Structural Builder/Architect/Contractor FOB Supplier 01/13/2017 455381
NOTE: WoodPlanet does NOT broker the transaction or take a commission. Buyers and sellers work together to finalize all purchases and sales.