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Title Buyer Delivery To/FOB Date RFQ ID
350 sqft Grey & Brown Reclaimed Barnwood 3/8" thick x 5-10" Reseller FOB Supplier 08/14/2019 520687
6,000 sqft Gray or Faded Red Reclaimed Siding 1x8 to 1x12 x 12' or Longer Lumber Yard/Retail FOB Supplier 08/08/2019 520675
12,500 sqft White Oak Reclaimed Lumber T&G for Ceiling Paneling 3/4x10"/Wider Builder/Architect/Contractor FOB Supplier 08/05/2019 520667
FTL Douglas Fir Reclaimed Lumber No Paint 2x Flooring Mfctr FOB Supplier 07/23/2019 520605
5,000 sqft Douglas Fir New Lapped Siding Not Reclaimed Circle Sawn Face 5" Reseller FOB Supplier 07/15/2019 520629
2,000-4,000 bdft Oak Reclaimed 2x8 Lumber No Paint No Major Bows or Checking Flooring Mfctr FOB Supplier 07/11/2019 520569
15,000 sqft Maple Reclaimed Gym Flooring 3/4x2-1/4" Flooring Mfctr FOB Supplier 07/08/2019 520625
T/L Maple Reclaimed Factory Flooring Original T&G 2-1/4" Wide Flooring Mfctr FOB Supplier 07/01/2019 520575
Up to T/L Reclaimed Oak Including 20-30 Rough Oak Beams 6x6 Some Must be 16' Long Manufacturer FOB Supplier 06/18/2019 520489
1,000 Linft Any Species Reclaimed Rough Sawn 2x12 x 6'-12' Reseller FOB Supplier 06/06/2019 520561
T/L #1 Pine Reclaimed Timbers Min Demo Damage Manufacturer FOB Supplier 05/30/2019 520541
6,000 sqft Oak Reclaimed Lapped Siding KD Denailed 4-7" Brown & Grey Reseller Colorado Mountains 05/13/2019 520475
Cntrs Douglas Fir Reclaimed Joists Denailed Metal Detected No Paint 2x 8, 10, 12 for UK Sawmill FOB Supplier 05/09/2019 520419
10 pcs Oak Reclaimed Lumber Circle Sawn 2" or 3" x 12" x 20'/Longer Reseller FOB Supplierr 05/09/2019 520453
7,000 bdft Hemlock Reclaimed Brown Board Circle Sawn Few Checks Denailed Preferred Sawmill FOB Supplier 05/08/2019 520471
12,000 bdft Monthly Pine or Fir Reclaimed Lumber/Joists 6/4 to 8/4 Reseller FOB Supplier 05/06/2019 520465
11 pcs Oak or Other Hardwood Reclaimed Beams & Posts Sawn or Hesn 8x10 Furniture Mfctr FOB Supplier 04/17/2019 520421
T/L Softwood Reclaimed Beams HH 4S 8x8 & 10x10 Minimal Rot Manufacturer FOB Supplier 04/03/2019 520273
2,000 bdft Oak Reclaimed Timbers 12x12 Sawmill FOB Supplier 04/02/2019 520315
12,000 bdft Oak Beams Sawn 8x8 Wholesaler FOB Supplier 03/29/2019 520313
3 or 4 Heartpine Reclaimed Timbers No Mortises or Major Interruptions 8x10 x 38' or Larger Flooring Mfctr Portland ME 03/28/2019 520297
12,000 bdft Mixed Hardwoods Reclaimed Beams Hand Hewn 4S 7"x10" or Larger No Pine Reseller FOB Supplier 03/26/2019 520367
Reclaimed Hand Hewn Stack Barn/Cabin or Matching Logs Western Species Preferred FOB Supplier 03/13/2019 520335
5 Oak or Pine Reclaimed Beams Rough Sawn 6x6 & 6x8 Reseller FOB Supplier 03/07/2019 520319
T/L Heartpine Reclaimed Decking or Beams Tight Grain No Oil 7"-9" Wide Manufacturer FOB Supplier 03/05/2019 520309
90 Douglas Fir Reclaimed Timbers Circle Sawn No Paint Brown Patina 6x8 & 12x12 Wholesaler FOB Supplier 03/04/2019 520303
82 Douglas Fir Reclaimed Timbers 6x8 & 12x12 Grade Equivalent to # 1 WCLIB Wholesaler FOB Supplier 02/25/2019 520289
T/L White Oak Reclaimed Beams/Sleepers/Joists 2x8 or Larger Lumber Yard/Retail FOB Supplier 02/15/2019 520263
~50 bdft Any Species Reclaimed Lumber 2.5" Thick Woodworker Naples, FL 02/14/2019 520261
T/L Douglas Fir or Pine Reclaimed Lumber 2x Reseller Gurnee, IL 02/13/2019 520259
400 bdft White Oak Reclaimed Lumber 4x11.5 clear as Possible Flooring Mfctr FOB Supplier 02/04/2019 112464
NOTE: WoodPlanet does NOT broker the transaction or take a commission. Buyers and sellers work together to finalize all purchases and sales.