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Title Buyer Delivery To/FOB Date RFQ ID
300-400 sqft Maple Reclaimed Floor 3/4x2-1/2" Homeowner/Individual Lakewood, OH 06/08/2017 475953
20 pcs Hardwood Reclaimed Hand Hewn Beams Can Fill Truck with Other Flooring Mfctr Houston, TX 77093 06/02/2017 475935
T/L Hardwood Mix Reclaimed Boarding 1"x4" /Larger Distributor FOB Supplier 06/01/2017 475881
15 or more Douglas Fir Reclaimed Beams 5-1/2" x 11-1/2" x 10' or 20' Flooring Mfctr FOB Supplier 05/30/2017 475925
800 sqft ipe Reclaimed Decking Grey 4/4 or 5/4 x 5-1/2" Radius Edge Woodworker Oxford , MI 05/30/2017 112360
500+ bdft Weathered Grey Reclaimed Lumber 1x & 2x Builder/Architect/Contractor Skokie, IL 60077 05/26/2017 475921
T/L Mixed Species Reclaimed Beams Large Rough Sawn Distributor FOB Supplier 05/19/2017 475879
12,000 bdft Douglas Fir Reclamed Timbers Paint OK 11x15x24' or Larger Distributor FOB Supplier 05/18/2017 112358
FTL Oak Reclaimed Siding, Borwnboard, or 2" Stock 8"/Wider Flooring Mfctr FOB Supplier 05/16/2017 475867
1,500 sqft Unfinished Flooring Made from Reclaimed White Oak 3"-8" Ready to Lay Homeowner/Individual Bella Vista, AR 05/12/2017 475857
8 Heartpine or Oak Reclaimed Beams 14x16 x 28' Load Bearing Application Homeowner/Individual Gatesville, TX 76528 05/11/2017 475855
2,500 sqft Heartpine Reclaimed Beadboard Painted White No Center Bead 7"/Wider Distributor FOB Supplier 05/11/2017 475853
550 sqft Mixed Hardwood Flooring Milled from Reclaimed Barnwood T&G RW 4-7" Distributor FOB Supplier 05/09/2017 475845
4,500-5,000 bdft Heartpine Reclaimed Joists Unpainted Minimal Nails, Rot, Demo Damage 2x10 or 12 Flooring Mfctr FOB Supplier 05/08/2017 475843
12,000 bdft Weathered Oak Reclaimed Barnsiding 7/8x5" or Larger Distributor FOB Supplier 05/05/2017 475835
T/L Ash Reclaimed Lumber for Resaw Old Growth 5"+ Minimal Bugs Distributor FOB Supplier 05/05/2017 475833
1x40' Cntr Pine/Hemlock Reclaimed Barnsiding Weathered Grey 5"+ Clean Dry Trimmed Broker/Import/Export FOB Supplier 05/01/2017 475817
500 bdft Chestnut Reclaimed Lumber 1"/Thicker Original Patina or Resawn Flooring Mfctr FOB Supplier 04/27/2017 475811
Approx 20,000 sqft Oak Reclaimed Box Car Wood Flooring Mfctr FOB Supplier 04/24/2017 475799
2,400 sqft Douglas Fir Reclaimed Exterior Siding Circle Sawn 1x8 Distributor FOB Supplier 04/11/2017 455747
T/L Softwood Reclaimed Beams Not Hand Hewn 8x8 Manufacturer FOB Supplier 04/03/2017 455725
2,700 sqft Oak Reclaimed Flooring Unfinished T&G 6"/Wider Builder/Architect/Contractor FOB Supplier 03/30/2017 455713
5,000 bdft or more Douglas Fir Reclaimed Lumber Original Circle Sawn Surface 1.75"/Thicker x 6"/Wider Manufacturer FOB Supplier 03/23/2017 455683
T/Ls Oak Reclaimed Horse Fence Net 1"x5"x84" paneling, flooring and tables FOB Supplier 03/17/2017 455663
6 Heartpine Reclaimed Timbers Red Color to Yield 8" x 10" x 27' #1 or Good #2 Flooring Mfctr FOB Supplier 03/06/2017 455619
500 bdft Oak Reclaimed Threshing Floor No Oil 2"x12"+ Builder/Architect/Contractor FOB Supplier 03/02/2017 455609
20,000-60,000 sqft Hardwood Reclaimed Flooring or Flooring Grade Lumber Lumber Yard/Retail FOB Supplier 03/02/2017 455607
T/Ls Heartpine Reclaimed Beams & Posts #1 Furniture Mfctr FOB Supplier 03/01/2017 455593
35 Oak Reclaimed Logs Hewn 1 Face 14"/Larger 12" Face 30' Long Lumber Yard/Retail FOB Supplier 02/23/2017 455565
6,000-7,000 bdft Cedar OR Redwood Reclaimed NYC Water Tower Wood 2-1/2" RWL Manufacturer FOB Supplier 02/22/2017 455561
1,500 sqft Maple Reclaimed Flooring 3-1/4" Distributor FOB Supplier 02/22/2017 455559
500 bdft White Oak Reclaimed Joists 2" Flooring Mfctr FOB Supplier 02/08/2017 455495
2 T/Ls Monthly Any Species Barnwood, 2x, Beams Furniture Mfctr FOB Supplier 02/08/2017 455493
4,500 sqft Longleaf Pine Reclaimed Flooring 3.25" Reseller FOB Supplier 02/07/2017 455487
3,000 or more Linft Eastern White Pine or Hemlock Reclaimed Lumber Original Brown Surface 4/4x12"/Wider Flooring Mfctr FOB Supplier 02/06/2017 455483
~40 bdft Reclaimed Elm Lumber 1.5" Thick Rough Sawn OK No Worms Homeowner/Individual Ann Arbor, MI 01/30/2017 455447
400 bdft of more Oak Reclaimed Lumber No Nails AD or KD 4x4, 5x5, or 6x6 Millwork FOB Supplier 01/30/2017 455445
4,500 sqft Reclaimed Heartpine Flooring 10" #1 Builder/Architect/Contractor FOB Supplier 01/12/2017 455375
~6,000 bdft Any Species Reclaimed Hand Hewn Timbers Denailed Limited Mortises/Holes No Paint 8x8 Distributor FOB Supplier 01/05/2017 455353
4 Hand Hewn Any Species Reclaimed Beams 12x12/Larger Reseller Tampa, FL 33606 01/05/2017 455351
120 sqft White Reclaimed Barnsiding 1xRWL Distributor Isle of Palms, SC 01/04/2017 455345
10,000+ bdft Mixed Hardwoods or Softwoods Reclaimed Barnwood Denailed No Paint 3/4-1"x4"+ Manufacturer FOB Supplier 01/03/2017 455333
NOTE: WoodPlanet does NOT broker the transaction or take a commission. Buyers and sellers work together to finalize all purchases and sales.