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Request For Quotes (RFQ)
What is the Quality of the RFQs?
 We receive RFQs from buyers via many methods, including our website, partner websites, phone, fax and email. We review each RFQ to ensure that the buyer is serious and the information is as accurate and detailed as possible. If the WoodPlanet representative who reviews a RFQ feels that it is missing information, the RFQ will be posted to the 'Wild Card' category.

How Many RFQs does WoodPlanet Receive?
  We currently receive an average of 20 RFQs each day.

Who Are the Buyers?
 Buyers may be any individual or business who is looking to buy a wood product. Buyers are everyone from homeowners to large wholesalers and manufacturers. Any Buyer may use our website and send us RFQs. We do not do background checks or credit checks on any buyer. It is up to you to decide who you do business with.

What happens after an RFQ is submitted by the buyer?
 RFQs may be posted to our website and affiliate websites. We also send RFQs via email or fax directly to Featured Suppliers. Featured Suppliers receive every RFQ via email or fax that matches the products, species and quantities they sell. Other suppliers may be selected to receive RFQs.

How do I Respond to an RFQ?
 You may respond on-line or by email, fax or phone. We send the buyers responses entered on our website first. We highly recommend and encourage you to respond on our website, either by clicking on the RFQ on our website, or by clicking the 'Respond to RFQ' link in the left hand menu. Faxed & Emailed responses may take up to 48 hours to be passed along.

How do I contact the Buyer before I provide a Price Quote?
 Only Featured Suppliers (our paying members) may contact the Buyer before providing a Price Quote. Please review our Featured Supplier Memberships to select a Featured Supplier Membership appropriate for you.

How Many RFQs can I Respond To?
 You may respond to a limited number of RFQs at no charge to evaluate our service. Please read the Response Guidelines before you begin using our services. Once you upgrade to one of our Featured Supplier Memberships, you may respond to the number of RFQs included with your membership. Please note that if you request or view the buyer's contact information, this counts as an RFQ Response. Responses included with your Featured Supplier Membership do not accrue or rollover.

Offers To Sell (OTS)
Who Can Post an OTS?
 Any Seller who has registered can post. However, if you are only registered for the FREE Service, you may post a limited number of times. Each Featured Supplier Membership includes a limited number of Offers To Sell posts. Please review the Featured Supplier Membership Guide to see what is included with each membership.

How Often Can I Post an OTS?
 You may post up to 3 times each day, within the contraints of your service. If you are not a Featured Supplier, you may post a limited number of times. Once you upgrade to one of our Featured Supplie Memberships, you may post the number of Offers To Sell included with your membership.

How Many Times Can I Post OTS?
 If you are not a Featured Supplier, you may post up to 10 times. Once you upgrade to one of our Featured Supplie Memberships, you may post the number of Offers To Sell included with your membership. Please review the Featured Supplier Membership Guide to see what is included with each membership.

Who Can View My OTS?
 Your post is available for up to 30 days on WoodPlanet. Anyone who visits our website may view and respond to your post. We also include all OTS in our daily newsletter, the WoodPlanet Daily, sent to over 5,000 registered WoodPlanet members each business day.

How can Buyers Respond to My OTS?
 Your contact information will automatically be displayed with your OTS. Click here to review your contact information. While we do not display your email address to protect it from spambots, buyers may respond to your OTS via our website. These responses are not posted anywhere, and are not available to any other supplier. All responses to your OTS are emailed directly to you.

What can I include in My OTS?
 Offers To Sell are for specific inventory you have to sell. It is recommended that you include the following: Dimensions, Quantities, Species, Grade, and other relevant information. Please note that OTSs are not for posting a general advertisement for your company. We may remove any inappropriate postings at any time. Please note that your post may be edited by a WoodPlanet representative, primarly for formatting reasons.

I'm a paying member. How do I post to WOODWEB?
 If you are a paying WoodPlanet member, you can post your Offer To Sell automatically to WOODWEB. When you fill out the Offer To Sell form, just make sure you have checked off the option to post to WOODWEB. Your OTS will automatically post to the WOODWEB Lumber Exchange. (Please note it may take up to 1 hour to post.)
Please remember you cannot go to the WOODWEB Lumber Exchange to post directly.

