Please find both Buyer Testimonials and Seller Testimonials below.

Testimonials from Sellers
“WoodPlanet has been a great team to work with. Since contemplating launching our company on the web, setting up our website and exploring our options for marketing on the web, our decision to join WoodPlanet was by far the best decision we've made thus far! From the first contact with your company, we've experienced superior customer service and received extraordinary training about services and technology (the site is very user friendly!). We've found your customer response to be easy, fast, helpful and friendly - unlike contacts with other web-based service providers.

WoodPlanet's simple yet savvy technology has exceeded our expectations. In a market where specialty lumber businesses are overwhelmed with choices on the Internet, finally a company has emerged to efficiently meet our needs! We were lost as to how to correctly expose our specialty woods on the Internet. As we compared traditional marketing with web marketing, WoodPlanet emerged as the solution to integrated technology with common sense and user friendliness. to aid this process tremendously. Bringing us together with serious buyers, using WoodPlanet as the conduit, has increased our customer inquiries by 100%.

Thank you for helping us to increase our exposure in the marketplace.”
Grace Powers
Sales/Marketing Manager
All Native Hardwoods

“I wanted to let you know about the success I've had with WoodPlanet. It is an incredible easy way to generate leads and has cut down on the amount of time I spend making cold calls. I have picked up seven new customers since signing up as a featured member three months ago. I've sold 13 loads and approx 190,000 bdft. ”
Josh Hotz
Pioneer Lumber

“It is a constant battle to be represented in all the markets and all segments. Woodplanet has filled the need we were searching for in internet based sales leads. Its ease of use and superior support service has presented sales within the first month of membership and subsequently substantially exceeded the yearly fee.I would recommend this program to anyone trying to buy or sell hardwoods in our constantly changing market.”

Bruce Smith
Rex Lumber Co.

“WoodPlanet, thank you and your staff for the really great job that you all have been doing for me. Since I signed up as a Featured Company on with WoodPlanet, I have been getting a lot of interest in our business and company. I have tried a number of things since the economy has slacked off, from advertising locally in newspaper ads, industry newsletters and magazines. All of them put together has not generated the bids, quotes and inquiries that WoodPlanet has been able to do for me in a such a short time of only a month. I was just about to give up on the internet, when I came across your company, and noticed the easy and forthright way you all seemed to be listing and responding, and I'm here to tell you or anyone else,"You all are the greatest".

If you or your staff seem to even have a sense that an inquiry would or might fit one of my types of work, you all are on it in a heart beat, its like you people have ESP!!! Again, I just wanted to take a minute and let you and your staff know how very much I appreciate your interest in my small company and business, as I'm sure its going to really start growing again, thanks to WoodPlanet.”

Jim Thomas
Thomas Timber & Log

“WoodPlanet, thank you for all the help promoting our products. We have been able to work with several new buyers who submitted RFQs. We will be using your service again and again. Once again, thanks for all your help.”

George Robinson
Twin States Hardwoods

Testimonials from Buyers
“ puts me in touch with a wide variety of suppliers to accomodate my varied hardwood needs. I can anticipate quick responses to my RFQs. It's the easiest way to source my material on the Planet! Great job!”

Richard Burgstresser
Tall Pines Group

“I have been extremely satisfied with the response I received from my initial request. Currently Intermountain Orient has the lowest quote and they also gave me an alternative that will save me 1000's if I get the job.”

Steve Dearing
T.J. Moore Lumber

“I’m very pleased with the service WoodPlanet is providing and would like to say this is an EXCELLENT resource for me. You have been very helpful”

Richard Shroeder
Freelance Designer

“WoodPlanet was a real time-saver!”

Mathew Sharratt
Sharratt Woodworking

“I have already been contacted by 3 suppliers and bought 2 truckloads of oak at the price I was looking for! ... Thank you for your help!!”

Jeff Green
Far West, Inc.

“WoodPlanet, we wanted to thank-you for hooking us up... Very nice folks, and most helpful. Just like everyone at WoodPlanet...Thanks again.”

Gail and Richard Gibbs
MRT Custom Shutters

“Our lumber costs were cut by over 20%, saving us over $4000 initially and over $2500 per month in our ongoing purchases. Also, the time savings in finding quality suppliers was invaluable.

I would highly recommend WoodPlanet and will continue to use their services in the future.”

Rod Smith