Supplier Directory
How Do I Get Listed?
 Any registered supplier with an email address is listed in our Supplier Directory. (Don't worry, your email address is protected from spammers.) However, only Featured Companies may display full contact information and in-depth information about what they specialize in. Featured Companies are also listed first, ahead of other suppliers.

How Will My Company Appear in the Left Hand Panel?
 On WoodPlanet, your company will be listed in the left hand panel if you subscribe to the Bronze Plus, Silver Plus, Gold Plus or Featured Company Directory Service.

What is a One Page Profile?
 A One Page Profile is web page of information about your company. Featured Directory, Bronze Plus, Silver Plus, and Gold Plus Featured Companies may display their company logo, description, contact information and more. If you are a free member only, buyers and visitors may contact you via the One Page Profile link, but may not view your contact information, such as sales agent's name or phone number.

How do I change Information on my One Page Profile?
 If you have already registered on, you can update any information that appears on your One Page Profile by clicking on the 'My Account' tab above, then select My Contact Info, My Products or My Species. If you have not yet registered, please take a moment to Register. It's FREE!

Can Visitors contact me directly if I'm listed in the Supplier Directory?
 Any visitor to our website can contact you by clicking on the 'Send Message to this Supplier' link at the bottom of each One Page Profile. WoodPlanet is priivy to all messages that are sent to you using this method. However, only Featured Companies may display their full contact information, including name, phone, fax, etc. (Please note that your email address is encrypted for your protection.)

How Can I contact a Supplier listed in your Supplier Directory?
 If you do not see a phone, fax or 'Send Message' link, we cannot provide you with any contact information. However, if we have an email address for a supplier, you should see a 'Send Message' link. Please use this for serious inquiries only. Featured Companies may display a phone or fax number.
If you are looking to get price quotes or find out about inventory, please Submit a Request-For-Quote. We will send your request out to all appropriate suppliers in our system directly.

What is a Stocklist?
 A WoodPlanet Stocklist is a list of inventory you have for sale on a regular basis. All inventory are displayed together on one webpage, along with your contact information and other information you add to your WoodPlanet Stocklist.

Who Can Enter a Stocklist?
 Only companies who subscribe to Silver Plus and Gold Plus Featured Supplier Memberships or who specifically subscribe to the WoodPlanet Stocklist Service may enter and post a Stocklist.

What is the Advantage of a Stocklist over an Offer To Sell?
 Stocklists never expire and are intended to advertise and make available to your potential customers your ongoing inventory. You can access your WoodPlanet Stockist as often as you wish to make changes or add more items. It's a great way for potential customers to see all your inventory on one page, to select items they are interested in and to Request a Quote directly from you on those items. You may also display your stocklist both on WoodPlanet and on your own website. (For information on how to do this, please contact us.) This is a great tool to enable you to make regular changes to your Stocklist on your own company's website, without the assistance of a website developer.

Can my Stocklist appear on my own company's Website?
 If you subscribe to one of our memberships that include the Stocklist Service, you may display your stocklist on both WoodPlanet and on your own company's website. The page that appears on your own company's website makes no mention of WoodPlanet, and can be seamlessly integrated into your own website. This is a great way to keep specials or inventory listings on your own website up-to-date, without having to ask your website developer to make changes for you.

Can Buyers Contact me Directly?
 If you subscribe to one of our memberships that include the Stocklist Service, your contact information will be included on your Stocklist so that buyers may contact you directly. You may also add your own heading and footers to your Stocklist, such as a paragraph or news.

How Can I Advertise?
 If you are a wood or wood products company, we recommend you select one of our 'Plus' level Featured Supplier Memberships. If you are not a wood company, but are interested in targeting buyers & sellers in the wood industry, we offer several banner-style advertising options. Please contact us for more information.

What is a Featured Supplier or a Featured Company?
 A Featured Supplier or Featured Company is any registered company who has signed up for one of our Featured Supplier Memberships. Our Featured Supplier Memberships start at only $15 per month.

Can I Advertise if I'm not a Lumber or Wood Products Seller?
 Yes. We have Banner and other display advertising options for companies who do not sell wood products, but who are interested in marketing their products or services to buyers & sellers in the wood industry.

What is the WOODWEB Search & Links Advertising Service?
 The WOODWEB Search & Links Advertising Service includes a listing in the WOODWEB Product Directory, as well as other benefits on the website. To learn more about the relationship between &, please click: Affiliates